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  1. autechre - grantz graf [hardstep deepwave busted speaker remix] (produced by deadmau5 [duet vocals by squarepusher and sonny moore]) [50% slower with reverb and bass boost] (360 bpm)
  2. ill do you all a favor and let him know once you decide on your preferred date your welcome
  3. Escalator Love fuck yes
  4. i hope musk destroys twitter, it has no value. i dont use the site, part of the reason is because it literally doesn't let me use it, without logging in. and i can't log in to my existing account because it asks for my phone number. no thanks muskrat
  5. you could have them all over according to community desires. small ones that are just a garden shed with tools any neighbor can use. medium ones with.. books, sewing machines, art supplies, wood shop supplies, whatever. huge ones with basically everything. obviously you can't manufacture ships in some city center. or cars. but we need less of those anyway. but we need more trains. this isn't a replacement for modern supply chains and industry, but a replacement for modern work environments and production of basic goods like curtains, clothes, food. it's meant to be whatever the people who use it want. they can vote and get a new CNC milling machine or 3d printer with the funds. or a new sawhorse. but on a larger scale and much more stuff
  6. This is directly counter to Musk's ideology and real world behavior. He wants top-down hierarchy and rigid worker exploitation
  7. and yes, having pineapples available to anyone in the world is not the reality for most of the world, or a sustainable reality in general. no, you can not have every commodity. this thread isn't marxist, it is fourierist utopian socialist
  8. yes, but it's honest about itself. we have to work or we will die, this is one of the places we can do it the kitchen is freely available for anyone to bake bread, if they don't know how they can follow the guides programmed into AR glasses until they do know how
  9. Librarization of everything. Large buildings where people can work on anything they want in groups or alone by free access to any tool or equipment needed for any form of work. Anything one could need. A mall where everything is free but communal. Walkable and integrated with natural outside surroundings. Efficient conveyor belt based automatically routed transportation of objects between any two points. Spontaneous supply chain generation according to communal needs, as indicated by the number of people who are doing a particular type of work with a particular conveyor belt routing. The most important centerpiece of every city. Increased in complexity and breadth in larger cities. But with easy access to all cities proportional to their size. A place designed for work, in the most free and voluntary way possible, but also optimally and without wasted work through compulsory but free education on tool usage and ability to manufacture whatever is being made. Encouraging the workers to not need to buy any commodity except certain subsets of items not manufacturable by amateurs or on a small scale
  10. imagine thinking electoralism can work, look at the situation we're in now, we've had electoralism for centuries LMAO
  11. for me, electronic listening music, *grin* whats that? *smirk* let's just say it's electronic music that rises beyond, ascends, and transcends the traditional electronic dance music, cerebralized beats and pads, soundscapes meant for listening of a stationary nature, one may not be prepared for such things unless your cerebrum is particularly large
  12. the discography, so vast and varied, each track a priceless treasure, has no way to be ranked, there is no best
  13. >dude has to leave event >western media: >"incredible scenes" >"what is happening" >"at what cost" the poverty of private capitalist owned media. where's the "incredible scene" when joe biden said he'd veto medicare for all if it was signed by congress on his desk, that actually matters? china derangement syndrome. signs of late stage empire in decay
  14. paywall cant read but i just mean hard forks can happen at any time and there's no reason everyone's keeping track to even be capable of reporting "gained" altcoins from hard forks
  15. why would anyone care about random hard forks from some idiots, i dont keep track of these and have no intention. everyone who holds bitcoin for example has tons of hard fork coins sitting there they aren't even aware of. sometimes you can technically sell them but it requires careful security practices and wallet management (as in, do NOT expose private keys of your bitcoin wallet to the hard fork wallet software which are sometimes backdoored, you have to transfer all your bitcoins first, then open your hard fork wallet and move them to an exchange, massive hassle) EDIT: To explain further, I am talking about (and I believe the law is talking about) hard forks like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, etc., worthless shitcoins created as hard forks https://www.investopedia.com/tech/history-bitcoin-hard-forks/ hahaha
  16. that law is incoherent because it makes "doing nothing" illegal. you don't know when a hard fork happens. it's hard to keep track. and if you hold any major cryptos you are constantly "receiving" hard fork tokens which are mostly worthless
  17. bourgeoisie wants wars for primitive accumulation
  18. destroy all self checkout machines charging money is theft
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