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  1. I'm in the same boat. Nature just can't compete with Space and Technology. Broken Gifs don't strike me as very IDM. They're more TOBACCO, Com Truise, and the rest of the new electronic movement.
  2. Ha, this is how every year seems to end up. Though this year there doesn't seem to be a silent majority vs. vocal minority for once. Space Helmet Pipe is making quite the comeback. Too bad it's about as IDM as a Gillette commercial.
  3. That would be quite the Utopia. Let's all join hands and just do a compilation on an amalgamation of all 8 of the categories.
  4. This. Edit: I would still be a-ok with Homeless People with 808's beating Space Elevator Music though. I am so overjoyed
  5. It's sooo close. Who cares about a dumb ol' meteor?
  6. I thought this too when I saw him. Missed this thread somehow, Belated congratulations, Franklin!
  7. Shame Slime Molds are gone. Just found this video. Sick beats. Jeez, this lady incorporates Slime Molds, and Bioluminescence in her exhibits. I'm in awe.
  8. Homeless people with 808s is in danger! Imagine if every homeless person you saw with bongos or a guitar had an 808 or a 101. *Sheds a single tear*
  9. Klimt is awesome. I love this. Supreme Perfect. Her dull look is such a wonderful contrast to the original.
  10. @ Richie The extreme and violent porn is on the banners of most websites, in addition to a lot of teens fucking grandpas, which is messed up. Do you only watch Artistic Nudes or something? All I know is, porn in general wasn't this violent when I was in junior high and highschool. I remember looking up videos and not running into anything extreme or angry. And it's not like my tastes have really changed. I like women, blowjobs, and uh, sex. Also, nothing degrading about deep throat when the woman is in control and she actually wants to do it (not a face fuck). Unless you think all porn is degrading, I guess. Fixed ! Ha, I apparently forgot what forum I was on.
  11. I forgot about Sonic the Hedgehog. 1 through Knuckles were all fantastic. I loved this bassy one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAwN43JBgT4 I absolutely loved the Sonic 3D Blast soundtrack for the Sega Saturn. Level 2's music for each zone would be a remix of Level 1's. It sounds pretty dated now, but I remember being 7 years old and listening to the tracks in the BGM settings.
  12. Like many in the thread, I've been inspired to give up porn as well. I really enjoy pornography, but when I surf for it nowadays (versus when I was a Freshman in high school) I end up running into a bunch of violent videos that really make me hate the world. Can't a guy just fap to a deep throat video without having to sift through a bunch of face-fucking-until-she-cries-tears-of-thick-mascara videos? Porn could be so beautiful if it was done right. Also, for those who don't know, 70's porn is pretty awesome. The women aren't Barbie dolls, the men's veins aren't popping out of their skin, and the sex isn't angry. Only cons are that all of the guys have mustaches and the music is awful. It's all synthy and cheesey. Fuck to some Bossa Nova or at the very least Disco!
  13. Royksopp's - Come (The very last track on Melody A.M.) I used to listen to it several times in a row, but I last year I made a 10 minute mix of it, so now I don't have to.
  14. Green is just one behind! Whoever voted Lushness over Slime Molds is a ripe cunt.
  15. That Panzer Dragon song is really cool. This is incredibly difficult, so I'll post the first three that come to my mind. Yuzo Koshiro - Dance Club - Streets of Rage 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqOSvXCgm0s The sweet strobe effects on the genesis really added to it. Illreme - KURU KURU ROCK - Katamari Damacy Most of the Katamari music is perfect, and impossible for me to choose just one (Katamari Mambo, and the main theme are also amazing). The high female voices that sing with Illreme's rapping is beautiful. Peter McConnell - Compañeros - Grim Fandango Baroque + Latin = Lovely. Used as the music playing in an outdoor Day of the Dead festival.
  16. Seriously? You've all been referring to Dick Docking? Well shit, I'll vote for that. Aw, what the fuck, Lushness is killing Slime Molds. Sad days.
  17. I personally don't get what "Docking" is in this context. I've always considered "Docking" without any sort of prefix as Dick Docking, which isn't very IDM, but would definitely make a good compilation subject.
  18. Yes you do. I've been wanting one of those for years. I also have a Commodore 128 sitting in a box. I am missing a really outdated cord for it, and in my hundreds of trips to the thrift stores (and online) throughout the years I've never found one.
  19. Here's 123 Steam Games http://alabasterslim.com/worth.php?account=murveman I have a lot of games lying around my PC that I don't feel a need to calculate. I have about 12 Sega Saturn Games, 7 PS2 Games, 2 Dreamcast Games, 14 Sega Genesis Cartridges, and 10 Gameboy games. I also have around 6 hand-held LED/LCD's (including an incredibly rare Sonic the Hedgehog Game). I play a ton of video games, but they're mostly in the form of free Indie Games and emulated old-school games. If we counted those, I'd have about 700 games on my PC that I actively play (and tens of thousands I don't play that came in torrents I haven't sifted through yet). If that doesn't count, I lose.
  20. Go Slime Moulds! Amoebas with a Collective Consciousness versus a video game that's slightly better than Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing should be no contest. Never leaves the table. I've seen another video where the robot continually looks for shade. Can't find it though.
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