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  1. Yeah this. I suggest you read the AAA thread as part of your research.
  2. I hear ya. I wouldn't consider myself someone who thinks he should stick to his earlier style tho. I am all for artists changing and evolving as they see fit. And I actually quite like a lot about the aesthetic of his recent stuff, minus certain elements. My issue is primarily with the vocal sounds/other elements he tosses in that just ruin the flow/vibe for me personally, and how frequently it seems to happen. It's so close to being awesome but there's always something that ruins it. I'll admit I might have a personal bias against vocals anyway, not "on principle" but just as what naturally v
  3. In the age of Zoom, fashion only matters from the chest up
  4. Maybe this one will actually be good But no seriously, I tried listening to Death Peak the other day and had to turn it off a few tracks in. I've barely touched the last couple of soundtrack albums, so to give the benefit of the doubt they might not be all bad - one day I'll check and see. But my issue with Clark is that he'll get off to a great start but then throw in some element (usually a human voice of some kind) that just shits it all up. Weird moaning noises and stuff like that, or just pitchy bullshit. I don't get it, it sounds like he doesn't ever bother to get an outsid
  5. There's very little consolation in this, as the damage has already been done. Thanks for the clarification. What a fucked up system. To say it needs to change is an understatement. The whole world is facepalming. My question remains: is there no justice in the world?! It's horrific to think what his presidency and the lack of consequences afterwards is teaching young children about morality and justice, and the precedent it sets overall. Just appalling.
  6. Call me an ignorant Canadian but I still don't understand all this presidential pardoning business. As another member said in the closed thread, how is that legal or constitutional? And is D.T. seriously just walking away a free man with little to no consequence for the shit he has put the country (and indeed the whole world) through? Am I missing something? Is there any justice in the world at all?
  7. Turns out I was wrong about column thirteen being the same tempo... it's not. Very close tho. I think its harmonic complexity makes it a poor candidate for mashups anyway.
  8. Always nice to see some appreciation for this one. I think it gets overshadowed by other Quaristice tracks especially the ones with multiple versions. It definitely belongs in this thread, such beautiful production and arrangement of sounds. It's one of their best ambient tracks imo and during the Quaristice era it was my falling asleep music -- too bad it didn't get an extended version!
  9. I find myself wishing there were Burger and Farnsworth reactions on other social media platforms
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