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  1. People already do and have bought it full-price, stay mad. I'm just giving something back to the WATMM community.
  2. I don't play any games that aren't Hiscores! Gold, my man
  3. Anyway because I'm so wonderful, benevolent, humble and generous I've decided to give away some Steam keys for my game which you probably can't afford - now with added Halloween content cos I'm great like that. Just tell me why I'm so great and if I deem the praise acceptable, I'll PM you a key https://store.steampowered.com/app/1092060/Hiscores_Gold/ Nice review here:
  4. Who said anything about free? Fuck you, pay me. A'ight, come pick it up from Kampala, that'll be 50,000UGX
  5. Same as it ever was. I'm reviled by the WATMM community because I'm the Azealia Banks of IDM
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