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  1. Lofidelic's Soundcloud is no longer allowing downloads. Can someone please provide a download link or put the set in the AFX WATMM downloads? tnx
  2. One time pressing... how many copies? Will this be sold ONLY via Bleep, or other music sales venues? After answering my serious, on-topic questions, feel free to return to your fanboy lulz. PEAZ out.
  3. Not being regulated in what he plays with reference to unreleased music and/or genre specific. Did Kode9 plan Sweetz? i heard him say if he got 100 requests he'd do it, but never heard him announce it or hear anything that I thot was a Burial mix.
  4. This mix is from September 22nd 1997, they guested on the Ultrasound show on 107.7 FM Seattle, WA. I moved to Seattle in June of 97. I was walking down 4th ave S after hunting through a record store that day and saw both Rich & Luke heading off from another record store. I think I caught their sets that evening but my memory is hazy. Was that the giant AFX bears tour? I caught Aphex at a club near the Space Needle on the AFX bears tour...Grant tossed his socks into the audience after that show. I had one for a while but after several apartment moves I think it got pushed to a rag bin. I think I also saw Aphex at the Showbox (club) on the Sneaker Pimps tour. Nice to hear the whole show. All these years I'd only had the 3:43 snip of AFX's "Crappy" tack bit... would love to have a rip better than 128 quality... Cheers, M (in West Seattle)
  5. sorry, didn't see the 2 posts from jchgf & Disappearer above... strangly enough. all square. cheers.
  6. can anyone repost the files which were orriginally posted by Sisforawesome? are they any better than the one from vordhosbnn? am I getting that wrong? maybe there weren't any files? aphex, Mu-ziq? thnx! -M-
  7. requesting repost - I missed this set when it was first posted - thanks!
  8. This evening I was listening to to the LTD 12" track "Get Out My Face" and noticed a super anoying hiss in the right chanel - anyone else have that problem? "Run" has some minor hiss at the very start then it goes away. Perhaps I have a crap press'n or maybe they are all bolloxed?
  9. Plug / Back On Time ('11.12.07) / BRC-314 Label :Ninja TuneBeat Records Cat No. :BRC-314 (国内盤CD) Format :1枚組CD ¥1,980 (tax incl.) 01 Scar City 02 Feeling So Special 03 Come On My Skeleton 04 No Reality 05 A Quick Plug For A New Slot 06 Mind Bending 07 Back On Time 08 Yes Man 09 Drum N Bass 10 Flight 78 11 Citizen Tinnitus *Bonus Tracks for Japan LINK
  10. what was the date of that? there wasn't any Bangface in April 2010... Thanks! -M-
  11. second that - tried PM - system said nope... Please let me know... I am interested too
  12. I'm just a messenger for this: Acroplane recordings sponsored event on April 8th 2011: http://www.acroplane.org/?q=content/luke-vibert-shepherd-dj-sofa-jason-deadman-and-paul-acroplane
  13. Nawh, when I tried to preorder of rush hour it just said they'd send me an email when it was available. I dont think it'll sell out, but im still gonna buy on the day. and what day is it released? I have 2.20.11 but that doesn't seem right.
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