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  1. A Canadian study that vastly underestimated the protection COVID-19 vaccines provide against the Omicron variant is being revised — but not before it spread widely on social media by anti-vaxxers, academics and even the creators of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. I've been going on those original numbers so this is kinda good to hear
  2. Thanks for this thread. I think this Badun album comes close to that kind of atmosphere in some places.
  3. How about views into other people's windows? 👀👀Amirite?
  4. Copper Beeches came up on slsk immediately. Not sure if I'm allowed to say that. Can't find any info about this track anywhere tho. Where did you hear about it? We're sure this is legit Bibio? (It's a ten minute droney ambient piece in Cmaj).
  5. Not sure if this ties in at all, or is just something on my end, but a few days ago I started getting a cookies warning on the main page before logging in. Not too crazy about that. No opt-out option to be found.
  6. It's easier to find the melody in sch.mefd 2 than it is to read that post
  7. I always thought this was like a plunder of their own track, sounds like many cut up bits of reverb and stuff from the original track(s) arranged into a beat
  8. I always loved osla for N for how fucked up it is, but when I eventually realized the hi hats were keeping time the whole time I loved it even more
  9. I was just thinking the other day how JNSN CODE GL16 and SonDEre-ix are probably related. They have that same quarter note thing at the same tempo. SonDEre-ix is the atonal creepy version whereas JNSN is melodic (and using the "perlence sound" too so I always assumed it was made during the quaristice era). You could easily mix the end of JNSN into the beginning of ix.
  10. I remember once this kinda happened to me with a bad flu when I was about 20, everything had this gasoline kinda taste for a couple days, it was really bizarre, only ever happened once tho
  11. I do remember reading something like that at one point, can't search for the source right now, but yeah I read that some people were getting weird smells and tastes, particularly when the sense was returning after having lost it. This thing really does some weird shit
  12. Ok, interesting/good to know. I thought they were done with hardware. I don't know enough about this stuff to have an opinion, but I think it's still useful to have context of how things were made. I wonder how this fits into the evolution of "the system" tho?
  13. BTW to get on track with original topic, for the past month or so I've been aiming to listen to at least one album (or EP) that I've never heard before, from beginning to end, not skipping anything even if it's awful, per day. I didn't end up doing it every day but at least it motivated me to actively listen to some new stuff. Some of these are new, some watmm-recommended, some are quite old, some are things that have sat in my library for ages but never got around to them, and some are things I would be listening to anyway (like the new Loess was kind of a cheat). Mostly ended up sticking with electronic stuff but there's a smidge of jazz and one post-rock album in here. I'm gonna keep it up. Here's a list of what I've covered with just a very generic yes/no/meh rating Joel Tammik - Horizont (2011) - no µ-Ziq – Scurlage (2021) - meh Jamie Saft - Borscht Belt Studies (2011) - meh Datach'i - Bones (2019) - yes Maps and Diagrams - f o e l (2009) - yes Maps and Diagrams - Første (2013) - meh Loess - Totems (2021) - yes Microstoria - Snd (1996) - yes Synalegg - Beating the odds (2020) - yes Bitstream - Streamlining EP (2005) - meh µ-Ziq and Mrs. Jynx – Secret Garden (2021) - meh Ferrari Jackson - Lush (2011) - no Martinou - Rift (2021) - yes Karsten Pflum - Dogcatcher EP (2004) - yes Kenny Werner - Beauty Secrets (1999) - meh Speedy J - Public Energy No. 1 (1997) - meh FSOL - Cascade 2020 (2020) - meh/yes Downstairs J - Basement, Etc... (2021) - meh/yes Dictaphone - Goats & Distortions 5 (2021) - yes Syndrone - Salmataxia (2004) - yes Opiate - Possible (2002) - yes Opiate - Sometimes (2003) - meh Patten - Glow (2020) - meh/yes Papir - V (2017) - meh/no Do you also think Amber is the best Ae album?
  14. proto- Funky Pipecleaner maybe
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