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  1. tec

    gary numan

    A short while ago I sent a message to the mods asking if my account could be deleted. This will probably be deleted too. WATMM has either banned or driven away anyone who's posts border on the risqué, but allows morons like Tim J to pollute every thread with their stupidity and useless attempts at trolling. Which is more damaging? The forum is a ghost town, the website will never be finished. All the best.
  2. tec

    gary numan

    I’m genuinely sorry, BCM. I think I do as well.
  3. tec

    gary numan

    I don’t care if you don’t buy it, I actually bother to do research and know it. The album was seminal at the time, songs were sampled by the hip-hop community for rap battles, it would be mentioned as a major influence on industrial music in the 90’s. Your post is stupidly dismissive and makes you look ignorant.
  4. tec

    gary numan

    At least when he typed like this we couldn’t tell when he was being a racist twat. That came later...
  5. tec

    gary numan

    Numan had no idea of keys at the time. Perhaps the songs sound similar to you because of the synth used on each track but he didn’t have much equipment to work with. Regardless it’s an iconic album and still sounds amazing.
  6. When you marry for money you’ll earn every cent of it.
  7. A thread about an explosion being labelled as hot is incredibly insensitive. This forum needs to ban itself.
  8. It's bad seeing his comments, but in context it's so bizarre. He's completely desperate when he talks, just flailing around for any answer that steamrolls the question and could cover his many failings as a human.
  9. It certainly has its moments but as long as you don’t get stuck out at night it’s not too intense. Certainly not like Doom. You spend a lot of time doing cool parkour and enjoying the sights.
  10. I will never stop recommending Dying Light, after Half Life 2 it’s my favourite. I wish I could erase it from my brain so I could experience the joy of playing it for the first time.
  11. He died to watch Trump drink from a bottle with two hands. That is fucking funny.
  12. Ha that's what I was going to ask. As if these fucks have done anything worthwhile.
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