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  1. Easily my most anticipated EP of the year (I mean - no lie, more hyped for this release than Squarepusher) and god damn it delivers. For fans of the Drukqs era especially this EP is solid fucking gold and will, unfortunately, likely be overshadowed by the []< release on the same day. One hopes not, because listening to this EP is like gaining insight into a parallel universe where Aphex twin is still young but somehow already reached his Drukqs level of sound mastery, beginning to iterate and expand on it. This is amazing. Whatever comes next is, in a word, inconceivable. https://kaidiak.bandcamp.com/album/acid-bihelical
  2. Track for the most recent Renoise Mutant Breaks competition. Restrictions were tiiiiiight: No VST's, only native effects, samples only, cumulatively all samples could not add up to more than 1.4mb. Music for Headphones and People with ADHD
  3. Alan Wake 2: I'm about 5-6 hours in, so consider this a "review in progress." This game sets itself up for critique a bit, because the references it draws on are some of those things most dear to my heart - specifically, Twin Peaks (particularly S3) and House of Leaves (as well as Stephen King to a somewhat lesser degree). That's some pretty high caliber shit to be putting yourself in the same sphere of, and the game never quite reaches the heights of those two, but if you're going to be influenced by anything, you might as well go for the best. This might be premature, but my issues are more with some of the ideas being slightly spoonfed and diluted. I'm sure this is to cater at least a bit to a more general audience - but even so, some of the stuff is just a teensy bit too hamfisted and obvious. That being said, it's also a fucking bonkers ride and has continued to get more bonkers as it goes along. Nitpicks aside, it's one of the most ambitious survival horror/detective/action horror games that has ever existed. It looks amazing. It's controls are just the right combo of limited movement and snappy to make it challenging but not frustrating. It's also one of the few games that I have enjoyed every moment of playing. I think that's in part the pacing, both also the variety of settings, characters, etc. Again, I do have some small issues with the writing being slightly obvious, but when we're talking about a game that takes the ideas of meta narrative seriously and goes fucking all in on being it's own thing, it's easily forgivable. I never finished Control but this actually makes me want to go back and play- because clearly Remedy is making games for people like me, people who like bizarre, dreamlike, liminal shit that also has a solid action element (Control leaned more on the action, this one feels much more in the survival horror vein). So, yeah, it's not perfect but it's pretty fucking great - if I never knew TP and HOL existed this thing would (already) have just been blowing my mind all over the place.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwCKf7KsgxG/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  5. I like how, for just a glimmering moment, every thread on WATMM became the Dank Memes thread
  6. Awesome, great little EP here!!!
  7. yeah, noticed that too. A beautiful track to leave in remembrance, but still sorry for the loss. Got to have been hard...
  8. 100% re the chemical reactions stuff at the beginning... some bits reminded me a little of interstellar. Lol, maybe it's an overcorrection for today's ADD audience / nervousness over having to capture people's attention for THREE HOURS.
  9. Hi friends! Also in the CC Undefined releases thread, but thought I'd post here too. Never been so happy with a release as much as this one, never been so close to getting the sounds in my head into the corporeal realm. Bandcamp link below, but also linking a track that, when I made it, it made me think "Ahh, this is something folks on WATMM would enjoy." I hope you do. ?
  10. Got a chance to see Oppenheimer this weekend. A treat, in part because w/ family duties etc. I almost never get to see films in the theater anymore. Only other film in last three years was Dune, another film that deserves the "big screen" treatment. Really loved it - I could quibble with a few things here and there, but the fact that the film is 3 hours long and I was utterly compelled the entire time is a testament to the filmmaking. Even scenes that might otherwise be turgid, like the interviews, are so well acted/directed/sound designed/edited that they are gripping. Cillian deserves a fucking Oscar, RDJ crushed it. Not much more to say. It's a film that I left feeling... somewhat sad. It exposes the callousness that human beings, particularly those in power, are prone to. I'm sure the ending is meant to have us think about what our choices as a species have potentially wrought for our future survival, and (maybe this is the point too) it also left me wondering if we should. My one little gripe (the algorithm reads my mind, as I actually saw an article about this exact thing this AM): Looks dope af imop. I feel like Ridley Scott has good movies in him, but those movies no longer start with an A and end with an lien.
  11. I wasn't even sure it was him when I started watching. I was like "did I read the cast list wrong?" Amazing performance.
  12. Speaking of social commentary and whatnot, watched They Cloned Tyrone last night, an absolutely terrible title for an amazing film, that remains so until the very last frame (when it becomes clear that it's sort of a wink and a nod to people who have been paying attention). I'm hyperbolizing, but in my mind I keep on thinking about how Boyz in the Hood was this watershed moment for both black representation in film, and black cinema. This one is much less bleak (except in the moments when it's terrifyingly bleak) and has moments that are just fucking hilarious, but it seems like a similar thing. Ofc there are plenty of other people doing consciousness raising films, but this one feels somehow special. Maybe it's because it so thoroughly entertaining all the way through - and deftly shifts tones so gracefully. Had no idea how good an actor John Boyega is until this one, particularly in the last quarter/end of the film. Jamie Foxx also fantastic. Tldr: dumb name, smart movie.
  13. Totally agree the Oats Studio stuff is great - I guess I sort of omit them when I think about his cinematic output. They actually remind me of his pre District 9 stuff, like the Halo shit that was so compelling. Elysium agree def had great pieces, but it feels like those pieces never add up to a coherent film, which makes it feel like a step down from D9. I'm actually a pretty big Blomkamp apologist -to me it's worth it even if it's a mishmash, but some of those pieces are brilliant. I think what kind of killed it for me was Demonic. It was admittedly a pandemic project but it's just..... man, it's really bad. So, in my mind when I graph out his cinematic output the trend line is slanted real far down - but thsts partly because Demonic is so bad. Honestly, I kind of think the GT movie might actually be really good? - and it might be good for him to be making a film that has inherent structure because it was written by someone else.
  14. Yeah, but Chappie notwithstanding (I'm probably one of the few who really likes it), his trajectory has been pretty downward since District 9. Don't know if u saw his horror movie (Demonic) but.... God it was awful. I mean, irredeemably bad. Might be dude just needs the paycheck...
  15. Finished From Season 2. Definitely a show that I need to remember (in two years or whenever tf s3 drops) to just wait until the end to binge. Felt this season had a looooooot of padding which binging helps with, but no amount of binge can make up for stuff that just feels poorly paced. Part of that is introducing a ton of new characters - it means you don't spend enough time consistently with any core group of characters to establish a bond/cohesion. I still love the show, still find it extremely entertaining, but if I had to watch it week to week I'd hate it. I still have hopes they can reign it in for S3 - this season felt like they were playing with adding new things in to try and stretch it out, but what they really need to do is go in laser focused on executing compelling TV. Ofc everyone wants their show to run for 13 seasons, but sometimes it's better to commit to 5 and gtfo. Spoilers for anyone who hasn't gotten to the ending.
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