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  1. @Extralife I'm glad I posted this if for nothing other than to have inadvertently been introduced zvLd 😄 Srsly though, similar vibes, agreed. Good shit all 'round.
  2. So, I clicked on a random Reddit link where this artist had posted a "check out my new album, in the vein of Squarepusher/Aphex Twin/etc." or something like that. Usually I just skip stuff like this because it ends up being a pale imitation of greater beings and also usually turned off by people who try to sound like someone else and promote their stuff as such. However, I gotta give this album a push, 'cause it fucking slaps. Hard. Definitely get a feel of sort of the Go Plastic era Squarepusher and Aphex here, but really this still feels like a wholly unique voice. Excellent textures w
  3. T3551ER


    Ahhh, the utter confusion, hype train that blasts off, derails, then re-rails, then unrails, slightly torn promises, nostalgia tears, and tasteful melange of misinformation....👌 I nominate this for Most WATMM Thread of 2021
  4. Awwwesssoome! Kinda nuts to revive this thread and see people (like you) posting almost 10 years later about the same piece of tech still functioning (and functioning well). I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a used one on EBAY - should arrive in a week, I'm stoked!
  5. Uber helpful, thank you (and appreciate the history lesson). 🍻
  6. Outriders - man, having a blast with this one. Was a little skeptical given the initial server outage issues but other than sometimes getting stuck on the "logged in" screen for a while, no technical issues. I like that this game doesn't seem to punish you for not having 4000 hours to game. I haven't gotten too far, but the ability to respec with almost no cost, plus the ability to drop down difficult tiers (with less rare loot as a consequence) is a godsend. As a parent who is working full time and in school I don't have the time to dedicate to the minutia of gaming like I used to, so t
  7. Jbridge is fantastic - destroy FX, gah, still so good after all these years. Check out Vital - https://vital.audio/ Way more powerful/user friendly than a free synth should be (you can pay for higher tiers that unlock more presets - but otherwise it's fully functioning in the free version, and you get enough presets to start wrapping your head around what it can do anyway). In some ways, actually think this thing is better than Serum ...
  8. Resur-erecting this thread 'cause also looking into getting a used H4N. Want something that will do a generally good job of sound capture, but absolutely not looking to break the bank - my wife wants something to record our toddler while she's still in the "babbling" phase so using it as an opportunity to also try and get something to do basic field recordings. Does the H4N still hold up as a good entry-level recorder? Are there newer, even more cost effective options? You can snag an H4N for about 130 on Ebay these days which is about where I want to sit with this thing. Thoughts?
  9. Its not, kind of odd. Maybe... I got it. New Aphex drops December 02, 4140! Exclusively available in the Black Lodge!!!
  10. It's weird, been listening to Drukqs a lot over the past week. Sure its a bit of subconscious Avril 14 influence, but it's reminded me how much I love this thing to pieces. Also weird to think it's been 20 years. Fucking nuts. I'd love a re-release, would buy it again for like the 5th time (kept losing/breaking cds, then bought it from bleep digital then bought it AGAIN from the Aphex page cause new tracks and whatnot).
  11. Haha you have to remember that this show started airing like 15 years ago, back when "plausibility" wasn't always a hallmark of visual media (particularly not a CW show). They actually do end up explaining it though - you see them running credit card scams essentially to pay for everything. But, you know, it's def a show where it's probably best to squint a bit and not think too much on the details. Suspension of disbelief is almost a prerequisite.
  12. I remember watching Event Horizon back in the day and it scaring the ever living shit out of me. Wife and I decided to watch it a few years ago (she had never seen it) and she was like... uh, this is kind of stupid? I'm not sure it's aged well, but I have some great nostalgia for it. I like the idea of it being an unofficial Hellraiser sequel, that actually makes a ton of sense (similar feel/sensibilities - though think Hellraiser I and particularly II actually hold up after all these years). Just started watching Into the Void - lots of folks here have recommended it over the years and
  13. Ahhh, kk, good stuff. Also, just been messing around with the macros and whatnot was able to tie macros->pitchbend->expose this as an automatable parameter in Live.
  14. Hey! Can you explain the question a little bit more? I think I know what you mean but I'm not sure. The way the system works is, there is a "master" plugin that holds the scale information that you would transmit to all your synths and whatnot. Within that master plugin, you can load of scale presets (they bundle quite a few) - but you can ALSO (and this is where I get excited) manually tune individual notes to whatever you want them to be. The client midi plugin receives this and applies it to your synth on the back end in realtime. For example, I could have, say, Serum open and be play
  15. Just wanted to post a brief update here/plug for Oddsound. Oli over there spent the last few days helping me troubleshoot to get this working with Live 10 and, after a lot of back and forth, I'm up and running! I really can't say enough good things about how patient, kind, helpful, and willing he was to help me work this out (a bit of issue w/ the way the Max4live was calling to the midi plugin). Extremely excited to start digging in on some music making with this - it really does make it super easy to just tune a scale your own whims and instantly apply it across instruments. It's the t
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