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  1. Well shit got these already, so much for the deluxe 3CD reissue. Nice that it's repressed I guess, but compared to the recent Seefeel reissues for example it's a bit light.
  2. If they've got the rights to the Rephlex stuff they might include Deep Fried Pizza, Goodbye Renaldo, maybe that Psultan remix? Any other Rephlex stuff I'm missing?
  3. (£7.78 GBP or more) plus £1.56 tax for United Kingdom. Bit rich for me... (ended up just getting the vinyl from Bleep)
  4. What's up with bandcamp digital pricing though? Is £9.30 for a 6-track EP a Brexit thing or is it just AF putting their prices up way past normal?
  5. Almost certainly, the original albums were 2xLP and single LP so looks like they've added an extra record on each.
  6. https://seefeel.warp.net/ Deluxe reissues of all the warp and rephlex stuff with bonus tracks and a 12" press of sp19 thrown in. Excellent news, Succour in particular is an all time top 10 album for me.
  7. A lot of those 'elements' in the text seem to refer to existing tracks but there seem to be some new bits in there too.
  8. I think we've established by now that autechre like Mantronix and the Latin Rascals
  9. I've got a soft spot for Tides and his latest 2 ambient albums are very nice in places, but yeah Atol Scrap is definitely my favourite too. There's a lot of overlap between this and LP5-era autechre but it manages to put a really unique spin on it.
  10. Some new-ish stuff mixed over 80 minutes or so, quite like how this one turned out... 00:00 Scanner – Baltik Kitlab (The Signal Of A Signal Of A Signal, 2020)03:18 DJ Python – Descanse (Mas Amable, 2020)06:17 Khotin – Heavyball (Finds You Well, 2020)08:08 Bjarki – Alone In Sandkassi (Happy Earthday, 2019)10:20 Twelon – HDH001_A (Katana, 2020)11:04 Cavern of Anti-Matter – Terminal Wigwag (In Fabric OST, 2020)12:27 Craven Faults – Tenter Ground (Netherfield Works, 2017)15:40 Jay Glass Dubs – Dots On Nails (Soma, 2020)19:18 Yonderboi – Until You Snap (Splendid Isolation, 2005)21:34 Balam Aca
  11. https://arovane.bandcamp.com/album/atol-scrap-2021-remaster One of the best 90s electronic albums IMO, getting a remaster and vinyl release 20+ years after it first came out.
  12. Never thought I'd turn down a rare autechre LP boxset, but the Hafler /ae stuff seems like a really poor fit for vinyl. All those passages of near silence or barely there drones surely aren't suited for it. (Plus the original material really isn't that strong IMO)
  13. 10 tracks is absolutely fine with me - like most folks I've got Perala fatigue but I'll give these a try. Cheers!
  14. Word of warning, buying the vinyl on bandcamp gives you the full digital EP, but bleep only gives you the 4 vinyl tracks. *sighs and loads up soulseek* Lackluster and S_D remixes are both pretty good too.
  15. I preordered the vinyl from the planet mu bleepstore but no download? Not sure what that's about. Maybe buy from bleep directly.
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