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  1. Life is a constant celebration
  2. Does JRR Tolkein’s son dying count?
  3. It becomes confusing when a thread has been made celebrating a creation of one of the banned members. We have gone full circle so that’ll do.
  4. Creativity requires a pushing of boundaries or you suffer from what the poet Czeslaw Milosz identified as ‘an attachment to ethics at the expense of the sacred’. It has always been ironic that the owner of this board never understood it.
  5. When this website encouraged creativity rather than banned anyone subversive? So now we just post memes at each other? Yeah brother, good times.
  6. This album is such a gem. I will always remember mosca listening to ‘burst transmission’ and saying how it made him feel powerful enough to punch god in the face.
  7. Sweet, thanks for the tips chaps.
  8. Who is your dealer? I got a record player for Christmas, I would normally want to go in a shop but the closest one is bloody miles away. I don’t buy from Amazon as they are cunts.
  9. I stopped reading after the ‘they fly now’ bit, I do find it hard to believe that JJ would have been disgusted by that scene.
  10. tec


    If you ain't making the base you ain't making your own pizzas at home.
  11. Apparently Favreau asked for this not to happen so there were no spoilers before the first episode was released.
  12. The more I think about the new Star Wars the more I dislike it. They tried to please the toxic fandom with the Palpatine reveal, Chewie getting his medal, Han saying “I know”, etc etc. Such a wasted opportunity.
  13. tec

    Go Corbyn

    Have you seen his house? It looks shit and people using it to attack him fail to see the context, which is London’s insane property market. How much do you think he bought it for back in the day?
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