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My experience with AI and making videoclips - [Stable Diffusion]

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Hey! I think some of you might find this topic interesting. Here're a couple of experiments of my own with Stable Diffusion and video-recordings [some of my own, some well known videoclips]

1) Radiohead - Lotus Flower

2) Stimulus - [Recording of my own]

What do you think? I'd love to read your thoughts on these.

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fascinating. Out of curiosity, are you taking single frames and running them through AI and stitching together, or is there some front-end where you are loading in a full videos and having it generate videos out back? 

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Looks awesome (and I laughed a little at the radiohead one)

I recently used wzrd ai to make a music video.  I upload the MP3, choose an image set/theme, and it outputs crazy renders.



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