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  1. Home movies cycles through as the comfort/fall asleep series of choice often in our household... classic...
  2. Finished Jedi: Fallen Order. Fantastic. Both surprising and a bit disappointing to hear that it sounds like they were forced to meet a deadline to release and would have preferred to let it cook longer. Surprising because what's there is a wonderful game on it's own, and an amazing Star Wars game to boot. Disappointing because there is a final layer of polish missing that would make it A+++ and one wonders how much more they could have done with a little extra time. Inevitable (one hopes) sequel = a must buy. Continuing to procrastinate/put off studying and general adult responsibilities by playing: So, basically, House of Leaves meets Remedy's gameplay formula. They totally nail the feel of the powers (which are, essentially, Force powers) in a way that I think gameplay videos don't actually do justice to. The look/feel/aesthetic are top notch. It's B+ because: although almost all of the story and aspects of the house are well done, there is some real ham-fisted shit in the main storyline. While the rest of the game does some fanstastic show don't tell, it's like they were afraid context wouldn't be enough in the main dialogue so a lot of it is unnecessarily forced exposition. And - technical shits: Long load times and infrequent but annoying stutters on Xbox One S. Remedy games always seems to have this issue so not unprepared, merely annoyed. Turning off motion blur made this 65% more playable. Don't get me wrong, it's great. For those who like their game worlds hallucinogenic this game delivers and I'm constantly impressed by the decisions made to build a game that is constantly introducing new and interesting elements that feel both unique and in support of a greater framework. The pleasure of literally never gets old. There is a weight and heft to everything that is palpable, buoyed by the responsiveness of the environment. Ultimately, I can't wait to play this game as backwards compatible on Xbox Series X when the processing power of that box removes the technical niggles that prevent my ultimate enjoyment. They are planning multiple DLC's for the future, and plan to continue to extend the game in various ways, so I'm also stoked for the future of the franchise.
  3. Yeah, think bands that continue to evolve are the most rewarding (to me at any rate) - it's why Radiohead remains an enjoyment (again, to me). . . they never seem like they look back and go "oh, we should do more like THAT album" This track feels . . . new and very present. And like it has something to say (and that something is heartfelt and true). Quite moving, really .. .
  4. Wow. I watched the video w/ sound on low and felt kind of meh ("where's the drums"?) then listened to this later on headphone + in the car at full tilt volume. Really fallen in love with this track, makes me pretty excited for what the full album will sound like, def the most I've been hyped for a rock album in some time. . .
  5. lolol never realized that. . . just googled and came up w/ this (someone just needs to add Oberlove to the mix and it'd be mashup of the century)
  6. If anything, Pachelbel's Canon
  7. Wait, what? Did he actually use the term "manifest destiny"? FFS
  8. looks so affable in that pic ... like he's getting ready to invite you to sit down for a spot of tea EDIT: stupid page break
  9. Browsing through the latter part of this thread, kinda crazy to think on just how many (arguably) good albums he's put out. Go Plastic def 10/10 for me and like Braintree said DYKS for title track alone, tho also have special love for F-train too. Lots of nostalgia for those releases. Then I start thinking about other albums and I'm like, yeah, Ultravisitor has some killer tracks (Tetra Sync is fucking amazeballs . .. when it drops out of the "live" performance into the chopped beat? jaw drop moment first time I heard it; also love the the classical guitar tracks), oh wait can't forget about Bid Loada (ffs Come on My Selectaaaaaa is on there), then HND, music is rotted, even Selection 16 . . . Anyway, guess what I'm saying is I'm grateful at the embarassment of riches that is the []< catalogue. Even recent releases I'm mostly come around to (took me several years w/ Damogen, but re listened to it recently and started to enjoy it for just a "fun" album). This one probably the most immediate and direct connection I've felt in a decade, which is exciting. . . Glad he's still putting music out.
  10. Nihao! My very good M8 and I have been corresponding (over what is now probably years) about the basic concepts of synthesis and, most recently, modular synthesis. He is a highly accomplished musician (he played middle eastern percussion and Ood professionally for a number of years, is a multi-instrumentalist, and is light years ahead of me in the actual techniques of musicality). He's also a very good teacher - something that doesn't always go hand in hand with musical accomplishment. Also, incredibly humble and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. Modular synthesis is highly inscrutable to me (and I've only, ashamedly, very recently begun to understand the basics of synthesis). Sort of randomly, he made a couple of vids for me to show me a little info on VCV rack and modular synthesis, which blossomed into him thinking about making something a little more directed to help me learn. This has been a mutually beneficial thing, as it's inspired him to sit down and work through some of this stuff in terms of how to teach it, and given me the chance to learn some things that I've had a hard time figuring out on my own (plus, I get to hear his voice - we now live far away so it's like catching up with an old friend when I listen to these). Asked and he's fine w/ sharing these, so thought I'd post them here. First one here is a basic intro to setting up VCV rack with a midi controller, and some lights touches on basic concepts of synthesis (with more specifics on that to come in a future vid). As he notes, he hopes this is a dialogue, so is open to questions, thoughts, feedback, etc. - basically, having some fun trying to help ignoramuses like me figure this stuff out. Hope this helps someone else out here - enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9v0_qMXvHs
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