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  1. Will probably pick up Shouting at the ground, any other recommendations from this current batch? I'm not too familiar with this half of their discography.
  2. First review and it had to be Boomkat. Maybe I'm out the loop but their descriptions of Wickedly skizzy UK brukbeat and hardcore pressure systems etc. never give me the first clue as to what the music is like. I guess having to write about an endless series of very similar techno 12"s means weird purple prose is a must, but I'm none the wiser as to the autechre LP after reading that.
  3. The pre-order track is very nice indeed, looking forward to this.
  4. Couldn't resist picking that up. Then got an email this afternoon saying sorry, we don't have stock after all, here's a refund. Nuts.
  5. I'm hoping for two 60ish minute albums, released simultaneously with different but related artwork, one full of AE bangers and the other more abstract / ambient. Ideally by November because I'd love some new autechre to get through the winter...
  6. I got it late March and my wife a week later, didn't get it too badly though luckily. A week off work and vague lingering fatigue. Quite a few colleagues at the hospital I work at got it around those 2 weeks just before and after lockdown, some got it a lot worse and 3 people died.
  7. Thought I'd give this another listen to see if it's any better than I remember from 20 years ago. Short answer... No. Still can't really see the appeal and that singing on the first track is dreadful.
  8. Yeah this one's sounding pretty good - not sure whether to call it an album or a mixtape or what, but it's another solid release from this guy. The 'Big balls' 80s action mixtape on his website is well worth a listen too (totally different to his other stuff though)
  9. Virology is not my specific area, but at the moment the proven cases of people who have tested positive twice with a long interval between seem to be rare enough to make the news (recently in Israel and Colorado for example). Like most things it's not black and white but it's fair to say: - if youre infected you will eventually produce IgM and IGg antibodies - the antibody levels increase in people that have more severe disease - these levels then reduce quite quickly (I've been booted off the plasma donor programme as mine are now way down) - you're more likely to completely resist a subsequ
  10. I work for the Oxford Trust and I've got to say they really had their shit together on this. Most of the NHS workers here have ended up on the testing and antibody trials, and I ended involved the convalescent plasma trial once I'd recovered. Vaccine trial obviously seems to be going well. As far as reinfections go... If it behaves like any other coronavirus there will be instances of people getting reinfected (and follow-up WE'RE ALL DOOMED newspaper articles), but I wouldn't panic just yet. 100s of thousands of people have recovered, and of the relatively small number of proven reinfection
  11. Best 'ambient' album I've heard for a while this one. Just the right mixture of uneasy and calming.
  12. Yeah Loveless is probably top for me too, tied with Chiastic Slide.
  13. There's some solid stuff here but the non-stop wacky samples get a bit much after a whole album. DBC 1 is a banger admittedly.
  14. Nothing wrong with that, my audio computer is over 15yrs old and still rocking windows XP. If I ever reconnected it to the Internet it would probably burst into flames. I'm quite happy with what you can do with a few basic VSTs (EQ, delay and tremolo mainly, and some of the valhalla plugins). Combine them with playing around with pitch and an FX send going to some half-decent guitar pedals, and you've got more than enough to be getting on with.
  15. My blue vinyl plays OK, no skips or jumps
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