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  1. Maetl remix? They sure did know how to rock their old Juno around this time.
  2. Lego feet with incunabula synths...
  3. Yeah 2 hrs of their favourite psyche rock tracks should be fun. Warp should have downplayed expectations and made it clear it was just a mix earlier though...
  4. The Kelela mix is really nice - spotted Leila, biosphere, susumu yokota, autechre so far. Good selection.
  5. They've been sending out emails 12am every day so far, I'm guessing tonight's after the autechre set will have more info. There's a wxaxrxp bleepstore but nothing in it so far.
  6. Enjoying that Plaid mix from last night, is there a track list anywhere?
  7. Was not expecting a black dog remix
  8. Best squarepusher I've heard since ultravisitor era I reckon. Is this all new stuff?
  9. Hmm I suppose for me it's the difference in approach - whereas autechre are all about taking these weird sounds and techniques and folding them into something more resembling a 'complete' song, for a lot of the academic musicians the process seems to be an end in itself. There's a bit on the Xenakis track that sounds kind of similar to the sample slicing interludes on Chiastic Slide. I love those little track joins but wouldn't be remotely interested in an album that just consisted of nothing but disjointed experiments like that.
  10. Yeah great set, was there in person for that one, though it was a bit of a blur at the time. Shame there's not some long lost soundboard but it's nice to give it another listen. That synth melody on telephasic really is something else.
  11. Is this the same recording as the one that's been floating round the Internet for years?
  12. First spin and I'm liking this one a lot. Definite step up from digging remedy I reckon, I'd put it up there with reachy prints for later-era plaid. As others have mentioned, production on this is absolutely top notch, can't wait to play it on some decent speakers.
  13. There's some okay stuff on here but fuck me I don't ever want to hear 'yellow belly' again. I guess I'm also in the Los Angeles / Reset club. Those releases are head and shoulders above his other stuff IMO.
  14. First listen I'm liking it more than I thought I would... Sounding more interesting than ISAM at any rate. Sent from my MRD-LX1 using Tapatalk
  15. OK so the two tracks with the autechre samples are pretty obvious, but can anyone place 'Alone in Sandkissi'? It really reminds me of something...arovane maybe?
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