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  1. Yeah Loveless is probably top for me too, tied with Chiastic Slide.
  2. There's some solid stuff here but the non-stop wacky samples get a bit much after a whole album. DBC 1 is a banger admittedly.
  3. Nothing wrong with that, my audio computer is over 15yrs old and still rocking windows XP. If I ever reconnected it to the Internet it would probably burst into flames. I'm quite happy with what you can do with a few basic VSTs (EQ, delay and tremolo mainly, and some of the valhalla plugins). Combine them with playing around with pitch and an FX send going to some half-decent guitar pedals, and you've got more than enough to be getting on with.
  4. My blue vinyl plays OK, no skips or jumps
  5. After 4 years I really thought I was past the 'no way that's real' response to Trump tweets, but those ones still surprised me. It's unbelievable really, some cranky old arsehole live-tweeting his stream of consciousness while watching propaganda on Fox, but he's also the president and it'll end up killing tens of thousands of people. I'm not American, but I am really, officially, over this bullshit now.
  6. I thought that Plaid EP was one of the best things they've done recently. When did they say they didn't like using the rytm? If that's true they should try wrestling with gear out of their comfort zone a bit more often. I look forward to their next LP done entirely on an akai timbre wolf.
  7. Interesting to hear 'patches' from the NTS stuff getting repurposed into entirely different tracks. You can recognise tiny bits (like the end of turbile epic, or 32a reflected) just from the timbres but the overall effect is totally different. Listening to Sinistrail Sentinel after this, it does sound like it would fit right into these sets.
  8. Try logging out and signing in again, worked for me.
  9. Starting with Zagreb and it's sounding immense - soundboards can often be a bit dry but the sound on these is mental. Playing through a pair of HD650s and the sense of space is crazy, properly psychedelic and the beats when they do hit are punchy as hell. Definitely some of the best live stuff they've ever done.
  10. 7 is about right for me I reckon. Although I'd be curious to see how the RFH gig soundboard matches up to my memory of it, 7 sets is enough to really do a deep dive into each over time. I liked a lot of the previous batch but in the end 28 was a bit too overwhelming.
  11. Apologies for causing this thread to descend into another Haswell argument. I'm just cranky because I've had to listen to 3 (!) of his sets now at various autechre gigs.
  12. If it's any consolation Russel Haswell sucked.
  13. Come for the lush tunes, stay for the coronavirus conspiracy theories... To be fair the Swiss doctor link was a fairly straightforward breaking down of Covid death stats explaining that it predominantly kills the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. Aphex seems to think this shows that lockdown = global conspiracy to control the population, I'm more of the view that no, we just don't want 100s of thousands of vulnerable people to get it all at once.
  14. Saw the 2016 show at Royal Festival Hall and it was very different to the previously released live sets - more beatless stuff and aside from a few bits like a reworked 'shimripl casual' it's basically an hour of new AE.
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