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  1. No idea what this means. Dead Snow is great fun, give it a watch, if it goes well meet me back here for a beer.
  2. Fine. I’ve never understood the appeal of Stranger Things, there has been a discussion here before where a few of us felt that perhaps you should go to the original source rather than a gimmick show which grows worse with every season, but it’s kind of fun so whatever. However, your critiques on a South Korean film expose your own ignorance of the conventions of their cinema. It’s like criticising a Bollywood film for having music in it. I’ll put you on ignore after this as evidently that’ll be for the best for both of us.
  3. Have you watched any South Korean cinema before?
  4. I miss a midlife crisis when the bloke just bought a ridiculous car.
  5. tec

    Joyrex stop

    essines pics plz
  6. I was at the stage for Plaid at the time they were supposed to be on but was fucked and forgot what they looked like, the music was very non-Plaid like too. Will have to listen to this to check if I was there or not. Aphex Twin started his set early when he played Glastonbury so they aren't that fussy about stage times.
  7. I wish corona had killed him.
  8. Did you use to have a different profile name? It says you’ve been a member for years but I’ve not noticed you before.
  9. I think you know so I can’t be arsed to explain.
  10. Did you guys never see any 80s films or was this all new to you?
  11. Hi, sorry to hear about that, cancer is a cunt but wishing you the best.
  12. This difference was best illustrated when they made that The Thing prequel recently and the effects looked shite.
  13. Is Tim J 17? Should you read this Timmy you seem alright but it’s very confusing reading your posts.
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