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  1. ❤️ @Scarb0rocking this transcription like a pro. Ziggomatic 17 features what may be my favorite moment in all of music (7:11ish - the "pause") and is easily my favorite Aphex Track/track of all time. Drukqs, easily my favorite electronic album ever, ever. Fond memories: I actually kind of came LTTP with the whole Warp catalogue/electronic music in general - I'd been aware of Aphex peripherally due to friends who were cinephiles and voraciously devoured visual media and turned me on to Chris Cunningham (Windowlicker + Come to Daddy still are phenomenal vids that, I think, have stood the test of time). I had another good friend who sat me down and got me good and ripped and played me the vid for Come on My Selector and then the fan created video for Exploding Psychology which, of course blew my mind - after which he played me WAP155 (aka "Do You Know Squarepusher") - that's probably the moment I realized I HAD to know more about this music. It was so otherwordly but also utterly familiar - like someone was writing music that spoke to an internal language in my head. A few days later I was rummaging around in the local record shop and ran into another friend (remember he was rocking his Gaiman "Sandman" shirt) who I knew was a music head. I asked him about which Aphex albums to get and he pointed me towards the RDJ album - Drukqs was relatively new and I figured I should probably grab it too, just to see what the most current music was like. I still remember ripping the plastic off the CD, and loading that sucker into the car for my first playthrough. Listening to Jynweythek on an Autumn day with the sun on the decline was just perfect. That track is so atmospheric, so rich in texture that it really focuses your mind/pushes you into the zone. Kind of locks you into the frame. Then, Vordhosbn. Those first 30 seconds just wrecked me, and as the song just kept going I started laughing hysterically. I was like "THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS BEEN LOOKING FOR" in terms of music. The incredibly dense, hyperspeed programming just made 100% sense to my brain. Basically, something that moved just at the limits of what my mind could process using all of it's attention, while also being human, groovy, emotional, textured and ultra musical. It goes on from there. There is not a corner undiscovered in the span of tracks (dark ambient, classical piano, random Bjork talking about something, tracks where it sounds like people being tortured, a song that I've determined is based around the ultrasound of a baby and seems like it's from the perspective of an infant in the womb, and those hyperspeed works of staggering genius like MSMSMM that don't seem like any human could have written them). Here's the kicker/irony: Being so new to electronic music I just assumed that there was a TON of music out there like this. Turns out, I just hit the jackpot on the first pull. That's fine. That this album exists at all is some sort of divine blessing, and that it made its way into my hands and my heart is truly something I'm eternally grateful for. I won't go so far as to say the album saved my life, but it certainly gave me great comfort through many tough times (including the soon thereafter death of my father, and the many strained years of life that followed). Ziggomatic in particular made me smile on days I thought all I could do was cry - and cry on days when I needed to be reminded of the fragile beauty of existence, and what wonders can be created by man (when so often all we seem to make is chaos). Thanks for the memories, here's the many more!
  2. Just finished up, agreed def good fodder for thought/discussion. It's an incredibly clever premise that holds a mirror up to religion/humanity an in interesting way - still feel like it wasn't quite as well executed as it could have been, but ultimately very well done. In particular: 8.5 Stephen Kings/9.56 Shirley Jacksons
  3. ^ Looks dope AF. About 1/2 way through Midnight Mass. As a lapsed Catholic, uncanny how the mass sections bring back deeply ingrained childhood memories (could still do most of the recitations be heart). Going to reserve final judgment until the end but sometimes I get the feeling that the show isn't as clever/awesome as it thinks it is. Some of the monologues seemly overly long (unnecessarily so) - some of the directions seems great, but then there are things like that long one-shot in EP 2 on the beach where I'm wondering... but why? It doesn't seem to really serve any narrative or aesthetic purpose and is it just there because long one-shots are cool? Probably my perception is skewed coming off of True Detective who has a one-shot that is probably one of the best I've ever seen (and serves to build necessary tension during a plot point where you actually know the characters will survive) and whose long-winded speeches actually feel totally earned. Still, a very good show, but even mid-way when things are starting to ramp up I still find my mind wandering and thinking
  4. hahaha ok, I'm on board now. At first I didn't quite get the weird filmic quality in the credits but if this is any indication of the amount of creativity and style they are going for, I'm good. Definitely not a carbon copy of the OG, really does feel like they are going for a "spiritual successor" and swinging for it. Having their little argument at the end feels so spot on Bebop too...
  5. Cheers - this post reminded to re-investigate the game (was on Xbox so long I tended to willfully overlook Sony exclusives). Kind of grateful, as the megalushness is pretty mindblowing on the PS5, plus the Dualsense stuff just... feels next-gen. Not too far in but really digging the aesthetic/artistic vision thusfar (though, glad I read ahead a little and was prepared for up front gaggles of cut-scenes and a meditatively slow pace). Feels like Sigur Ros should have been asked to do the soundtrack tho amirite?
  6. Black Widow. I .... it was fine. A lot of good elements (acting, humor, direction, themes, etc.) that somehow combined into an end product that felt bland and devoid of anything memorable. Felt like a slightly higher budget episode of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 10 Scarjo hair flips / 13 questionable russian accents
  7. Well, really glad to hear things are looking up (and that you've got a good support network - that shit's crucial, particularly in these very trying, very weird times). I remember being laid up w/ hernia surgery a few years back. I figured I'd just be popping pain pills and catching up on anime, which did happen, and was kind of cool for a while, but the pain and the just not being able to get up and do shit got to be realllly frustrating. It's amazing how much you miss really simple shit (like, real basic things, like walking 15 feet without feeling exhausted) when you can't do it. Glad you're on the positive side of recovery, don't forget to take it easy on yourself! Back OT - hellz yeah, just saw this post on Facebook where Neil Gaiman got a special edition Key model from the Locke and Key Sandman crossover going on (I'm a HUGE Sandman fan, so this puts L&K even more on the radar). Still on True Detective which is seriously threatening to A-bomb my sleep schedule because first season is SO. Friggin. Good.
  8. Just wanted to say that my personal experience with therapy, as well as friends who have been involved with it both as providers and receivers doesn't really mesh with the portrayal here? With the massive caveat that I feel like some of the complexities of the philosophical discussions in this thread are beyond me, I do feel like I understand the above and it just doesn't jive with what I've seen/experienced. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a lot of psychotherapists that are trying to push people into a certain set of standards and boxes that could be labelled as normative but I've actually actually found the opposite is true - a lot of therapists I've talked to have even discussed society (well, at least our society) as being severely unhealthy and, in a lot of ways, the cause of a significant amount of our suffering. I distinctly remember one saying to me "it's hard to be immune from all of societies' signals" which I thought was fucking SPOT ON and holds true to this day. I don't know, just my experience, but I've absolutely never felt like any therapy that I've experienced ever pushed me towards "fitting in" and "being normal" and "being stable" and "not bogged down by my emotions." That being said, my issues (and, of the people that I know who have done therapy) are generally of a trauma-related/PTSD nature - a few of my friends have legitimately had severe bipolar which I think is a bit different. ... but I also don't really know that their experience has been described as all that different. Most people that I know who provide therapy frankly don't really seem too keen on society or what constitutes the promulgated idea of "normalcy," and in fact often say things that most "normal" people would probably do a triple take at (e.g., hey, maybe taking drugs isn't actually a bad thing, depending on how and why you are doing it). My 2 cents, probably not even worth that much. Though, I guess this is the "pointless thoughts" thread so maybe I'm just uber OT .. EDIT: Wanted to correct something here. I was discussing this with my wife last night and she pointed out that bi-polar and schizophrenia are different diagnoses. She also let me know that several of her close friends (5 actually) were clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia, and their experience may mirror what you're talking about here to a degree - i.e., they felt that the medications and focus of their therapy was aimed at removing something that they felt was integral to their identity so they could "function better" in the world we live in. I.e., their schizophrenia felt like a huge part of who they are, and attempts to modify or change that felt like giving up a part of themselves for the sake of existing in a world they felt was not for them. I still hold the intent of therapy, in my experiences, is often not to enforce becoming dulled, chill, fit in or become "normal" and accept society without question (and would say the opposite is actually true). But I can understand why someone who deeply identifies with their condition and the way that causes them to function might feel like this is the case (I also get the argument that in another time/place, people with these disorders might be seen as holy prophets/shamans/visionaries instead of being shunted to the periphery of society, and there might be better societal ways of dealing with these issues than we are using now).
  9. Very interested to hear your thoughts on this - it's been on the radar for a while and from what I hear it's pretty great. Actually think a few folks around here have given it high praise? Might just be making that up tho... I just started watching the first season of True Detective last night. I had watched 5 minutes of it maybe 3 years ago and for some reason turned it off. what is wrong with me? holy crap the first 50 minutes are better than like 98% of the trash I usually watch. Stoked to see more... EDIT: sry, forgot, was going to say "hope you feel better soon!" Back problems are no fun at all - good luck getting vertical when you can!
  10. Mm, Rover looks good. Thanks for mentioning. This horror flick about aging/dementia I thorough enjoyed. Not necessarily a reflection on the topics per se, but a pretty crackin' found footage horror film
  11. What... what a STRANGE movie. It's either awfully brilliant or brilliantly awful. My opinion vacillates between these two on an almost moment by moment basis. ^ This is perfect. Spot friggin' on.
  12. Yeah, I'm worried. Been trying to figure out why and "well executed fan film" is spot on. It's weird, b/c the Sandman clip looks so well polished whereas this looks like... I don't know, something obviously filmed on a sound stage. Hard to tell until actual footage gets release though, Cho sounds fully committed which makes me hopeful....
  13. Oh HELL YES. Thanks for the heads up!
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