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  1. this is such a great video to see and a reminder of how beautiful drukqs is
  2. Got a replacement that has louder pops than the first copy. Make it a digital only release if you can't press a listenable record that would have been fine and saved everyone a lot of trouble. I don't feel like working for a record company as a quality control person and shipping garbage plastic across the ocean seems bad for the world so i think i'm done wasting energy on this.
  3. Got an email the next day w/ a link. Most played track so far is warehouse14. Also enjoying this remix of criminal mind's widowmaker, much more upbeat than the orig.
  4. went in for this - lots of good quick breaks (at least 2 slammers so far) and a some chill zones. seems more like stuff from around the time of the rephlex album than pirate utopias (fav)
  5. (vocoder disco) lyrics? ...you didn't know.. ...you don't show... ` ...you don't know.. " ...you can't know...
  6. 25 grogphlange workin its way through my consciousness through this week. like a lost e side to ventolin. rides
  7. lipsvago you are a saint, thanks loads. Got some listening to do now..
  8. So uh it seems like everything is gone now? This is distressing since I only have the first 150 saved from a bit ago. Really hope someone has the more recent ones?
  9. I've only ever had one up, records are happier and easier to use on the shelf by the turntable.
  10. I believe I can see where this is going to. He's uploading tracks one by one from each release and then a new track will pop up from an upcoming release. I like this theory. Also, even though its AFX and not aphex, he should put up mangle11 so more people can hear the best song ever.
  11. Kinda sad that all the funny/interesting comments and links are gone, but i’ll remember the laughs and the great stuff I got to hear. Now it’s like a good conversation that you have had with someone in the past. You can’t remember every word but the feelings and ideas are there in your memory to recall and build with. Even if every bit of the conversation was available in a zip, it’s over now and you can’t relive it. If there was a recorder that could go forever would it be of any use? You have to stop it eventually to do something with what you got!
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