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  1. don't know what kind of straw man this post is meant to represent, but communists support third world revolutions regardless of first world consequences.
  2. states of emergency exception are always used to clamp down on workers rights. these narratives must be resisted. if losing 7 workers over horrible and life threatening working conditions is enough to shut down the hospital, clearly the issue started earlier, in the executive board room, when they cut resources and closed down the rest of the hospitals in the nearby vicinity. yeah, it's bad here.
  3. "shut up, get back to work, and keep paying your student debt" signed, mister adult
  4. so basically you want to maintain deeper debt induced wage slavery for workers who want to advance to higher paying jobs or become smarter? how about solve it short-term and long-term through debt cancellation and universal education, seems kind of simple and obvious don't know what could go more wrong than almost 1 million people dead from a preventable pandemic being manipulated for economic gains in the US
  5. I always oppose non-communist "leftists" from the left when they oppose communism and hence make themselves part of the right.
  6. anarcho-bidenists is a joke meaning liberals who larp as anarchists. anyway they should serve their community by actually educating them with proper class consciousness and suggesting solutions more intelligent than this bullshit "antiwork" mentality. socialism and communism requires work. life requires work. life IS work. we are working machines, working to live.
  7. the owning class puts the working class into conditions where their only option is to leave. when patients are harmed as a result of doctors and nurses quitting over horrible working conditions, caused directly by policy decisions made by the owning class, who is to blame? to me, the answer is clear antiwork is a bunch of liberals they have no teeth and the anarcho-bidenists who run the sub should go fuck themselves for absolutely failing to serve their community of workers in the sub
  8. capital outsmarts the working class in so many ways. directing and forming countercultural movements such as this is a way for them to convert legitimate qualms of the working class into nothing but circus freak shows to laugh at and draw cultural differences between groups of people. they do NOT want a genuine working class movement with genuine critiques and legitimate theoretical frameworks linking these disparate issues together, along with a game plan for moving forward and defeating our class enemies. for those types of movements, they will stop at nothing, even concentrated and distributed violence, to oppress us into submission. we saw a sneak peak in the US during the BLM protests. we will see more around the world as climate change gets worse and heightens the consequences of the contradictions of capital and class conflict.
  9. its really sad that the legitimate issue of the mass surveillance state and the huge extent that 5G helps assist with it is being hijacked by absolute dumbells
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hasheesh_Eater I think you have to cook it like edibles to activate it
  11. scrolled past this post unfortunately again and just want to remind you that you're a real piece of work for writing it. what the fuck lmfao? fuck you. nazi scumbag.
  12. when you complain, what you choose to complain about in comparison to what you don't choose to complain about says something about your priorities and comprehension of the topic. people complaining about crypto and its environmental effect yet not complaining about capitalism itself are liberals who are indeed part of the problem, scapegoating something that, if completely destroyed, stopped, and eradicated from earth, would do little to nothing to solve the actual climate crisis
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_Roses
  14. your statement "socialism is an info op designed to sabotage american dems" is incorrect in that case. you should rewrite your sentence as "there are info ops meant to sabotage american dems, and some use socialist ideas to do so" and then you won't have to complain about people pointing out how your incorrectly worded statements are incorrect
  15. fallacy fallacy explain why this is the fallacy you're claiming it is or don't bother posting about fallacies
  16. US democrats are a far right capitalist party. fuck them. yeah, anti-capitalists and socialists do not support democrats. is this news? as for a centuries old political economic tradition merely being an "info op to sabotage one political party of one country in the world", what a laughably historically ignorant statement
  17. there is no problem with megayachts, they're super cool and I want to spend a vacation in one. i also want to spend time in an ecologically efficient but slow ocean liner. anyway, communism is not against technologies like that. it's about to each according to their need, from each according to their abilities, abolition of the state, money, private property, etc. in a communist society i'd be happy to work on software to assist in building mega-yachts, or whatever else. but in a capitalist society where people are dying of starvation, not only is it unethical, but it's a visual reference explaining exactly why those people are dying of starvation. megayachts under capitalism are privately owned but publicly made by the proletariat. we want publicly owned, publicly made megayachts. same goes for space travel. completely FOSS technology anyone is allowed to replicate, no private shit.
  18. theyve started. the worst part is, they haven't started at all. the proletariat has been made to start. they aren't laying a finger on even a single drop of cement or bricks used to create these things. they aren't screwing in a single screw or painting a brush of paint whatsoever. they just receive.
  19. disgusting freaks fuck these idiots communism NOW
  20. capitalism is the greatest and most productive economic system ever devised. it's not my problem that your environment is being destroyed. mine is temperature controlled and can float in the ocean. signed, bourgeoisie
  21. nice op, way too long for me to read tho, i have too many mental illnesses to suceed all the way can you highlight important aspects?
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