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  1. Lol that's pretty fair Still hope Rob will do one tho! We're getting to know Sean so well that Rob is starting to seem a little mysterious in comparison He probably knows he will be inundated with questions about Spaces How V and Bladelores
  2. One of my fav parts lol - Q: What do you see as the next big technological step in music creation? "...Something that we're doing, probably"
  3. I think he said Rob did the first section but the rest is a collab(?) re: perlence, I was thinking about it some more. I would guess if they're all Rob's brainchild, perlence losid 2 is Sean giving it that plunder treatment. It's the one that stands out that way, and seems like something he'd do. And yeah Sean has said shitloads of tracks were his (Sean's) lol
  4. re: subrange, he did say that perlence was also a Rob track, so it's possible that means all versions.
  5. After hearing Sean's speel about how coke makes you less sensitive to negative criticism, this makes a lot of sense
  6. toaoaoad

    Hanal Gig

    Well I do hope this is real, some of these tracks are sickk. If track 2 really is an Oversteps outtake, I wonder why it didn't make the cut, especially considering how lackluster some of Move of Ten is.
  7. Just shaved off a decent beard, feels so good to free the skin but it's always so horrifying to see what my actual face looks like and then go thru a personality crisis for a few weeks til it grows back enough
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