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  1. lmao at all the tears in this thread, I thought IDM bois were meant to be hard lads but turns out you're mostly soft cunts
  2. Yuropoors seething they won't get our beautiful British pounds in EU funding any more!
  3. 18,700 views for my anti-Corbyn/Milani video on Twitter today boys. I got Brexit done.
  4. My last throw of the dice to stop a former colleague of mine winning a seat, the past month has been a wild ride indeed
  5. December has only just started and the biggest banger of the month has already dropped. Don't hate, congratulate.
  6. A guy who I went to uni with (a cunt) is currently running against Boris Johnson in the forthcoming GE. If he manages to win, then Boris can't be PM, so I'm periodically leaking stuff to the press about this guy. Impressed? You should be.
  7. People already do and have bought it full-price, stay mad. I'm just giving something back to the WATMM community.
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