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  1. Stick! Thanks so much for the kind words. The drums here are being played as is, using custom built drum racks in Ableton. Essentially taking a few breaks and preparing different treatments, including some starting on the two/snare, LFO modulation on the volume (to get the stutter effect), panning treatments, etc. Loads of fun tho takes some time to prepare. If I was Squarepusher I'd probably claim that I discovered this using a mixture of obscure calculus and hand programmed the parameters of each telemetric vector to divine a stepwise sidechain chimera of vapid brilliance. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly so cool, and can more accurately say I learned a lot from watching Ned Rush's videos, a la:
  2. Someone here said that some people here might dig this or something like that. Getting a handle on a new workflow...
  3. Actually finished it a bit ago, but deserves (another) mention: Devs - spectacular. Hovering around one of my fave things ever, stuck the landing in the last episode in a way that I didn't think was possible. No spoilers, just going to say to say I constantly vacillate on how I feel about the last part in the best way possible. Recently finished watching Legion. Hol-EE crap. If I were to pick a show to rank purely on style I think Legion might be up there as the tippity top one. I had watched S1 ages ago and enjoyed it, but feel like S2 elevated the show to another level. S3 does some amazing things that, in a way, also pick at similar themes to Devs (but in a different way). Also, I rarely smoke these days, and this show had the unique effect of making me feel like I had while watching it, even though I hadn't. Very strange, but think it speaks to the power of the audiovisual experience (the sound design on this show is as amazing as the visuals).
  4. It's going to suck when she survives the Corona pandemic but then dies 2 months later of unchecked melanoma...
  5. FYI, jazzb7 for some, but Danielewski released three scripts for episodes of a House of Leaves television series. This was after, apparently, talks fell through at a major streaming service. He decided to test the waters of interest. . . they are very good, very HOL so. .. yeah, if it's your thing, def worth the 9 bucks. It's on Patreon but the subscription modeling is confusing/there are issues - buy it on (of all places) Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/759803499/3-episodesteleplays-of-house-of-leaves
  6. Ta. Will take a look! Yeah, my read through this topic suggests a lot of people hit a frustration point which puts them off from finishing. Will see - already hit an early mini-mini boss that I died at like 12 times last night. ...
  7. Cheers! I ended going w Sekiro. So far, it's great. Punishing at times, but not surprised - never actually played any From Software titles but I know Jedi: Fallen Order borrows liberally from the play mechanics, so know it's a matter of deep learning mixed with reflexes that carries the day. I think what has sold me is the atmosphere. There is something that feels very deep and ancient about the setting - in some ways makes me think of team Ico games, or, perhaps, playing through an anime. Love that the game defaults to Japanese as the spoken language too.
  8. Ok WATMM, need your input. Considering and impulse buy of either Sekiro or Doom: Eternal. I know, almost diametrically opposed game styles, but here we are. Straw poll time: which would you choose? Bonus points: why? You hold the fate of my evening/weekend in your hands!
  9. ^^ yay! Yeah, @Tim_J too I think y'all will like it, particularly if you are into Stalenhag's stuff. It really does capture the vibe of it. @caze yeah, if you didn't like those aspects in the first two episodes.. . well, let's just say as far as I've watched, a recurrent theme seems to be what is not said, that likely should have been, and the regret and missed opportunities that arise because of that. I mean, it's still a very beautiful show, but the wonderment is always undercut by some level of heartache (but, ya know, that sorta appeals to my weltschmertz sensibilities so there ya go)
  10. Tales from the Loop. Based on the artwork of Simon Stalenhag (which is an odd qualifier, but think at least some folks here are a fan). About halfway through. It's spectacular. More of a study in humanity than sci-fi - somehow captures the sense of melancholic otherworldly nostalgia of the paintings.
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/coronavirus-news-arizona-man-dies-after-taking-chloroquine-drug-touted-by-trump-as-treatment/
  12. Spectacular. Immaculate. Unsurprisingly, fine attention to detail that manages to produce tunes that are dense but somehow also ethereal.
  13. Yeah, def feels like this is slower than I want it to be. Out of curiosity, does anyone know the % relationship between 33 and 45 rpm? Like, how much % faster would you play the track in an audio player to get that effect (I use PowerAmp and there is a tempo option) Oh, right - this is fantastic. Forgot to state the obvious. Also, a massive kindness to gift this to those who preordered BUAH. . . good news for a shit Monday....
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