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  1. My wife had her 1st shot given about a month after our daughter was born. You'll probably find the obstetrics ward pretty locked down (1/2hr visit from just yourself allowed), after release we just kept visitor numbers at home sensible (3 other people basically) until the shots were out the way. Plenty of park meetings though, good excuse to get the pram and get out of the house.
  2. It seems to be all over soulseek but I'm guessing it's a rip of the BBC stream, Pete Tong pops up every now and again. Crazy mix though, definitely one for playing loud. Bonus points for not one but two autechre tracks. BTW if anyone was not keen on paying the €18 bandcamp price for Pool it's now up on bleep / boomkat etc for a much more reasonable £6.99.
  3. I'm not sure there will be a full repress of the vinyl TBH, they could at least update the digital download though.
  4. Good interview on Warp's site: https://warp.net/editorial/from-rapture-to-rupt-the-journey-of-seefeel
  5. Seriously though I watched some too and it was fucking pitiful. As a bonus I can look forward to YouTube recommending me similar antivaxx whining for the next fortnight.
  6. Don't worry, open up the YouTube info and he's got plenty of patreon links and bitcoin donations links, plus loads of cool merch!
  7. Well good news that Dolphinz is not as cheesy as Chemz but phew is it dull. Some extra points I guess for a) sampling what I'm sure is an old Dr Who noise (definitely sounds like Tom Baker rooting around a quarry with K9) , and b) Having the flat-out weirdest release schedule for a 12" ever.
  8. Both glitches have also been pressed on the vinyl and it is a bit jarring. Not a deal breaker but would be nice to have a proper copy.
  9. Yeah the glitch in Monastic has been pressed on the vinyl too, shame it's one of the best new tracks too. Otherwise these releases are sounding pretty good, was never expecting Succour to get a deluxe reissue treatment due to it's initial poor reception, but it's always been a 10/10 album for me.
  10. Ninja Tune forum still about, sort of... http://theforum.cloudapp.net/
  11. Depends on what sort of tracks you're after really. If you're looking for more beats the Rytm is a really interesting drum machine. If you're keen on further synth explorations you could really start mangling your digitone with an octatrack (which can also handle sampled beats at the same time). The Octatrack in particular though will give you a good month of head scratching before you start to get on with it.
  12. If you're looking for a 'scholarly' approach to disease research, 2-hour long YouTube videos probably aren't the best place to start. I did watch a bit of that, and read his original warning statement that got the initial attention. Although I work in oncology rather than virology there were a few bits that raised my eyebrows straight away, specifically what he was saying about NK T-cells which seemed essentially false (or certainly counter to any current thinking). Anyway here's a nicely referenced post that takes apart some of the major claims: https://www.deplatformdisease.com/blog/addressing-geert-vanden-bossches-claims If you are genuinely interested in scholarly research the reference list from that post alone would be a good start.
  13. Specifically: Evidence that Ivermectin is efficacious in treating Covid is currently weak at best. Masks and social distancing help REDUCE the spread. Mutations are more likely within a population with a high incidence of Covid itself, not vaccination. Eating healthy and exercising is great advice for general health, but they are not specifically Covid treatments any more than they are treatments for a broken leg. My advice: Don't look to YouTube for medical research.
  14. I'm not sure what medical professionals you are getting your info from, but you have ended up with a conclusion that is precisely the opposite of what 99% of medical professionals advise.
  15. Well shit got these already, so much for the deluxe 3CD reissue. Nice that it's repressed I guess, but compared to the recent Seefeel reissues for example it's a bit light.
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