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  1. >I'm going to write multiple long posts telling you how little you understand X >When you ask for X to be explained to you, I'm going to write vague posts explaining how I don't want to bother ok lmao i've never once said anything about china being a utopia, why are you making things up?
  2. Yeah, China is definitely an open sky prison. Let's see how much freedom of speech, political speech, political activism, etc. you can have without food, water, shelter, healthcare, etc I'm sure all the homeless of America and all of those in actual prisons with bars in America, much more than there are in China by the way despite China having significantly more people, are so happy they aren't partaking in the "open sky prison" that is supposedly China Absolute lib brain lmao what betrayal of basic human rights and dignity am I partaking in?
  3. you'd love for China to be like India to uphold abstract liberal "human" and bourgeois economic rights. the only human rights i care about are universal access to food, water, shelter, healthcare, education, etc. none of this bullshit "political freedom to advocate privatization of vital resources"
  4. the only bullshit i see is your post. your horseshoe theory drivel completely ignores any critique of capitalism and your implicit centrism is complicit with the ideology currently causing the most death and destruction worldwide
  5. it takes away their agency in explaining their own technique and ideology and instead says it was done through the very ideology of the author and the west
  6. >BBC western capitalist sources cannot analyze china better than china can understand itself, especially when they have a vested interest in pretending everything good about china is actually capitalism, rather than Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. anything to take away credit from the chinese people themselves if it's capitalism china is using to do this, where are all the other places where capitalism does the same worldwide? instead, capitalism results in widespread poverty and intentional non-development, and de-industrialization
  7. absolute liberalism. "at 'autocratic' levels, the doctrine of liberation of the proletariat through seizure of the means of production and the elimination of class, money, and the state, is exactly the same as the oppression of movements wishing to do that, the mass murder of communists, genocide of undesirable races, and doctrine of eternal bourgeois domination" what kind of enlightened centrist nonsense is that lol.
  8. i wonder how much democracy the poor and homeless people of hong kong had under previous leadership. let's hope the CPC retrieves power over hk and begins actually developing the society so people don't have to live in fucking fedex box sized "apartments"
  9. firstly you should add strikethroughs when modifying other peoples' quotes secondly, fascism isn't a "devolution" or something that is inevitable, it's a reaction against socialism by the owning class by bringing imperialism within the borders moreso than previously
  10. I don't think it's impossible to do it at all. If any country in the world can do it, it's China. They will succeed because the communist revolution is inevitable
  11. I agree with your characterization of the state as subordinate to capital. I don't think that it exists as an entity with hypothetical capabilities of dominance which are suppressed by the superior power of capital, but rather that its existence is itself inherently subordinate to capital. this is especially clear when looking at the structure of the state itself and how much of its functions are doled out as contracts to capitalists, to the point where the bulk of the state is not an entity of itself but is quite literally just an entity existing entirely embedded within capital, with some bureaucratic outcroppings giving an intentional illusion of representative democracy to the proletariat to maintain its own existence. https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/staterev/ch01.htm#s1 """""""Summing up his historical analysis, Engels says: “The state is, therefore, by no means a power forced on society from without; just as little is it ’the reality of the ethical idea’, ’the image and reality of reason’, as Hegel maintains. Rather, it is a product of society at a certain stage of development; it is the admission that this society has become entangled in an insoluble contradiction with itself, that it has split into irreconcilable antagonisms which it is powerless to dispel. But in order that these antagonisms, these classes with conflicting economic interests, might not consume themselves and society in fruitless struggle, it became necessary to have a power, seemingly standing above society, that would alleviate the conflict and keep it within the bounds of ’order’; and this power, arisen out of society but placing itself above it, and alienating itself more and more from it, is the state.” (Pp.177-78, sixth edition)[1] """"""""""" https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1871/civil-war-france/ch05.htm """"""But the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery, and wield it for its own purposes. The centralized state power, with its ubiquitous organs of standing army, police, bureaucracy, clergy, and judicature – organs wrought after the plan of a systematic and hierarchic division of labor – originates from the days of absolute monarchy, serving nascent middle class society as a mighty weapon in its struggle against feudalism ."""""" because the state arises from class contradictions under capitalism to mediate them and oppress the proletariat, only through a class conflict can the state take on a proletarian character. by its very nature the state cannot "turn" communist without the revolutionary proletariat forcing this to happen. not through historical coincidences or unlikely alliances or betrayals can the state turn proletarian, only through the proletariat themselves, taking hold of the bourgeois state, destroying it, and reconstructing a proletarian state, can such a thing be performed if a materialist view like this is not what your view is it would be good if you could elaborate on your own
  12. >fuckin normies >youre not listening to the songs "correctly" this isn't real it's an illusion of formalized descriptions it's just sounds
  13. i still have no idea what this thread is about
  14. china does not want men with $200k in plastic surgery acting with a bourgeois narcissistic personality being represented on TV
  15. "democrats are fighting for you" >democrats proceed to demonize only prominent presidential candidate who wants basic things like universal healthcare and education, instead backing pedophile ghouls who actively oppose those things they aren't fighting for me in particular. I want communism, they sure aren't fighting for that. they are "fighting" to maintain capitalism with minimal inconvenience to the bourgeoisie, to the point where they won't even give us healthcare I have to refrain from speaking more at this point because it would merely be a rant on the mentality of particular individuals who settle with such pathetic policies such as those put forward by the democrats, as well as the lack of respect for their own humanity and the humanity of others, to the point of entering voluntary slavery to the capitalist system which exploits them absolutely pathetic
  16. i think you're taking too much of a psychological view of the concept of education. and no, I support a bottom up radically democratic system, and the creation of a state capable of oppressing the bourgeoisie yet sufficiently controlled and consisting of the proletariat to the point where it is capable of withering away as the bourgeois threat subsides, socialism is achieved, then communism is achieved, and the proletariat consciousness is raised in a self maintaining way to maintain this status for themselves, know why, and know how. this is all complicated by the existence of external capitalist powers wishing to destroy any proletarian state and thus requires militarism and grassroots political organizations to withstand any invasions, like in vietnam or cuba I see the withering away of the state as rather the expansion of the state until it is all encompassing and completely decentralized throughout the entire population. this requires heavy education to teach the people how to be the state and how to coordinate the entire economic system without the need for a bourgeoisie or a state external to themselves. it is technically complex, and a big burden and responsibility. but the proletariat will rise to this challenge, just as the bourgeoisie rose to their challenge in overturning feudalism
  17. all they ever do is try and come close. they are controlled opposition and they will never, even if they got a majority, pass what is required. they pushed biden and attacked bernie constantly, and even bernie is just a social democrat. biden, who would veto a medicare for all bill if it went on his desk, in his own words. no, minimum wage increases are not enough for me, and even if democrats did actually achieve their stated supposed goals, I would still not support them. my political takes are bad? interesting how you support a political movement which has persistently failed for decades on end and yet you think your takes are good? where's your little social democratic reformist minimum wage increase, notably not even a big enough increase to keep up with inflation? oh, it failed. democrats don't do shit lmfao
  18. so in other words, if only the political group supposedly meant to represent workers wasn't completely powerless because we live in a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. interesting. they represent us? clearly they don't. they pretend to. they aren't doing whatever is necessary to do what we need and they are failing. they can't even pass minimum wage pinned to inflation, a basic social democratic policy. let alone help us achieve communism.
  19. once again this is a scared dog victim mentality. let's not promote power for the workers because the reaction against it will be strong. let's just sit around, continue doing wage labor with all the real decisions being made by the owning class, and give up any hope of class conscious political will and by the way there is basically zero marxism in american politics so I don't know where you're getting these ideas. there's at best social democrats who call themselves socialists, which in other countries would be very normal social democrats. only in america is "healthcare" and "education" so radical it gets labelled marxist
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