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  1. the last few minutes were outta control. 'FEASIBILITY TEST END' written on the screen as it completely broke down. thx shoe.
  2. they back on with the next evolution.
  3. orchard disk


    The sound at the end of the crescendo at 10:57-11:03 deserves a shout out.
  4. bqbqbq is better............ *throws sunglasses at wall* it all goes to hell, doesn't it??
  5. the songs i listed i like, i just thought it was amusing to think about them in these contexts.
  6. I've just been messing around with various configurations of the tracks and the ambient themed configuration had me wondering what it would be like if they only released those tracks and how I would feel about it. I reckon it would be something along the lines of, 'wow these old geezers are still not giving a fuck and just doing whatever they want but man are they ever old geezers now.' I am also old geezer.
  7. What if NTS Sessions consisted only of these tracks: 1. carefree counter dronal 2. 32a_reflected 3. sinistrailAB air 4. wetgelis casual interval 5. peal MA 6. turbile epic casual, stpl idle 7. acid mwan idle 8. g 1 e 1 9. shimripl air 10. frane casual 11. mirrage 12. all end or if it was just this: 1. bqbqbq 2. fLh food for thought
  8. Fuckin hell that 2007 Polish interview is choice. I just about nutted when soakrates started nutting over inland empire. I wonder if anyone has ever forced Lynch to listen to the boys.
  9. icari is the best track they made
  10. ^ must be rough being let down more and more by every release since 1993.
  11. still can't decide between tt1pd and icari.
  12. tri repetae++ is my favorite pre-confield work (it was my introduction to autechre back in the day so it's probably just sentimental favoritism) quaristice is my least favorite post-confield work (I made a custom mix of tracks from it that I really enjoy but there are too many clunkers in the main body to ignore) Everything else is a linear progression of improvement. Actually I guess I consider Oversteps an outlier. To me it's a separate entity that I cherish in its own way. I added iris was a pupil, no border and ylm0 from move of ten to the playlist before Yuop and it feels singularly complete to me. Every other musician or group i've really been into has basically gotten worse over time if not stopped making music completely but autechre have just kept improving through all these years. The greatest of all time.
  13. orchard disk


    tt1pd is indeed a bad to the bone indulgence from the boys. the combination of the heavy flat-out grooves with the massive scrapes of electromagnetic turbulence and the fact that they let it rock for so long. it's a crowd pleaser without pandering. what absolute ballers.
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