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  1. https://saintalecz.bandcamp.com/album/faggot
  2. https://aleczandah.bandcamp.com/album/second-hand-unwinds Another banger from the person that put WATMM on the map (me)
  3. I just dropped the two best albums of the year, once again proving I am the biggest music genius on WATMM GEOVISUAL: GEOVISUAL II:
  4. There was a Wisp (I think) track posted here about 15 years ago which sampled some of Tangerine Dream's Legend soundtrack (video linked). Any ideas what it may have been called and where I can find it?
  5. A problem that doesn't actually exist and that is just a product of MSM overhype? Ok cool.
  6. If you truly cared about Black Lives, you'd be against Planned Parenthood
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