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  1. Off to Berlin for a weekend (staying by Kreuzberg), should be enough time for one doner I reckon. Can anyone recommend a superior Turkish doner establishment?
  2. Could always flip it on Discogs then buy the entire catalogue...
  3. Managed to nab London but Manchester just wouldn't let me click it, now showing out of stock. Ah well 1 out of 2 ain't bad.
  4. Some interesting points in there, especially about the obsessions of parts of the left proving massively unpopular to the population as a whole. He does generalise about the 'working class' a bit much though (admittedly when I'm out with the proles everyone's obsessed with the smash film 'Left Behind', he nailed it there.)
  5. I was totally unaware that Heseltine flat-out stated 'don't vote Tory' until you mentioned it. I'm not saying these stories are not covered by the BBC but they are simply not given the same prominence. There is no way to find the Heseltine comments unless you are looking for them - compare it to the blanket coverage of similar statements by an ex-Labour backbencher. If you seriously believe that the current media landscape is fair and not the least bit slanted towards the current Government then I don't know what to tell you.
  6. Ian Austin was top story for almost a day. You can check here how high up Heseltine is... https://www.bbc.co.uk/
  7. Yeah but... one could be right. I think BBC skews establishment and there has been some objectively iffy reporting this election. Not even the weird cenotaph editing etc. For me the real eye-opener was the huge amount of airtime given to Ian Austin denouncing Corbyn. The guy was a complete no-mark with a long standing Corbyn grudge. When similar statements came out from more important politicians like John Major or Ken Clarke... Nothing. Do you not find that odd?
  8. I don't think they're tory, it's more a criticism of binary thinking that leads to labour voting when they're polling less than 5% in your constituency. I'm no huge fan of the current lib dems but would I vote for them in those circumstances? fuck yeah. Spoiling your vote or protest voting allowing a tory to squeak a win is the real route to fucking over working class / homeless people IMO.
  9. Definitely letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Talking of homeless folk in Oxford, I used to live by the homeless shelter near Folly Bridge. The number of homeless people round there has EASILY tripled since 2010 which is directly linked to Tory social care cuts. It's easy to take the moral high ground if you're in a relatively secure position but don't forget there are people's lives at stake here.
  10. Well I'm sure you can console yourself that if we get another 5 years of Tory fuckery your personal integrity remains intact. Seriously though I'd say there's one major party here that is CLEARLY worse than the others, and if you're in a swing area not voting against them is just a pointless waste.
  11. Well gave this a listen out of curiosity. Sounds fucking dreadful as always... Haswell is just too advanced for me I guess.
  12. I couldn't quite place the chord progression of the actual track 'love beyond the intersect', was driving me nuts. Just clicked a minute ago...
  13. Sorry probably wasn't too clear there - I've got a nord lead A1 but even if I had a G2 I suspect recreating live autechre stuff would be way above my skill level. Had been holding out for the 'full' version, but if the G2 side of this isn't coming I'll just get listening to your elektron version. The 2008 live sets are absolute bangers.
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