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  1. trying to build some muscle memory w/ a new mixer.. all rough edges are intended 😛 (2018) Skee Mask - Via Sub Mids [Compro] (2019) Meat Beat Manifesto - Pin Drop [Opaque Couché] (2020) □ - □ [□] (2018) Ekhe - Tuli Banyo (rave edit) [Tuli Banyo] (2020) Daniel Troberg - Life On The Planet Cybotron [Isolation EP] (2020) ERRRGO - Somnium [HD.023 | FRACTURA EP] (2020) Vytear - Exit Extinction [Kingtrips EP2] (2019) Daed - Aria [Coordinate] (2020) Nahash + Osheyack - The Horns [Flowers of the Revolution] (2019) Rognvald - Shit Hot Car (Five Speed Mix) [Xwife] (2020) Seven Orbits - Ravevv101 [EP0001] (2020) ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH - Titanium Bells [Top Secret] (2013) Jodey Kendrick - Matashi Acid (Spun Mix) [WTFLOL] (2020) Daed - exception [Irregular Expressionism] (2020) Stazma - Nanobot [Shapeshifter] (2013) Ventolyn & Becotyde - Our Upward Shimmer Out [Colour Gasping [Expanded Edition]] (2017) Babyshaker - Graved Up [Rubber Banding EP] (2001) Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Bellicose Pacific] (2020) Stazma - Emo Droid [Fluorhydrique EP] (2012) Odan - Sci Fi Wrapping (Market Forces) [Chunk Spanky] (1996) Dummy Run - Elocution [Dummy Run] (2020) Daed - iter(31/4) [Irregular Expressionism] (2016) Synthamesk - Imprints [Regression] (2006) Venetian Snares - Cancel [Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms] (2012) Richard Devine - Creature II [Creature I & II] (2017) Alessandro Cortini - Finire [AVANTI] you wouldn't hear this w/o these artists / labels: iliantape.bandcamp.com meatbeatmanifesto.bandcamp.com/ eodtracks.bandcamp.com/ hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/ detund.bandcamp.com heel-zone.bandcamp.com/ vytear.bandcamp.com/ occultresearch.bandcamp.com/ analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/ svbkvlt.bandcamp.com/ rognvald.bandcamp.com/ advancedaudioresearch.bandcamp.com/ defunktrecords.bandcamp.com/ edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/ ventolynandbecotyde.bandcamp.com/ amen-tal.bandcamp.com/ clockwaverecords.com/ store.kaometry.com/ venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/ richarddevine.bandcamp.com/ cortini.bandcamp.com/ please give them some love!
  2. (2014) Have A Few Get Some - World War Three [Adios Amigo: The First Decade/The Last Dance](2011) Have A Few Get Some - Epidemic [Tiger Jigsaw](2018) Razat - Fuzz (Shield Remix) [Saturation (STRTEP058)](2015) VORRS - BUTTERGUTTS [XXXXX](2008) Untrkmind - Fillergy Snippet [Unknown](2007) RENEGADE ANDROiD - Your First Falling Star [The Brilliant Opus Of Nothing](2019) Gooooose - Integer / Along the Synthetic River I (Samuel Kerridge Remix) [Rusted Silicon](2019) Gooooose - Integer [Rusted Silicon](2014) Cut Hands - Black Mamba [Afro Noise I (Volume 4)](1996) モルダイバー - Seiki Ni Koi Wo Shite [Ano 8](2019) Mun Sing - A War in Heaven [Cache 01](2015) Lorn - Shelter [The Maze To Nowhere / Part 3](2003) Bexarametric - And the Toys Came Marching In [Bexarametric Pressure LP](2007) Liar's Rosebush - Series and parrallel [Circle the Squares](2000) Funkstörung - A Bottle, A Box, And A Mic [Appetite For Disctruction](2006) Nauseous Youth Future - Constant Anti [Dosage](2001) Patcha Kutek - Olluquito Con Charqui [Lomito Saltado](1992) Curve - Falling Free [Aphex Twin Remix] [ANXT 41](2014) Demdike Stare - Null Results [Testpressing#004 [LOVE89]](2016) B.yhzz - HOL [Contra EP](2018) AQXDM - Ballad [Aegis](1988) Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant) [drop1](2018) Elysia Crampton - Oscollo (drums only version) [Physically Sick 2](2019) Zohar - Mad Drums [Zohar - ZHR001](2018) Demdike Stare - Pile Up [Passion](2017) GRAŃ - Too Much [Candles](2018) AAR - B-03 [FirstGrade](2018) Woulg - Baud-Y [Last Time LP](2016) Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating [Struggle & Emerge](2019) Eomac - Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness (Errorsmith Remix) [Reconnect Remixes](xxxx) Shatterbreak - spazmold aggrojelly kaeaus [unreleased](2011) CEP2plet - emotional sickness (Sick Mix) [emotional sickness](2018) dreamcrusher - Naked [Grudge2]
  3. Nobody got any info on my shiny sticker? (Latté quoting Latté) i bought my copy and one of the afx shirts at field day.. the sticker was part of the t-shirt package
  4. hello people, in preparation of christmas and our lovely Deathemberfezt (http://telegra.ph/2212---0201-DEATHEMBERFEZT-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-12-12) we, exLEpäng!, have started a little christmas calender. every day a new mix from us and friends. enjoy! ...and if you're near leipzig between Dec 22th - Jan 2nd come around and have a beer with us! cheers! DOOR#24 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng24-lord-of-wtf DOOR#23 DOOR#22 DOOR#21 DOOR#20 DOOR#19 DOOR#18 DOOR#17 DOOR#16 DOOR#15 DOOR#14 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng14-mellow DOOR#13 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng13-eine_million DOOR#12 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng12-tilo_roth DOOR#11 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng11-marshall DOOR#10 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang10-disput-acid-drill-idm DOOR#9 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang09-mellow-breakcore-radau DOOR#8 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/pang08-nur_hechtsuppen DOOR#7 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng07-caedes DOOR#6 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng06-firle DOOR#5 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng05-aehm DOOR#4 DOOR#3https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng03-katyes DOOR#2 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng02-dj_hells DOOR#1 https://soundcloud.com/exlepaeng/paeng01-tilo_roth
  5. Hypnotuba - Beet Curiosity [The Box] Karl Marx Stadt - Vgamz [1997-2004] Bogdan Raczynski - Fnck You Dj (The Flashbulb Rmx) [unititled 7inch] John Williams - Indy's Very First Adventure (Peter Griffin Remix) [indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Soundtrack] Secret Mommy - The Drink [Hawaii 5.0] Doktor Kosmos - Holiday [Cocktail] Batfinks - Csarver [No sympathy] Kettel - South Lamar [Voiceless X] Karl Marx Stadt - Moonie Moonstone [1997-2004] Nero's Day at Disneyland - Women Are Not Things [Grievances and Dead Malls EP] Global Goon - Moon Pool [Goon] Mr. 76ix - Other (Acid Reflux Mix) [030303 #2] Batfinks - If The Sun Dies [No sympathy] Xyqph - Variant 5 [Float] Wevie Stonder - History Of Dogs [Drawing On Other People's Heads] Ceephax Acid Crew - Probey's Poker (Vinyl Version) [World Dissolver EP] Sytrjv - Vrak [Lateral Latency] Exile - Mushroom Santa [Pro Agonist] Frederik Schikowski - Soviel An Zärtlichkeit Und Schmerz [Adsr009] Dino Felipe - Humbus Amhong Us [Dinosaur Bones & Pyramids] Venetian Snares - Fluff Master [songs About My Cats] Kettel - Secret Amanda [ibb & Obb - Original Soundtrack] Doormouse - Good Night [Major Changes] https://soundcloud.com/caedes/frozen-in-time-and-yoghurt-birthday-gltich
  6. hi guys, this is my set from our summer party in leipzig this year (http://telegra.ph/Zommerfezt-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-07-30) it was an intro set for the breakcore floor, so i tried to build a bridge and speed up at the end though i think the tracklist match with the taste of the board https://soundcloud.com/caedes/zommerfezt-elipamanoke-040817 of course feedback is welcome :) tracklist: (2017) Brainwaltzera - ten ton fenix [unchosen] - βκ [Outdives EP] (2005) Karsten Pflum - Guld og gammelt jern [Flugten Fra År 2000] (1992) Hyper On Experience - The Frightner [Fun For All The Family E.P.] (2005) Wirebug - Gorfus Gizmoid [Ce La Fai ? Vinyl] (2003) Cylob - Smack 'Em Up Sharp [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!] (2017) EOD - Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix) [swurlk EP] (2014) Henry Homesweet - Whomp [LOVCD00] (2017) afx - Nightmail 1 [orphans] (2013) Odan - First Fix [Viper] (2007) Kettel - Coddle [Whisper Me Wishes] (2007) The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 [Rushup Edge] (2004) karsten pflum - A1 - Pollenpark [Dogcatcher EP] (2011) Stunt Rock - If I'm Not Sincere Enough, Please Let Me Know, And I Will Squint More [Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue One: Questions And Answers For The Insecure Youth] (2017) afx - get a baby [Hangable Auto Bulb] (2003) Emotional Joystick - Next Time [bellicose Pacific] (2012) Odan - Crackon [Arachnodan] (2017) Gareth Clarke - Smoke [Voiceless Y] (2014) Beatwife - Colmatron [Cornbrail Acid 2] (2016) ninja sword - damage over time [] (2017) Aphex Twin - milkman bonus beets [Girl/Boy EP] (1998) Gescom - Untitled [MASK 400] (2003) afx - Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix] [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!]
  7. so glad to found this thread your album poems is one of my highlights this year and its great to read how you did your stuff.. Analogue Bloom <3 much love from germany!!
  8. he's getting better and better.. for me this release is his peak
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