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  1. I was thinking of doing the same, maybe with a few edits on certain tracks. See if it could work as a single LP. Ever since Elseq I can't seem to resist tinkering with AE releases. Blasphemy I know...
  2. Poor old Mike Pence. Just wanted to get his head down, pass a bit of anti-LGBT legislation, and maybe then finally stop the recurring sex dreams about his old university rowing team. Instead he ended up the centre of an attempted insurrection, part of an administration destined to be remembered as monstrous by history, and to cap it all apparently Trump told him he wasn't a patriot but a 'pussy' on the 6th.
  3. Hmmm yeah the drum machine programming and production ain't bad but a lot of the synths on top are embarrassingly naff and pretty tuneless. Plus no new ideas, just Syro. I give it 2 AFX impersonators out of 5.
  4. I think I'll have to file this as an interesting experiment rather than anything I'll actually come back to. If they'd built it up a bit more and there was more variety I could see it - some iss:sa style pads on top would really help for a start. 1hr of just mangled breaks and software scratching gets a bit tedious.
  5. Bupkis you say you feel even one death is unacceptable from the vaccine - this is a bit of an odd position to take and if you are consistent in how you apply it you should be refusing any and all health interventions from paracetamol on up. No medication or vaccine exists in a vacuum, for anything that has a measurable physiological effect there may be side effects, measured against the effect of the condition it is treating. In the case of Covid you can look this up easily enough - how many people are dying daily where you are? Here in the UK it's 1000 daily, do you think you'll be seeing si
  6. It's funny because in my hospital in Oxford, UK everyone seems super keen. Huge backlog of staff trying to get it, I think my turn is up next week. As with any widespread health intervention in the millions, there will be people with adverse effects. Aside from a significant number of people getting flu-jab type fevers there will be a smaller but not zero number of people with more serious side effects and statistically some people will die. It's entirely possible the guy in the FB article died as a result of the jab, immune thrombocytopenia is an identified (extremely rare) side effect of th
  7. Did anyone get the VLR set? Missed that one and his mixes are usually spot on.
  8. Yeah I think everyone has a bit of fatigue from all these relentless releases. How many are we at since colundi 1? Got to be 40 at least.
  9. Well the only way to get it is to...pay nothing. Kind of unfortunate.
  10. This album's really good. Between this and 'An Ascent' Scanner has bought out 2 top quality albums recently, wasn't expecting that as I've never been into his stuff up until now. The LP is a bit crackly but to be expected if you're getting 50mins of music on a picture disc I guess.
  11. Brothomstates' bandcamp page has clearly been exposed as a front to channel millions to Russian drug lords. It's the only logical explanation
  12. Usually Boomkat's best-of-the-year records leave me cold, I've sometimes bought them on impulse only to put them up on Discogs a month later. This one's actually really good though, will have to check out some of his other stuff.
  13. That Klute album is one of my favourites from way back, will have to check out the remaster. There's only a handful of D&B albums that are solid all the way through and that's one of them. That Klute album is one of my favourites from way back, will have to check out the remaster. There's only a handful of D&B albums that are solid all the way through and that's one of them.
  14. Yeah I miss being young but Bricolage is a much better album IMHO. Maybe doesn't have as much cutting edge sound design or whatever but I reckon Amon is much better at sample collage than making his own stuff. Similar to DJ Shadow in that respect.
  15. There's been some really good late additions recently... Luke Abbott - Translate The Black Dog - Fragments Pole - Fading Also: Autechre - SIGN and the first 3/4 of PLUS K-Lone - Cape Cira Dallas Acid - the spiral ambience Echasketch - Andromeda Magic Oneohtrix Rrine - Eaciv+ (reissue but I missed it 1st time) Scanner - An Ascent Craven Faults - Erratics and unconformities
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