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  1. Please, let’s not. I don’t want to believe this shit may be happening.
  2. tec


    Tuition fees that only encourage the rich to pursue a degree yet the outrage over them is a joke. Definitely time to stop posting in this thread before I begin hurling insults out of utter rage.
  3. tec


    Or, they stood by with their thumb up their arse supporting austerity which led to Brexit in the first place.
  4. tec

    Game of Thrones

    Bit underwhelmed, the story was as expected really but more iconic imagery would have been good, particularly for the final shot. The wings behind Daenerys was cool. Some of the banter around the table at the end was bloody shite.
  5. tec

    Game of Thrones

    lol Putting my money on Jon Snow, got tomorrow off thankfully so can watch it early doors.
  6. Too many well polished and bland songs, not enough oddness. We should chuck in a grime artist next year, we’d finish last no matter what so may as well go for something fresh.
  7. tec

    Game of Thrones

    I thank Episode I for giving me a valuable lesson in disappointment during my formative years.
  8. The Void The Endless In The Mouth of Madness um, can’t think of more at the mo. Will come back to this one.
  9. tec


    Saw this yesterday, I have trouble listening to Brand without the grounding influence of Matt Morgan but it’s Lynch so has to be heard.
  10. tec

    Game of Thrones

    I thought the last few books were shit, Martin created a mess that I think the show has done a very good job of tidying up. I expected the heel turn but was still shocked at the extent of the destruction, almost felt tearful at one point. Fucking Varys knew what was going down.
  11. High life has now leaked and is available to download from your favourite torrent site.
  12. tec

    Game of Thrones

    That one episode was almost feature length and cost millions to make, it was great fun, sod off.
  13. tec


    I was watching that Mysterious Girl video yesterday, some of the comments were hilarious.
  14. If any of you leave any reactions on any of my posts I will fucking cut you up.
  15. tec

    Game of Thrones

    I found it pretty awkward, having watched her grow up it was a bit like seeing your sister getting nekkid. I hasten to add I do not have any sisters so am not basing this on any personal experiences.
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