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  1. First time I saw Afx was in a field on pills, this time from the sofa with a bottle of red. Getting old, but there is still time for more fields. Goodnight you cunts.
  2. Amongst the bored white dudes I saw a bored black dude. Everyone upped their game in the second hour though.
  3. That’s true, it’s hard to say without being amongst it but it didn’t look like too many bellends spent the entire gig with their camera in the air. It’s tough to balance.
  4. I reckon knowing it’s being filmed must put a dampener on things when you’re there. One bad move and you’re a meme and who knows what the fuck could happen. If I got a ticket I wouldnt have wanted us lot to have a clue what’s going on.
  5. Yes, never thought I would be so pleased to see some sweaty blokes with their shirts off. Go on boys.
  6. Aphex would definitely much prefer people to dance amongst themselves rather than to all stare forward but sadly that’s the way clubbing has gone, where somehow the DJ became God. We have all seen that comic strip that explains this but it always comes to mind when I see these crowds. i would be the same if I was there btw
  7. This is valid, and something to be discussed at a later date.
  8. Watch it through YouTube if you can, the red bull site is pish.
  9. Watching this will be very bittersweet, hope it's a cracker for all those who went but also know that I hate you a bit.
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