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  1. Yeah, I'm willing to give it another try - I pretty much have loved everything else he's done (Chappie is way better than people give it credit for IMO) and the Oats Studio stuff was fantastic, even if it was just a lot of proof-of-concept things. Also stoked about the District 10 news, would be REALLY interested to see him revisit that world...
  2. I'm so ready for this. When I heard he was doing a indie horror flick I was super excited, trailer has me extra pumped. Watching this makes me wish they had given him that Alien movie to make, it would have been bonkers good (tho I'm a pretty big Blomkamp apologist w/ exception of Elysium)
  3. Loki season finale. Fantastic. I feel like it's getting a fair amount of hate in the press for serving a setup for the rest of the Marvel Phase IV stuff instead of being a definitive season end but I totally disagree. Given that there is a promised S2 it's a perfect, cliffhanger episode that still brings main narrative themes, character arcs, and plots to a natural feeling conclusion, while setting up where things go next. It's also incredibly exciting (to me) to see the caliber of thing that Marvel is pushing forward with this - this was an incredibly well acted, nuanced, fascinating series that entertained but still managed to be contemplative about its characters, had bombast but also felt incredibly personal. It's also an argument for why a tight six hours is a better format than a feature film - it allows room for development and a story to breathe, while also remaining taut. In a way, it feels like what Feige is (amazingly) doing is providing the sort of depth, interweaving, and coherence that existed in the comics for a long time into the medium of film/tv - something that seems like it'd be easy but is as much an art as anything. The ending frankly makes me super excited for all the "next things" - it's got that "oh, crap, now I need to buy the spider man comics 'cause I just gotta know how that's all going to fit in" sort of feeling I've not felt outside of the comic genre. Also:
  4. I was thinking about this was fixing my hair the other day (something I'm relatively new to, and often struggle with): So, Vampires. The way they are presented is these uber-hot, perfect coiffed, not a stitch out of place, stepped out of a Vogue photoshoot uber hotties. What I want to know is, how TF they able to look like that when they can't see themselves in the fucking mirror? I mean, do you have to turn someone who you can rely on to be your perfect style buddy? Seems that would come along with its own pitfalls (like, what if they don't like your style? You have no idea what they're doing to your face/hair. What if they are really pissed you made them into an undead corpse and end up making you up like John Wayne Gacey all the time?) Probably not such a big deal with smartphones these days, but then you have to wonder if the same rules of mirrors apply to selfies. ..
  5. Thnx for the link that's... I don't know. Fascinating? Disturbing? We had a similar presentation provided by the folks at IBM a couple of years back w/ the aim of using AI to parse information in the medical record to increase efficiency/predict patterns/etc. .. ..same ideas, just overlaid onto different datasets. .. I hope someday there will be an AI that will create IDM for me that will be distributed to a demographic determined by an AI that ends up being a bunch of AI bots having a rave inside a computer. Also:
  6. ^ looks interesting. I googled it and then read the first 1/8th of this article that's behind a stupid paywall but the first few paragraphs raise an interesting question which is: what if the same technology was applied retrospectively to things like videos of court testimony (or, I suppose, even prospectively). Seems totally unlikely in the near term... but in the long term? Who knows, we've got fucking Amazon AI firing contract workers at will .... Back OT: Loki. GD I'm loving it. Thought Ep 3 was a bit of a let down but 4+5 have been nonstop awesome, and suspect on rewatch 3 just provides a nice, contemplative, character building bridge for the rest of the whole. Also really enjoying the week to week suspense - usually avoid that shit like the plague but it's been fantastic fun. If they stick the landing, this may end up taking up the next to top spot in favorite Marvel things ever (#1 goes to Legion, forever and always)
  7. I googled Cringe Peaks and this showed up:
  8. Harley Quinn (animated TV series on HBO Max) - Just finished binging the first two seasons. It's fucking great. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking and inspiring - a passing familiarity with the tropes of DC Comics helps deepen the enjoyment, but not necessary by any means. Very adult (in all ways - language, gore, etc. but also in themes). A great show about broken people trying to find their place in the world, viewed through the lens of Adult Swim-style humor. A+
  9. lol this sounds like an tag line for the best anti-VD ad campaign ever
  10. Yeah, full confession: even though I've watched a few of his vids, I legit had no idea he was the Flashbulb. Similarly, only have a few of his tracks that I've heard/listened too - all very enjoyable, clearly musically competent, good stuff, but never really dug too much further in (for a lot of reasons in this and the other related thread - partly it's just volume of music to sift through). Definitely appreciate his perspective - as not a professional musician/hobbyist who has a family now it's nice to see/hear someone's perspective who's now had decades worth of experiencing doing it as a pro. .. with all the pros/cons that brings. Oh, also his comment about reaching the point of not giving AF and how that can re-invigorate creativity - seems on point even if you aren't a pro musician...
  11. Yeah, wow, that was fantastic. Thanks @ignatius
  12. Sold my Octatrack last year to pay for a Push + Ableton. I don't really regret it, because Ableton/Push totally has been a godsend when it comes to workflow. Also, after really digging in, think the Octa really shines when connected to multiple other gear, which I don't have (yet). However, I kinda regret it, because there are just certain things it does so well that is hard to replicate otherwise (parameter locking, morphing slider, conditionals, probabilities, etc.). Plus, think there is something really good about working within the confines of a single piece of kit, particularly one that has such an esoteric workflow. And clicky keys. mmm. miss them things.
  13. dooooooope. Really love the last minute or so of Damaged. Looking forward to digging into these releases, lush AF!
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