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  1. Nice bit of S>>D and Seefeel. Think I heard some Scientist in the dub selection too. Anyone manage to record the unreleased jams section?
  2. Not too bad, pretty fatigued but no major respiratory problems. Finally got swabbed so should find out if I am actually positive or not by Monday. Would be slightly embarrassing if this is just a poorly-timed cold. Wife's good, symptom free and I suspect slightly pissed off that I get the run of the house while she's stuck in a hotel room.
  3. Yeah definitely enjoying this one, best kettel release for some time IMO.
  4. I work in cancer care, so wasn't treating covid-19 patients directly - but of course there was no testing being done at the time so I ended up treating a number of pts that have since tested positive. It's an unprecedented situation, although 2 weeks ago there were things we needed from the government: more tests, decent PPE, and a massive expansion of ICU beds. it's a shame they spent weeks faffing about with that herd immunity bollocks - at least they seem to be mobilising in the right direction now.
  5. Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also works in the NHS) has been evacuated to a hotel so she can continue to work. Means I spend the day pottering around in a dressing gown listening to zoviet france or the NTS sessions. I've felt much worse than this with flu before, but I'm aware it's only day 3...
  6. Well yeah, if they recover they will continue to have their other conditions managed in the same way they have been. If any new conditions are identified during their time as an inpatient there'll be a referral to the relevant area after they're discharged. I don't work ICU but there's no 'totem pole' as such. At the moment people are sedated and ventilated if they reach a certain point of acute respiratory distress. When the ventilators run out as seen in Italy it will be the case that younger, healthier people will be given priority.
  7. That's not how it works - these are almost always long-term conditions that have already been identified and are being treated (although there's also no real treatment for 'being old'). What happens is (for example) someone presents with respiratory difficulty, swabbed and test positive for Covid, CT shows bilateral interstitial pneumonia. They also have a history of heart failure and diabetes - these are already being managed and have been for the last few years. They're in a high risk group, may need ventilation, and may die. There's no magic bullet that will cure their diabetes or heart issues, all the medical team can do is try and keep them alive long enough for their body to recover from the pneumonia.
  8. As a follow up, I'd be the first to argue that our hospitals have been woefully underfunded over the last 10 years here in the UK, but there's no way you could build in the sort of redundancy that would cope with the critical care surge they've seen in Italy, for example.
  9. Arguing EXACTLY what kills people who have covid-19 is not entirely useful at the moment. The general progression is pretty well understood: Covid-19 damages lungs, both directly and leaving them more prone to follow-up bacterial infection. This in turn increases the likelihood of bilateral interstitial pneumonia, this is more likely to develop in older people or people with co-morbidities (especially lung or cardiac issues, also obesity) This cohort of patients are also less likely to be able to fight off pneumonia. Eventual result for the most unwell is unfortunately organ failure and death. At my hospital, the first fatalities are coming through, they have all had severe co-morbidities so far. Could you argue that their stage 4 cancer killed them rather than the pneumonia? Maybe, but the Covid infection is definitely the reason they died this weekend.
  10. Yeah a lot of people blaming Trump for this but seriously that guy was such a grade-A ding-dong it's hard to get your head round - drinking aquarium cleaner to beat a disease you don't have? If it wasn't this he'd have gone out soon enough trying to clean his power sockets with a fork or something.
  11. Well fuck me if I haven't got suspected coronavirus (work in a hospital). 2 weeks of self isolation and rotten flu would certainly go a bit quicker with a few onesix sets...
  12. I'm guessing the current situation will cause all sorts of fuckery with getting 2 (physical?) albums out, but can't see any problems with onesix sets going up on the bleepstore. I think it's definitely time for a good chunk of new autechre.
  13. Is this one global communications? Sounds familiar but I can't place it.
  14. Better to just embrace the mystery... Oh and God bless Trump.
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