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  1. I'm not familiar with a ton of his stuff, but I know this Ambient News album quite well and can say it has some really beautiful tracks. Quiet triumph, Lang, Moon on my forehead are all favourites.
  2. Yep, still finding loads of "new" things in Exai here
  3. It's kinda more like ecol4 was a "sampler" - in this case, a preview - of various live elements. Definitely not an unusual thing for them to do at this point, having those connections, given how much of elseq and nts were related to the live sets. Or even untilted/quaristice. I think the ecol4 elements are definitely more fragmented/scattered across a longer duration of the set as compared to something like IO or C16 deep tread tho. I really love the Helsinki live set but it's still going to take more listens for me to fully grasp everything 🫠
  4. toaoaoad


    Let's see if the boc subforum can decipher this
  5. First of all, no. Second, I've found that a lot of the stuff that gets hyped the most around here is pretty dull actually. I do like this place for recommendations overall tho and I've found a lot of good music here over the years.
  6. I like the IABPOITC artwork/design
  7. Listening to the Helsinki set I was aware there's a lot of detailed stuff that's really quiet in the mix, similar to SIGN/PLUS. It's especially noticeable near the end of the set, listening on cans. Makes sense on an album, but I've been curious how much of that would come through in the actual live experience, whether the surround sound and being seated would help those details come through, or if it would just be lost in the room/mix etc. either way. Sounds like maybe the latter has been true? Either way I'm happy to wait for the soundboards and have really been digging this one.
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