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  1. Every so often, I'll be dropping two track releases on my Caged Element Bandcamp page under my Pirtek alias. Similar to CS, but with a more drum and bass/jungle flavour.
  2. Ordered the vinyl Friday and got it yesterday. Talk about super fast delivery!!
  3. There will be, but it'll be digital only. I'm not keen on the new logo. Can't beat the 90's one.
  4. Available now: https://orbital.tmstor.es/product/128407
  5. Out now We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various
  6. Not played this for a while now. Going to give it a blast this weekend. It's still not in Spotify...
  7. Burial - South London Boroughs 20th Anniversary
  8. I watched this again last weekend. Absolutely love it!! And the soundtrack is phenomenal!!
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