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  1. Rumour has it that, to counter the unwanted popularity from SIGN, the green album is a single 58-minute-long fart (but with a bewildering amount of fine detail "buried" in it)
  2. Probably mostly referring to tbm2, pendulu casual, spTh and even eastre... those I'd say are arguably pretty static and especially seemed so at first impression. That's about it tho... elseq is a banquet
  3. au14 is track of the day for me, gotta say. This has got some serious bass that goes undetected without good speakers or headphones. And it occurred to me that the fluttery little melodic bits are quite similar to those bits in north spiral (5 min mark onward)(and the part of AE_Live that does that same bit), and also keyosc. And those tracks are all about the same tempo. 🤓
  4. Pretty well sums up my first impressions too. There is a lot in SIGN that reveals itself with more listens tho. Listening on headphones has been a game changer for me.
  5. What kind of "guide to Autechre" skips an entire 10 year span including some of their most significant output (confield/draft/untilted/quaristice)?!
  6. It officially feels like fall where I live - bit of a chill in the air, trees changing colour - and I took about a half hour walk home from work this afternoon with a lil doobie and listened to the first half of SIGN as I walked thru a quieter residential area with lots of gardens and trees and everything in full colour. A bit overcast today but still a nice glowing light in the sky. This was good. I should have taken some pics but it was nice to just take it in. I am really coming around to this album and it didn't even take too long. Yes I found it disappointing at first impression. Obviousl
  7. How so? SIGN is already an hour long. An additional 15 would bring it up to 16. 4 doubled is 8, 8 doubled is 16. Alternately if they were just increasing by 4hrs each time, it would be 12. Dumb joke anyway, and maybe I didn't put it very clearly. Carry on
  8. Just a joke, based on elseq being 4hrs, NTSS being 8 --> etc Edit: That's just to greedily assume they'd be increasing the output exponentially. I suppose I'd be happy if this one were only 12hrs
  9. Yeah but where are the other 15 hours of music!?
  10. For those who find SIGN underwhelming or too much a departure from the things we love about them, hey there's a huge backlog of material most of us have still been barely able to process. The beautiful thing about elseq and NTS Sessions is that over time they reveal themselves to be just as coherent and engaging as any of the albums before them. Nothing is ever as it seems at first with Ae (including the apparent simplicity of SIGN, I'm starting to think.) Elseq/NTS tracks seemed too long, too intense, too jammy at first, virtually impenetrable even to those of us who have been fans for
  11. Yeah, xflood as an opener is puzzling. Just slamming someone in the face right off the bat? Usually there's at least a few seconds of barely audible sounds before that happens
  12. It could just be a term (jargon) referring to the system/software they use. Aren't many of their track titles based on a similar logic?
  13. Reference-dropping and cringey thesaurus usage, mostly. And a paycheque. Still not sure how this person clumps Gelk, y7 and Vose In together. Quick scan of a playlist is my guess.
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