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  1. What’s decent about it? I was torn between this and the latest Battlefield, went with the latter and maybe regret my choice .
  2. They have no work ethic.
  3. That’s a real dick move revealing a major twist in the first sentence. This film is very good, perhaps stick to reviewing porn.
  4. One of his books contains one of the most horrible wanking scenes I’ve ever read, and I’ve read A LOT. the Gallows Pole is the title should you be interested.
  5. If this didn’t have McGregor in it could be dropped on Netflix and cause no ripple whatsoever.
  6. Sales in publishing. Boring as fuck but can work from home a couple of days a week and set my own hours. Commute is nice so normally home by 4. Haven’t used my brain in about a year.
  7. Gutted, his sound was fucking immense.
  8. The lighthouse is what I wanted from a new Shining film. Alcoholism, madness, hallucinations, it even had a bloke limping about with an axe. Doctor Sleep is proper pants.
  9. This is one of the most solid trilogies in film. Watch them all if you loved the first, seriously.
  10. The new albums aren't great but there was some awesome stuff on Drift. They have not disappeared up their arses.
  11. As you all done so well last time where is a good place to get second-hand vinyl? Discogs?
  12. I have been here forever and am basically the caretaker from The Shining.
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