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  1. Talkin bout soundboard release timeline tho But if they're touring more then would they wait and put out all the sb at once? They did it in batches for 14/15 AE_LIVE ... Taking a break from my annual early-spring oversteps obsession for a minute and giving helsinki another solid listen, in the meantime
  2. 2020-2024 would be an unusually long gap for them, so any kind of new release would be nice
  3. Computer ate and destroyed a 12 minute track I had worked on extensively and was almost finished. File became corrupted somehow and won't open anymore. Just so happens I had neglected to make any backups.
  4. pt.2 Just realized I might have been coming at the question wrong, though. If the issue is simply that you've lost the passion then that might be more of a "spiritual journey" you need to go on lol. I think there's still good stuff in Werner's book that helps with that particular problem, but the rest of the stuff I said might be irrelevant (until you're actually feeling passionate about music again). Losing passion for stuff happens cyclically for me as well. Pandemic life killed my passion for just about everything for awhile including music. To be honest I still struggle a lot with music love/hate. It doesn't have to be a painful relationship but some of us can't really help it because of the way our brains are wired to be analytical about music and have strong values about quality and integrity etc. Can't really undo that. So when the musical anhedonia hits hard I pretty much just take a break from music entirely. You can't force passion. But if a passion for music is innately inside you (I suspect it probably is or you wouldn't care enough to write this post) then it will come back when you give it time and space and feed it inspiring things. Inspiration and re-sparking passion can come from unexpected places and notably across mediums. Reading a good book or poetry or looking at artwork might reignite musical ideas. You never know.
  5. Check out Effortless Mastery, by Kenny Werner This helped me loads after becoming creatively blocked after four years doing music academically. Playing music that's totally different from what I would normally do has helped me improve on the instrument more than I would have expected (playing accomp for vocal groups and stuff like that), plus it's fun because there's no emotional attachment to it like there might be if it was "my music". Later on I found that some technical aspects of my playing that had been underdeveloped improved with this type of work, whereas if I had focused on "I need to get better at this" and forced some kind of exercise it might not have integrated as deeply(?). It also ended up being really fun and I feel a lot more comfortable playing different kinds of material than I did when I was overthinking everything. And I guess my point is that by broadening my practice this way, and improving on a technical level, I also loosened up creatively. As for tedious and mechanical practice sessions, some good advice that was given to me: Always end your practice session (especially the gruelling ones) with something fun that you're really good at. This way your last memory of the session will be more positive, vs walking away in frustration or whatever.
  6. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    Once again making a case for another AMA where Sean pronounces all their track titles for us
  7. That palm skin productions remix is probably my favourite of all their remixes, so fucking smooth
  8. It would be great to get a couple of these in each day, like taking a dump but for your emotions
  9. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    I think they're done telling us this stuff now. "Sometimes having half the info is worse than having none at all" or Sean said something to that effect. I do recall him saying it was two tracks stitched together tho.
  10. toaoaoad

    draft 7.30

    "Ow-tecker soory perry". And nearly 20 years late. Why would anyone watch this lol
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