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  1. At the risk of saying the opposite of something controversial in a "post something controversial thread": it's also possible it's not for you? Obs I love it, but it has it's own particular vibe, and not everyone vibrates on the same wavelength (well, except for me and Tim J ๐Ÿ˜›). Seems hard to recommend something that someone feels like they need to "push through" ya know? Should be fun not painful. . . Though, if you DID want to push through, here's my recommended approach: Set aside a couple of weekends, an 1/8th, lock yourself in a dark room, and blaze through. This is particularly helpful (IMOP) in Season 2 b/c binging it all at once helps even out some of "searching" the show seems to do in the latter half after a particular mid-season reveal I won't mention here. Plus, it puts you in the right head state for the last episode which is so wonderfully WEIRD and Lynch that being a little liminal probably doesn't hurt. If you make it that far, come back and we'll talk about how to approach Season 3 ๐Ÿ˜œ
  2. Twin Peaks S1+S2 were groundbreaking for their time, but can see how in the modern era they can seem pretty tame. Hard to understate how many doors the show opened up for shows that came down the line. . . Also worth noting that Lynch's influence waned throughout Season 2 past a particular point, so you may not find it as "good" moving through (though the last episode sort of makes up for, well, everything). Season 3 is a different matter altogether, and is, essentially, Lynch's magnum opus. It collates everything he has done before (in all mediums) and adds to it. Pretty much obliterates the existing conventions of TV. If you don't like Lynch, you will absolutely hate Season 3. If you love Lynch, it's nothing less than a fucking masterpiece.
  3. *shrugs* could be - could also get that pitch down effect at the tail end of the intro using commands in a tracker too, just sounds to my ears like the sort of manipulation that has the kyma fingerprint (you might check out the video here for some examples, some of which are also reminiscent of the some of the sound manipulations on drukqs). Also, just found an interesting video here that actually kinda reminds me of Cunningham's Flex.
  4. yah, I think as long as it's elective/controllable by the user, why not? Those who don't want to use won't, those that do will.
  5. motion to have this available as one of the stock emoticons
  6. who knows? Though, based on no actual experience whatsoever with the device/software, sound like the initial vocal sample is his voice mangled using Kyma Pretty well known that most of Drukqs was composed on laptop using PlayerPro, which (in part) explains how he achieved the highly microedited sounds. Oh, also, obligatory "read the rules" comment. Welcome!
  7. Yes, w/ caveats. IIRC, Redux is basically the "phrase" element of Renoise - i.e., you write patterns like you would in renoise (w/ effects, etc.) up to a certain length, and then those patterns are triggered by your midi keyboard/what have you and play through. Believe there is a demo version you can try . . . I've had mixed luck w/ Rewire and Renoise myself. . .personally, only thing I really wish Renoise did better was handling the recording/management of long samples (otherwise I would never really step outside the environment). Yep (tho tbh the lack of numpad usage may be b/c I never trained myself to use the relevant shortcuts). . . still, feel like Renoise is sort of built to be able to be used on the go: minimum CPU footprint, built around keyboard shortcuts, etc. . . ^o^
  8. Xie Xie! I rarely smile, this was one time it was impossible not to. ^_^ lol not sure if you are asking if this the child of mine or the unholy union of diatoms and myself. The answer to one of these questions is yes ๐Ÿ˜› hint: I have never been to Ireland.
  9. sorry for your loss That is a fantastic pic though - glad you were able to capture something so beautiful to remember him (her?) by
  10. Think entorwellian covered it. If you go for #2 might check out the tool here: https://www.renoise.com/tools/midi-convert Good luck!
  11. ^ cheers, TY! Video helps a lot (+ love that little squiggle bass line at the ^o^).
  12. Fantastic topic. Learning a lot here. . . . Ok, it seems like it's pretty standard to use a compressor on the master bus to help "glue" everything together. Can one of the smart folks here give some thoughts on whether or not it makes sense to compress individual tracks in addition to the master? TIA!
  13. I stared at this pic for a long time yesterday, vacillating between "faceswapped" and "not faceswapped" ... .. still unsure.. ..
  14. Just gives Jeffries a date and time and come back and report. Remember, be specific . . . ^o^
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