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  1. "The glissotar: Take your saxophone farm animal noises to the next level!"
  2. ^ holy shit, my thoughts exactly. I remember early when tiktok was catching on everyone was like "oh but it's super sketchy, it's wide open for the Chinese government to spy on you" or whatever, and then they went on to totally consent to it anyway. And it's just the most brain-rotting, attention-span-killing, narcissist-nurturing garbage pastime imaginable. Instagram was already bad enough. Here I thought I was wasting my life.
  3. Well we tried, @auxien Hey @brian trageskin you should transcribe this.
  4. It's fuckin appalling is what it is. I hope BC closes the border (not likely of course). We are Alberta's trash bin
  5. Totally legit hahah I feel that way too, with every post I reveal my asshole self a little more I mean that last line in my post is pretty harsh innit lol
  6. Nah, let's hear it! jk I'm not going to get into arguments online. Obviously a mandate would be an absolute last resort but come on, how much closer do we need to get? These people have shown that they just don't get it. They don't understand that getting sick with COVID affects more people than just themselves, that letting the virus continue to spread means letting it continue to mutate, that their "freedom" in this way is ultimately leading to future lockdowns and other impositions on everyone's freedom, or that having a vaccine available at all is a fucking privilege that the majority of the rest of the world needs direly. I get the basic arguments and indeed I shudder to think that we're living in a time where such a mandate might become necessary, and the precedent it might set, but yeah this isn't about "personal freedom" anymore, never mind the fact that most people refusing to get the vaccine are fucking delusional. Nothing else is getting through. It's not enough to just let them die of COVID in due time; that affects far too many people along the way.
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