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Fumbata - Actuation


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This album seems very likely to appeal to all y'all iddumz lovers. Highly rhythmic and textural stuff. The preview track is certainly very evocative of the cover and Ae fans like myself will probably greatly enjoy this album from Anderson Chimutu.


Earlier this year he put out another album called Equipoise  which may not be so slamming but still possessed of a great ear for those technorganic sonic details that many WATMMers love so dearly. Here that one here: https://hardreturn.bandcamp.com/album/equipoise

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Yeah thanks nice find, adding to da watchlist for sure

Gotta comment on that previous one...



Artist statement:

While working on this project, I had been researching various theoretical analyses conducted in identifying the components that affect the accuracy and stability of circuital oscillation. I discovered that the simulation and experimental test results derived from chaotic occurrences of bifurcation. Hopf bifurcation is the characteristic phenomenon of a nonlinear system. If the phase trajectory of the system converges to a focal point under certain configurations of the systems parameters, the system is stable. When changes are made to the systems parameters, the phase trajectory no longer converges to the focal point but rather to a closed curve called a limit cycle. The occurrence of Hopf bifurcation in a system means that it will behave with periodic motion, evolving the equilibrium point distribution curve and the transforming the phase portrait. If there is only one positive real eigenvalue at the unstable point, the positive real eigenvalue can be replaced by arbitrarily given eigenvalues with appropriate controller parameters. With the use of grain delays and comb resonators, I tried to illustrate the idea of machines searching for balance from within their invariant manifolds.



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