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  1. i may have used this cover for a previous release, this is a different EP though, unrelated x
  2. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/nush acid 303 inspired tracks, more upbeat than recent tracks
  3. Hi, my stuff always ends up on http://j-hok.com I put tracks on soundcloud when im done making them, leave them up a for a week or two then take them down. it's just the way ive ended up working. once they're up on sound cloud, it's easier for me to move on to new tracks x
  4. cheers! I did paintings on canvas when I went to art school - sold a few of them, so they may still exist, but all my other paintings got left behind, either at the college or in my old house in manchester. Dont have the space to do physical paintings any more though
  5. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/great-heck
  6. ty ---- i put a remastered version of HORIZON up, the 2012 version was distorted in places
  7. https://j-hok.bandcamp.com/album/shazbot Derpsiclese 05:06 WeeBow 04:54 MetaGFS 04:58 KnightWRG 04:04 Crwrpyonhg 05:16 Opalisk 06:03
  8. yes, i remember it well, going into to HMV and seeing a display of goon albums was v. exciting. when i saw the CDs listed under aphex twin, i became a bit deflated though lol x
  9. TY, I invited you cos you bought a CD from me a couple of years ago x So sad - I bought them all from you and got naught in my inbox. ;) Anyhow, this and rivers together makes a nice tidy package for my ears! How good is "thesumonmone"! this mailing list is from the second time i got j-hok.com - i didn't keep any of the first mailing list :/ thanks for buying from me though, it's all wisely spent x
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