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  1. https://crackmagazine.net/2021/01/aphex-twin-and-weirdcore-are-planning-something/ Prob doesn't deserve its own topic but not sure where else to put it.
  2. lel. BTW, I legit have been trying to catch our Heme/Onc Chief here to ask her your question but haven't had a chance to connect (she would know). I do think the answer is probably: we just don't know. I did a little digging and, as Xox noted above, the research is evolving and suggesting that later than scheduled 2nd doses might still be effective. It does look like conventional wisdom is that multistep dosing regimens with a second dose given earlier than scheduled may not confer the same effectiveness, as the immune system is not fully primed to provide the type of lasting and complete resp
  3. Just watched Trump give his final speech to an adoring crowd, now he's going to get on a helicopter and fly the fuck out of our lives (at least as the POTUS). I've been waiting four very long, very painful years to post this and, finally, I can say, with all kindness and love. Dear Donald:
  4. haha k, I'll give it a whirl, will report back. Yeah, the acting in the endless and direction def took me out of it... but I really did like the ideas, the execution just seemed a bit janky... actually, think it'd be fun to do one-day movie marathon of all these guys' flicks but, like: smoke, watch spring, smoke more, watch resolution, smoke tons watch endless, smoke quantities watch synchronic. Seems like blurring the lines a bit might help w/ their stuffs....
  5. Oof... yeah, the trailers made me really worried, though had a glimmer of hope. Haven't seen resolution (yet) know about some of the connective tissue - I feel like their films really require the right headspace. Like, I suspect I'd have enjoyed the Endless more if I was in a different mood - also think I could have easily hated spring a lot but it just hit me at the right time in my life to love it. I actually have hesitated to re-watch because I'm afraid I'll mar the experience. Will give resolution a go though, avoid Synchronic cheers TJ
  6. What did you think? I love love love Spring but wasn't as keen on the Endless- have been slightly worried this one would be a similar melange of interesting ideas that don't quite gel... EDIT: Holy crap! These guys are going to be directing Moon Knight? I'm sold (I know very little about MK but could see a miniseries really lending itself to these guys' talents)
  7. For fans of Cliff Martinez, Olafur Arnalds, and just plain good music. Will be bumpin this one the entire 2021 and beyond https://thebrokencradle.bandcamp.com/album/gilead
  8. N..no? I... apologies, it's sometimes hard to read intent on the internet. Your initial response seemed like you understood the perspective I was proposing and were being jocular in an ironic way. But I wasn't sure, so, like "lol?" I'm clearer now, carry on.
  9. lol? See below Yeah, I think you are on point here, particularly given the pervasiveness of the Friedman school of thought in our country/underpinning of neoliberlist economic theories. I was discussing this with the missus last night (her degree is in social movement theory/contentious politics) and she pointed out that we live in an oligarchy - and, furthermore, one of the greatest strategies in an oligarchy is to pit two underserved (or more) populations against one another. If people are too busy aiming their anger at poor circumstances at other people who are also in these
  10. MMMph. I was listening to a program a few months ago and a commentator was talking about people's engagement with politics and he observed that, for many people, they aren't actually engaged in politics. Rather, most Americans seem to treat politics as if it is a sport. People have their "team" that they root for, they get together with other fans and repeat the talking points of the sports(news)caster from their favorite network. They cheer their candidates on, they boo their opponents. Everyone on the opposite team is just the worst, worthy of being hated, ridiculed, etc. In extending this m
  11. Nice! Yeah, I'm very early on, but sort of plan on just kind of wandering at some point - I mean, the game really is gorgeous. For some reason I get a little of the same feeling I got when playing Shadow of the Colossus... just sort of lost in this other, lovingly rendered world. ..
  12. Currently flipping back and forth between Spider Man: Miles Morales and Ghosts of Tsushima. The latter was one the reasons I was excited to grab a PS5, it hasn't disappointed so far - gorgeous game with an excellent storyline and some strong writing thusfar (though definitely some really odd dialogue portions sometimes - almost feels like two different teams were writing cut-scene and dialogue options sometimes). Loving it. Flipped over to No Man's Sky for a few minutes and, man, it's feels like the game that I wished it was when it launched. The Next-Gen touches (frame rate, resolution,
  13. Nice! I'll have to check out those other folks - and yeah, he is right up to that line and somehow ends up being both incredibly funny but also creating bangin' tunes. I definitely was rocking Mr. Experience earlier this year in a completely joyous way for sure. Right?! I really thought the whole album was pretty tight from beginning to end, though I don't think there's a song that quite reaches the emotional heights that this one hits. I'm not a huge Strokes fan but there are these tracks that have come along through the years that knock me on my ass with how good they are (check out
  14. hahaha man, my M8 turned me on to Donny Benet earlier this year with this video which is friggin' hilarious but also made me realize how much I loved the track itself. His shit is great.
  15. Cheers M8 - and apologies. Sometimes it's hard to tell (particularly around here) if people are on the nose or not (I know I've fallen prey to being pretty snarky myself). No offense intended, and I actually quite liked those tracks (I'm on a bit of a rock meets K/J-pop meets metal kick so these actually kind of slide in well alongside that) - I do think the great thing about this list is, whether it is in jest or sincere, there is such a wide array of different sounds that I absolutely would never have just come across on my own. Trif means "terrific" - think it's British'ism that I sto
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