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  1. Ah shit! I overslept! How am I going to explain this to the web master....

    1. Joyrex


      Tell him you forgot to set a cron job :D

  2. I'm here, but hopefully not in the way

  3. I'm not active. This is only 50% an indication of whether I'm dead or not.

  4. What a classic flourish!

  5. Buried my collection of the dumps deep into the sand and will dig them back out to enjoy some long time from now.
  6. After being a former Beatlemaniac who bought both the 2009 stereo remasters and the mono remasters boxset when they came out, I discovered that the Beatles, and especially Sgt. Pepper, are like candy. They're great in small doses but get sickening if you take in too much at once. I always preferred Rubber Soul & Revolver to Sgt. Pepper, but I'll may still be interested in seeing what this cash cow has to offer that the Anthologies didn't cover.
  7. Possibly dead this time

    1. Soloman Tump

      Soloman Tump

      Schroedinger's death

  8. im not dead

  9. Tommy Wiseau dubbed over Darth Vader is a beautiful thing to witness.

  10. Can I start over this playthrough is going nowhere

    1. WeAreOceans


      You need to kill yourself and respawn

  11. oh wow I had no idea she was still alive! I have her album The Well-Tempered Synthesizer on vinyl. Great stuff.
  12. I can get you a good deal on trout if you're interested I think I have all of RDJ's (+aliases & soundcloud) output in digi form, but only RDJ album, Syro, ICBYD, and the Day for Night exclusive on vinyl.
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