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  1. Damn it Squee I have buried that body and made my peace, put your spade away. I became far too obsessed with Gordon Freeman's world, I even read a fan's Half-Life webcomic thing. Fond memories http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/.
  2. I wish I could find the article, but it basically detailed the people who made the Half Life series and how the visionaries have now all fucked off, working for other game companies. Even if the third game happened it won’t be the same. Knowing it’ll never happen helped me grieve.
  3. tec

    Midlife crisis

    Where are you looking to buy this woodland? Abroad I guess?
  4. The lead doesn’t need a face. Read some Judge Dredd.
  5. My girlfriend is away this week so I was planning on watching that one, don’t think she’d be able to handle it, although I doubt I will either.
  6. Vivid memories of exploring this site on the computer round an ex-girlfriend's house, no wonder she dumped me.
  7. The wedding may be my favourite comedy episode of anything. The sheer desperation of Mark at the end is oddly exhilarating. “Someone save me! Jeremy? Space men?”.
  8. That website is pretty fucking shoddy apparently, don’t give it your time.
  9. Labour, the Lib Dems are Tory-lite.
  10. Fuck off, everything about those characters you learnt in two hours. The rest would have been filler.
  11. Is being able to mute members still a function?
  12. The truth is out, if you wanted some people to play your shitty game just ask, fuck sake lol.
  13. I saw this bloke in real life once and his nose was too weird for him to be successful. Harsh but true.
  14. What I heard on Spotify was more than enough cheers. And as you no longer need 250 followers to be varified anyone could get your beloved blue tick. Sorry.
  15. And yet all your songs on Spotify have less than a thousand listens?
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