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  1. your hate for russia has turned into love for ukrainian nazis and censoring any information that you think aligns with russia's narrative. propaganda takes many forms, this is one
  2. please delete the posts in this thread spreading Azov rehabilitation articles claiming they arent nazis anymore. good to see you deleted my post providing clear evidence of a ukrainian government sponsored nazi pogrom against roma people, how respectful to the victims of nazis i have zero respect for the vast majority of people in this thread anymore, frankly i dont think i will be posting further
  3. i'd be the one believing "anti Jewish propaganda"? don't slander me with such bullshit. how did you make up this asinine comparison? you're the one believing the western propaganda that literally everything negative about the ukrainian government is "russian propaganda". we've already seen up to date recently taken candid photographs of Ukrainian soldiers and somehow the ratio of Nazis in their ranks is so high that western media accidentally photographs a black sun or ss style totenkopf just about half the time. maybe if it was known knowledge that azov is full of actual nazis i wouldnt give a fuck about bothering to post about that fact. instead people in this thread say every evidence is russian propaganda. tell that to the victims of their violence. ukrainian civilian victims. tell that to the old babushkas screaming about azov and fascists visibly emotionally scarred by the trauma they've endured over the past decade at the hands of azov. tell that to the roma victims of azov pogroms heres some CIA propaganda for you straight from the source showing Azov and documenting a fucking pogrom against Roma people, saying they are immune to local law enforcement you disgust me, saying I would believe anti-Jewish propaganda in WW2, when actually you are the one believing propaganda telling you that Azov aren't Nazis because you haven't looked into it for literally 10 fucking seconds. don't even dare tell me that bullshit. hitler would have put me in about 3 different camps if i lived back then so i am well aware of what side i need to be on when it comes to nazis. seems like you arent https://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-far-right-vigilantes-destroy-another-romany-camp-in-kyiv/29280336.html do you know what this source is? you think its russian propaganda too? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Free_Europe/Radio_Liberty that article is from 2018. so what in a few years theyve removed all nazis from their ranks? give me a fucking break. anyone engaging in nazi denialism anymore in this thread will be responded to by me apparently alone with true disgust
  4. thats great but im not a troll, i wish we had good ones here still but they got banned
  5. i made a 4 line reply and you guys didnt discuss its contents you just assumed it's completely fake then spent about 8 posts discussing whether to remove me from the thread. I'd bet at this point 80% of this thread is you people discussing my posts and making extremely low quality replies to them. please stop spamming the thread. it's getting ridiculous. lots of people have made great explanations of what you should be doing but instead you all want attention drawn to your specific post made about me rather than about the topic at hand. i feel bad for you add me to your ignore list its ~literally~ 1 click, hover over my name and click "ignore" if you dont like my posts and think theyre literally all fake or some dumbass shit like that, its a great opportunity for you to collectively self reflect on what kind of propaganda russia is putting out and use my idiocy as an example of how to spot it, instead you'd rather live in an echo chamber cut off from other information sources and what other people are seeing
  6. nice nazi rehabilitation article video of inside mariupol azov base full of Nazi memorabilia https://t.me/intelslava/23861
  7. thanks for this excellent post, it completely refutes the whining and tears of everyone in this thread. 90% of the posts surrounding me are NOT, I repeat, NOT made by me. instead, weird people posting pictures of how they have me ignored and stuff. if you guys genuinely wanted me gone you wouldn't repeat my content I post by literally quoting it and in fact reposting it yourselves. i think you all love the spectacle and love patting yourself on the backs for making jokes about plugged noses and other spam. its very disrespectful to the ukrainian victims of this very serious issue to spam the thread with such nonsense drama
  8. the ukrainian government literally consolidated all TV news channels under the state and banned all left opposition parties, don't give me this bullshit complaints. you think the US has independent news sources? theyre all owned by like a few people. @J3FF3R00 https://www.hrw.org/news/2017/09/01/ukraine-foreign-journalists-barred-or-expelled takes like 10 seconds of reading back in your memory and doing a quick search on the topic >An SBU spokesperson announced via Facebook that Kurbatova had been expelled and banned from Ukraine for three years. The spokesperson also said that this would happen to “anyone who allows themselves to discredit Ukraine.” so free. so let me guess, you're going to reply to every single person who posts ukrainian news sources now and tell them to stop spreading state propaganda? haha, I fucking doubt it
  9. mariupol citizen clearly traumatized rambling about azov being fascists, this is as much as i can understand, others claim she was saying azov attacked civilians https://i.imgur.com/SMXHx5c.mp4
  10. have i went around complaining any time someone posts something from western media in this thread? i dont think so but keep slandering me
  11. yeah let's just decide one side in the conflict is spreading the truth and one is spreading lies, then shut our eyes and ears to everything from the other side. sounds like a great way to achieve reality anyway https://t.me/intelslava/23861
  12. https://tass.com/defense/1429005 Russian commandos reportedly seize two men responsible for torture of POWs in Ukraine According to deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee Vladimir Shamanov, both men were from a group of fans of a local football club MOSCOW, March 29. /TASS/. The deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee for civil society and non-governmental and religious organizations, Vladimir Shamanov, says that Russian commandos had managed to seize those responsible for torturing Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine. "Those who had tortured our soldiers did not stay on the lose for too long. It took our commandos three days to apprehend these freaks. Today they are crawling at our feet, asking for mercy," he said at a round-table meeting of the State Duma’s committee for civil society, non-governmental and religious organizations entitled Traditional World Religions against the Ideology of Nazism and Fascism in the 21st Century. Shamanov said both men were from a group of fans of a local football club. "This is what they testified themselves during the first interrogations," Shamanov said. There has been no news regarding the reported detention either from Russia’s law enforcement agencies or the Defense Ministry yet.
  13. its a piece of hard evidence that bullshit "that's russian propaganda" blanket claims are leaking into wikipedia article editing, with people engaging in blatant nazi apologism in order to prop up the image of the ukrainian government presumably. i don't see how it's hard to come up with an explanation for how it's relevant to the thread. this type of "don't say anything bad about ukraine" mindset is fully infested both this thread and wikipedia apparently to the point of denying reality
  14. people on wikipedia trying to whitewash Azov Battalion Neo-Nazism, even arguing that Nazis aren't right wing and that they're a mixture of left and right wing, some saying Nazis did good stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Azov_Battalion&offset=&limit=500&action=history
  15. some examples of media racism and nazism: https://imgur.com/a/GVHSmfc https://imgur.com/a/Cb8GyQ8
  16. https://jacobinmag.com/2022/01/cia-neo-nazi-training-ukraine-russia-putin-biden-nato
  17. https://citationsneeded.libsyn.com/news-brief-5-worst-us-media-reactions-to-russias-ukraine-invasion
  18. https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB10014.html
  19. edit: oops wrong thread but tbh still relevant america is a belligerent violent piece of shit country: https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB10014.html
  20. the phrase is oxymoronic, there is no such thing as "bourgeoisie communism" communism seeks to eliminate entirely the bourgeoisie
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