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  1. First listen I'm liking it more than I thought I would... Sounding more interesting than ISAM at any rate. Sent from my MRD-LX1 using Tapatalk
  2. OK so the two tracks with the autechre samples are pretty obvious, but can anyone place 'Alone in Sandkissi'? It really reminds me of something...arovane maybe?
  3. Good news if you've already bought any arcola vinyl via bleep, all the mp3s are now in your account...
  4. Months after watching one video of Jordan Petersen on CH4 news, youtube was still suggesting bullshit 'Ben Shapiro OWNS the libs' type videos. If you start clicking on those in turn who knows how far down the rabbit hole you can go.
  5. Moving house soon, so in a desperate attempt to save my back I'm selling a few records pretty cheap to lighten the collection. Includes.... £15 Low – Double Negative 2LP Thomas Fehlmann – Los Lagos 2LP Deaf Center – Recount LP 36 – Seconds and Forever LP Cavern of Anti-Matter – Blood Drums 3LP VA – Club Bangers LP (AI Records) Akira Rabelais – Spellwauerynsherde LP £10 Oneohtrix – Age Of LP / Garden of Delete 2LPs Ben Frost – The Centre Cannot Hold LP Roll The Dice – Born to Ruin LP Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes 2LP Polypores – The Impossibility LP Kuedo – Slow Knife 2LP / Assertion of a Surrounding Presence EP Pontiac Streator & Ulla Schnauss – Chat 12” (west mineral) Lee Gamble – Mnestic Pressure LP Mouse on Mars – Parastrophics 2LP Holly Herndon – Platform 2LP Ital Tek – Hollowed 2LP Johnny Jewel – Digital Rain LP Bleep10 2LP Comp £5 A load of Arcola 12”s Luke Abbott – Wysing Forest LP Polysick – Digital Native LP Ekoplekz – Reflektionz 2LP Laurel Halo – Hour Logic EP Gescom – Skull Snap EP Clark – Superscope 12” Prefuse 73 reads The Books EP Patten – Estoile Naiant / Psi LPs Levantis (Actress) – Romantic Psychology LP Ital – Dream On EP Mu-Ziq – D-Funk EP MAS Confusion 2LP comp Sexual Objects – Sometimes 12” (includes BOC and Weatherall remixes) Mogwai – Music Industry EP Dalglish – Venoyn EP ...and a load of records going for 1 or 2 quid including Unique 3 (autechre mix), Luke Vibert, Xela, Zomby, Burial, Richard Devine, Four Tet, Emeralds... All going through discogs at https://www.discogs.com/seller/danshoebridge/profile
  6. FixedI literally already did that tho my GF left me 1.5 years ago. i think she knew this was coming. I'm out on my honeymoon - when I mentioned to my wife autechre had just released 20hrs of live sets she did not look amused...
  7. Well decided to pick up 4 so I can actually get my head round them - Denver and Portland at either end of the tour, Montreal for it's ae associations and Miami because WHY NOT. 1st one was full price but remaining 3 discounted to $1. Had another look after buying and it seems any subsequent ones I fancy picking up are discounted as well.
  8. Anyone managed to get this to work yet? Always fun to get some new ae but i'm a bit gutted it's still ALL 2015 stuff. 28 versions of the same set may be pushing even my ae enthsiasm a bit far.
  9. Having just played it at a decent volume I can confirm that 'locus reave' is an absolute banger.
  10. Still love a lot of those early Capitol K records. He had quite a unique sound, grungy electronics going through loads of guitar pedals - all those delays pinging around sound pretty psychedelic. Had a listen to some of his later stuff recently which was...not so good. 1st 2 albums and the roadeater EP hold up well though.
  11. Got the vinyl copy from CPU a few days back and it's a very nice album. 'Sunken Paths' in particular is really doing it for me, one of the best CPU releases yet I reckon.
  12. Couldn't resist picking up the i-01 12" on discogs, that arrived today. Some good dubby versions of tracks, you can hear their sound switching from quique lushness to the dryer warp-era stuff.
  13. Only 2 listens in but this one is sounding like an absolute banger.
  14. I'm always a bit wary of stating WHY someone else likes some music I don't, even if it does seem to be pretentiousness or tokenism. Thing is, at least 3/4 of the people I know (including most of my family and my wife) think something like confield for example can not be possibly enjoyed on any level, and as such I must have other reasons for listening to it. I think the Yves Tumour album is pretty dreadful but I'm sure there are people out there who genuinely like it, and not just because they want to fill some imaginary quota on their record shelf. More power to 'em.
  15. Yeah played this nice and loud earlier and it's a solid album all the way through. The beatless version is a nice bonus too.
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