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  1. Touched Releases Triplicity / Heimaey Both Murya Album On A Double CD/DVD Case Grab The Release Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/triplicity-heimaey
  2. Can Not Wait For This 🙂 x Love Plaid
  3. Still Some Velum Break CD's Left, Its going to be in the Top Albums of the year, I'm sure of it... Get your copy now or be on discogs in a few months paying way more :) https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/bench-manoeuvres
  4. yeah its a work of Art!! if it was Aphex it be sold out already
  5. yeah next level stuff, really happy to release music this good Mindbendingmusic
  6. OUT now - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/bench-manoeuvres
  7. Released 27.4.2019 Label - Touched Music "Spring has arrived, bringing with it the end of winter and all that is cold. It may be Easter, but it certainly feels a bit like Halloween at Touched Music with a new release from Velum Break - positively evil vibes packaged in a happy & fast-paced album. I first met Velum Break at a London Plaid gig in 2018 and I'm glad I did. Clearly enthusiastic about his noise and well-influenced, a year later we're happy to showcase 'Bench Manoeuvres' on Touched Music and we very much hope he stays. 'Lamellae Tear' is a great introduction track, getting straight into things with no sign of mucking around. Along with 'Vanilla Mint' these two first tracks really outline the talent and enthusiasm of the creator and sets up everything that is yet to come. The weirdness continues with 'Poubelles', little earworms that evolve in a hectic fashion into a full-on assault that has its root in breakcore but has managed to land very comfortably somewhere else. Fans of the Tuss, Steinvord, Squarepusher et. all will be incredibly-satisfied the whole way through, with Velum Break carving out a very clear path for himself in an often-crowded scene. Further fun presents itself with 'The Booth', it's bouncy yet stable and leads into the fantastic sound design of 'SIRFS' very well; FM noise abound, crisp beats and fantastic call & response all contribute to one of my favourite tracks. It's clear that Velum Break isn't afraid of complex structures and wildly contrasting sound & phrases, and that makes us very lucky indeed as this makes the whole collection quite fresh and funky, despite its dark edge in places. A fantastic closer in 'Signals' displays hints of Wagon Christ with slightly lo-fi vocal samples - a strong ending to a powerful collection of tracks. 'Bench Manoeuvres' will be available as both a digital download and in a digipak Compact Disc with artwork by Grid Pattern, once again making things pretty for everyone with their fantastic design. words From Alex Shum
  8. More New Velum break coming this week
  9. Now in Digital Format https://touchedelectronix.bandcamp.com/album/touched-electronix-002
  10. Cant wait for this New LP yes defo June :)
  11. **OUT NOW 150 ONLY** (SELLING FAST) YES A FUTURE CLASSIC :) Pushkin - SERTRA LINE https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/sertra-line
  12. Pushkin - The Sertra Line Debut Album From Pushkin 29.3.19 100 CD Only
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