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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I get paid on Monday so if they’re still available then I’ll be very tempted to get involved.
  2. I have a job where I can listen to the radio a lot. I also live in a country that is growing increasingly hostile towards outsiders which will inevitably lead to inbreeding. To make myself feel slightly better about this I would like to learn a second language. I am essentially looking for a version of BBC’s 6Music for non-English speakers. Help.
  3. Onibaba is obviously great, Wake Wood not so much.
  4. Apart from dropping the n bomb or another racist slur is Trump now as racist as you can be?
  5. I watched it a few years ago so not blaming you, if I’d watched it on your recommendation you’d have a red hot inbox. It’s actually a good film but those scenes really do tarnish everything that comes before and after, fucking hell. Anyway. Has anyone seen Children of the Stones?
  6. Worth pointing out that there’s a scene in this where they go out shooting kangaroos at night and it is fucking brutal. Wish I had been warned.
  7. That does sound pretty sweet, had you previous experience of stage work? I might get on one of the merch stalls.
  8. I saw this pop up on Twitter a little while ago, it’s hard to know what it’s all about really but nearby so tempted to volunteer myself. What were you doing?
  9. tec

    Now Reading

    Whilst I was reading it I had a scooter and drove all over London, I knew the city like the inside of my tiny house, but there’s areas which still seemed difficult to reach. I did write below the Westway comes to mind but a simple google search has shown strong evidence this is what Ballard had in mind. It’s really not difficult to imagine such a place existing.
  10. tec

    Now Reading

    Yeah that’s a really good one.
  11. Blood on Satan’s Claw and Robin Redbreast are both essential.
  12. lol this is like Joyrex talking about finishing the site. They can do what they like but I’ve always admired artists who are always trying to release new stuff, the mystique they try to cultivate arguably wore thin around Geogaddi. I like the Mark E Smith mentality of it being job so get on with it. I hope they’re at least doing nice things like baking and painting rather than obsessing over drum sounds for all this time.
  13. Any clue on that one? Tarantula?
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