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  1. What's the set list looking like at the moment, any new stuff?
  2. Couldn't resist picking this one up, had been sniffing around the Uranium EP and the 1st album on Discogs so the timing worked out very well. Bit steep but no regrets. No idea why he can't release an mp3 version on bandcamp too though, would bring in a few extra £ and everyone's happy.
  3. Damnit - worth holding on for another run or should I just pick up the mp3s?
  4. I'm guessing it was a falling out over Wevver's new rocky singing direction (which was pretty ropey to be fair). +1 for the Stay Down / Blue Sparks period for me though, played them for the first time in a while last month and they hold up amazingly well.
  5. Live versions are up at their bleep store and bandcamp... https://seefeel.ochre.store/release/142528-seefeel-spga-19 Sounding very nice indeed - they've mentioned there may be a physical release next year as well so all good.
  6. I picked up a few from here recently... https://metamkine.com/?s=zoviet+france&post_type=product&product_cat=0] postage was pretty reasonable...to the UK anyway. Spent the last week down a Zoviet France rabbit hole after first picking up Mohnomishe. Assault and Mirage and Eostre also sounding amazing (can't really get my head round Loh Land though.)
  7. Excellent news, both these live versions sound amazing. Will definitely be buying this in whatever form it eventually turns up.
  8. Not too interested in shelling out £120 for the whole box, did pick up the Seefeel and BOC though.
  9. The crash in the Labour vote has been predicted ever since Corbyn got in. Maybe it will occur at the next GE but who would make any firm predictions in the current climate. I've no time for the current Lib Dem leader, she's played everything 100% strategically wrong since taking over IMO. Am I going to vote Lib Dem? Abso-fucking-lutely because they've got the best chance of beating the Tories in my constituency. If it was Labour I'd vote for them, if it was the Monster Raving Looney party, same. Everyone sitting on their hands during the GE after watching this shit show unfold might be feeling a bit awkward 1 year into a Johnson-led CON-BXP government. Convincing yourself all politicians are the same may start to ring a bit hollow at that point.
  10. Enlightened centrism aside, maybe take a step back yourself and ask one question... Do you think the UK would be in a similar mess if Labour had been in power the last few years? I'm not 'rabidly pro-Labour' as such but I do despair of the 'everyone's the same' mentality, it's also part of what led to Trump over in the States.
  11. danshoebridge

    elseq 1-5

    I've got to be missing something with c7b2 because I've heard quite a few people rate it. I think it's possibly my all-time least favourite autechre track. I just cannot get on with it all. It even ruins some of the later AE live sets for me.
  12. Yeah the whole over-conceptualised nature of these releases kind of turn me off. Had a similar reaction to the latest oneohtrix album. Maybe the trick is to compile the actual...music, and cut out the random Zuckerberg skits or whatever.
  13. Went for mohnomishe in the end, would possibly pick up some others depending on how I get on with this but I'm guessing they won't be around for long judging by previous discogs prices.
  14. Any recommendations for one unmissable ZF album? Been meaning to give their discography a go and tempted to pick one of these up.
  15. Hmmm, really liked a lot of World Eater but the new one's sounding fairly naff to me... must be those chintzy EDM-style leads. Hush Money in particular is a big nope.
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