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  1. Oof. I don't know. I sort of came around to WAP (partly b/c if I think of it as a pop song in the world of Nier Automata it makes a lot more sense) because it was unabashed in its cheese. Also, the bridge to that song is aces (rest of it I could mostly do w/out). Listened to this a few times and it just seems . . . oddly bland. Apparently someone else is doing the beat here and I think that may be it - Grimes has proven she has musicianship, so I'm not sure why she would take one of her two most interesting traits (vocals being the other) and farm out to someone else. It's like Grimes guesting on someone else's track. Very weird (and a little disappointing). Tho Grimes v hot in this video (sry know that's objectifying apologies)
  2. 632?ref= PS: Also sorry for replying
  3. Ta, good to know (might go back and try it out). Cheers!
  4. out of curiosity, y? (i.e., what is it about 2.8.2 that is more favorable to 3.x's)?
  5. FYI - Renoise updated to 3.2! Thread on Renoise forum here with more info/discussion. Major changes listed below: What’s new HiDPI (Retina) support and custom GUI scaling options. See below for more information. Rubberband 39 based native time-stretching options in the sampler. Detachable mixer view. (Renoise only) Custom exponential, per point scaling in all automation editors and the AHDSR modulation device. Preview of sample editor selections with computer keyboard or MIDI. A whole bunch of bug fixes 53. Lua API changes: see here 15 Most Renoise 3.1 tools will auto-upgrade and work just fine in Renoise 3.2.
  6. Not really sure WTF is going on here, but not sure that's a bad thing. Time will tell. . .
  7. Hey Snack! Took some time to listen to this over the weekend. Def loving the "summertime" feel of this - very good for a lazy, sunny summer day. Actual prefer the Summer Height "cool mix" over the other (just my personal preference), but like them both. Great mood and atmosphere. Lush 🙂
  8. Thanks Zef- just watched a bit of this. Never watched Joe Rogan's show (in my mind he has always kind of been "that dude from Fear Factor). He. . . actually seems like an intelligent and perceptive interviewer? Who knew?
  9. This? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6469548/?ref_=tt_urv
  10. So, do we have examples of Aphex collabs recently? I feel like the only things I'd put in a "collaboration" category would probs be the aforementioned by Uros and EKT, right? Seems like everything else is Aphex remixing (unless, of course, you believe Steinvord is Aphex+ whatever and/or just a pseudonym that lots of different artists put out a name under). Edit: I love that in yekker's gif the one guy is "making it rain" with absolutely nothing in his hands Edit2: tangent: I realized some of my fav Aphex is remixes - Run the Place Red; Box Energy; etc.
  11. Will the quote button no longer capture the entire post? Was going to quote Squee's quoting amberbonk.. . Anyway, will be interested in anyone here has a PSVR and can give some impressions about No Man's Sky when the Beyond update drops. Frankly, by the time I have the time to even play this we will all probably have chips in our brains making the need for external VR-gear obsolete - but I'm still curious how well it functions. Actually, curious what people's thoughts about PSVR are in general (used be deep into VR and have always been a little suspect of PSVR actually communicating a legit VR experience)
  12. T3551ER


    Doing a 2nd rewatch right now. Totally a different experience going 'round again. Knowing what is going to happen actually takes a lot of the (unnecessarily uncomfortable) tension out of things, as does being able to watch it at your own pace (e.g., the dougie jones stuff whips along and is MUCH more enjoyable when you aren't waiting a week for X to happen). Assume everyone here has already watched but if not, read a theory the other day that has TOTALLY reconfigured the way I'm doing my rewatch and feel compelled to post here (particularly for those who have yet to start a rewatch). It's a good one:
  13. Yah, pretty much this. My fear is two-sided: 1) Trump loses the election, a Dem gets in office, is unable to really get anything done d/t makeup of Senate/House, but the economy starts to tank (d/t policies being implemented now) which causes massive distrust/a hard swing to the right in 2024 OR 2) Trump wins the election, continues to implement policies damaging to our nation as a whole. We continue our slide into a fascist state. Wife just drew my attention to the fact that the Trump administration quietly moved to roll back definitions of domestic violence to 1970's era definitions earlier this year. For no stated reason. They just did it. I don't even want to understand why you would do that because it seems like then I have to believe that some people are just fucking evil. Think I mentioned it here earlier but there was a Trump rally in my town last month (this is where the "send them home" chant came from). The vehemence is frightening (particularly as a minority). What was more frightening was the atmosphere around here in the weeks following. It was like people were emboldened to be just a little more open about their feeling about "(fill in the blank)s". Trying hard to take a long view and realize that worst case scenario is still ok (we descend into a fascist state where millions toil away in a 1984-esque dystopian wasteland leading into an inevitable implosion as a species|it's fine, we weren't that important in the grand scheme of the universe anyway). In the moment tho, pretty, yeah, grim.
  14. Dunno m8. I hear what you are saying, but most things can't be broken down simply into black/white binaries. Like, ok, maybe you have received the love and light of God, but that doesn't mean that you understand God or fully comprehend him/it. I mean, by definition, God is something omniscient and omnipotent, and it is literally impossible to comprehend that from a mortal perspective. So, just because you are aware of God and have received guidance and love, doesn't mean that you understand God. So, you can't definitively know what will happen to Usagi if there is a God. Maybe God is amused by him. Maybe buttsex in heaven is totally supported by God, and when Usagi dies he'll go to heaven and have awesome, mind-numbingly, orgasmic butt sex and God will smile. Another alternative is: What if your God is just one of many gods? Maybe your God provides you with love, and legitimately answers your prayers, but there is another god for someone else who does the same, but is separate? Another (another) alternative: What if the entity you have prayed to and received gifts is, in fact, the devil? Maybe it's all a trick, and you getting the things that you "needed" weren't what you needed, but what you thought you needed, thereby tying you to this entity (who is pretending to be God but isn't) so that they can later manipulate you to do their bidding, blindly? Not saying any of the above is necessarily true, more pointing out that any discussion of deities is a nuanced and beyond mortal affair. . .
  15. Uh.... . . wtf? somehow I missed out on these two tracks. Damn, coulda been jamming on 'em for months!!! Tribii is the most immediately accessible and, no joke, may be among my favorite things I've heard from you. Othplaiss is a bit of a monster of a track - actually think these two work well because Tribii is (very relatively) straighforward - Othplaiss is sort of like the Odyssey. . . lots of treks to many different locales. Oh - yes, the mixing/production here is, as noted, top of the game. Solid shit, hope these get released in HQ at some point. . .
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