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  1. T3551ER


    Christ I'm getting old. Anyway, as a one-time futurist, this sort of thing fascinates me, but your description of what this might look like in practice also horrifies me. It's like something out of a Cronenberg film. We already spend so much of our time divorced from our present moment, endlessly sifting through various data streams, places electronic lens on top of electronic lens, using tech as a way to avoid actual human interaction and contact. . . . I know, tech is just tech. But I can't help feeling like this leads to: Anyway. Fuck it: Long Live the New Flesh
  2. Intentionally phrased that way to have multiple meanings 😉
  3. T3551ER


    AHhh right. Ok, so that thing is referred to in that episode as the "Experiment Model" (the creature seen in E8 is called "The Experiment"). Yah, trying to cover my bases. I would agree it's totally on point. . . I guess what I'm saying is, if there is some similar theory about TP, I don't mind if someone figures it out, because it'll still be amazeballs to me. I've been trying to figure out Lost Highway for 20 fucking years (or however long it's been since it came out in the theater). It keeps me up at night. . . EDIT: GoDEL THANK YOU for those links. Shit it tight. Dude does a great job of focusing on analysis w/ support from the text and calling out when he might be going "out on a limb" love it. Also, to fry your brains:
  4. T3551ER


    I mean, I think it's good to take into account that all this stuff that's floating around out there really is just "theory" b/c most of the Return is (by design) sort of inscrutable. I think it's kind of fun to hear different interpretations, and kind of think part of the point/genius of S3 in particular is that it can be read so many ways (the one caveat is that I really wish Mark Frost would have not published the Final Dossier, as I think it tries to clarify some things Lynch probably would rather leave abstract). That being said, I think there are still things that can actually be puzzled out by careful watching/thinking/puzzling and I find enjoyment in putting some of the pieces together - something I probably wouldn't be able to do w/out other people's thoughts/hard work. It's kinda like the theory that emerged about Mulholland Drive that helps explain what's going on there (I can dig it up if people don't know): knowing the reason why things look the way they do doesn't in the slightest diminish my enjoyment in it. Oh, also, the weird womanly character being judy in S3? Do you mean the "bosomy woman" outside Jeffries' room?
  5. I missed about 6-7 pages that happened over the weekend. Decided to catch up on while on the can this AM. Conclusion: Best. Shit. Ever.
  6. For some reason I just read that as "rabies boner" Then, I started wondering, what exactly would a rabies boner look like? Then I googled it and, apparently, priapism is a symptom of rabies. Who knew? Also, not sure it's worth another thread, so will just ask here: Please post your interpretation on what "rabies boner" looks like (google image search found nothing).
  7. Man, you ever wonder what an Aphex Requiem would sound like? I know I do, particularly every time Mozart's Requiem get's played. Probably would be so emotionally devastating it would cause insta-death for any listener but, man, what a way to go. .... Carry on. . .
  8. crazy. . . I guess if I had access to it, I'd totally keep it around, just so I could put it on from time to time and scare the beejesus out of my neighborhood kids. Like, can you imagine coming to the door on Halloween to trick or treat and that popping out of the front door? Instant poopie pants. You ever go to his/her house, totally grab a pic of yourself wearing and post in your latest pic thread!
  9. Christ. Nightmare fuel. I remember when this aesthetic seemed like it was everywhere. Wasn't there, like, a duracell commercial using the same type of makeup/masks/etc.? Creeps me the eff out (though Wynona's got a big brown Beaver is still some tops Primus). Oh, also, this fucker: Also, also, Trump was in my town yesterday. ... so, triple the nightmare fuel for this AM. . .
  10. Off topic. Every time I see this thread title all I can think of is: Why? No idea. Probably sleep deprivation. ...
  11. Huh, didn't know WATMM was now paid subscription. Anyway, personally, not sure that opening up the floodgates to allow non-paid subscribers to post would really invite that many trolls - but I'm also not sure it really would boost the userbase either. The focal point of WATMM is kind of a niche thing - but isn't that kind of the charm/why we all ended up here? Not sure if there are a ton of Aphex/[]</braindance/etc. fans out there who are internally perseverating about whether or not to pay the fee to post here. ... Dunno. Feel like this place definitely goes through cycles of engagement, but that's sorta natural for any online community. Though lickneonlights is also correct in that the best way to boost enrollment is to insist that Aphex release new music EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH
  12. GD never heard that Fenix mix before. . . gah.... Although I know it really bucks the whole point, be rly wish the Analords were available digital. Or, Chosen Lords at the very least. . . . (crying in my face) . .
  13. http://collider.com/ghostbusters-2020-cast-photo/
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