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  1. First off, it's pretty awesome you have a girl that is not only willing to watch a movie like this with you, but also who wants to talk about it for hours afterwards. That's awesome! (my wife would rather eat rusty nails than watch a film like that). I feel like your response to the movie is kinda perfect? I mean, in some ways as literary and wordy as the movie can be, at the heart it seems to be about, in some ways, words being insufficient and words being lost. More a feeling, like you say. Glad to see you and QP liked it - feel like it's not for everyone but for a certain person it probably it quite moving (it was for me ... and still am thinking about it days later).
  2. Obligatory posting on the 666 page. Seems appropriate that a Paris Hilton is on this one yah? Watched I'm Thinking About Ending Things. I think this one is doing itself a disservice by being marketed as a horror film. I guess, in the truest sense of the word it's "horror" as it's (trying to speak vaguely here on purpose) about very real horrors of the mind more than, say, a jump scare film (or even a slow burn A24 or whatever It follows sort of thing). Hyper literary, meta, but what do you expect from a Kaufman film? Impeccably acted on all parts, very much a work of "art" as opposed to pure entertainment (though it is that). Lynchian, heartbreaking at points, beautiful at others. It's haunted me since watching it in the best possible way. I will note: yes, there is something to "figure out" here that probably rewards on repeat viewings, but even figuring that out didn't actually detract from the overall experience (as it often does).
  3. It's ridiculously good Ha! That vid is great. The sub I got wouldn't do nearly this sort of thing but it still hits harder than anything I've had in a car before. I left Cypress Hill Temples of Boom in the CD player accidentally and apparently the installer used that as his primary reference point ^O^ Seriously though, I think many of my favorite music listening experiences happened in a car. Lots of fond memories listening to (what are now) classic warp records (Go Plastic, Drukqs, etc.) while driving around town doing nothing but... driving around town and listening to music. ... wish I had more time for it these days... oh, right, the speakers they installed in the front are Hybrid Audio Mirus They've done a really good job of bringing in some clarity w/out breaking the bank. In case anyone is looking to upgrade. .. Right?!! I swear, we still have a lot of moments of small snipey banter here and there, but with stuff like this... she totally gets why it means so much to me (even if it doesn't to her). Pretty lucky for sure.
  4. So, I uh, might have somewhat spur of the moment (but not really, been wanting this for a while) put a system in my car. Was initially going to just upgrade speakers but my wife talked me into going more full throttle. I don't think she exactly expected a sub that would take up 1/4 of the trunk, but here we are. Anyway, holy fucking shit this EP fucking kills w/ a proper system, particularly the sub-frequencies. 1st 44 in particular feels like you are steadily punching your way through 14 different reality membranes on your way to nirvana. Also, unrelated, but the Heorge Garrison stuff (at least Bounce Selector - haven't tried the rest yet) ... wow, so friggin good. Redonkulous production on that shit.
  5. T3551ER


    Yeah... I don't know if you can watch S3 without the earlier seasons though? I mean, whether or not you agree with that Twin Perfect fella, I did think there is some commentary on expectations carried through to S3 from watchers of the earlier seasons. Also, I mean, stuff like the waiting for Coop and Ed and Norma payoff.... you kinda miss context for all sortsa stuff. Anyway of course I'm biased. Guess I'd say if you HAD to skip something I agree it shouldn't be the first season and if you did want to launch her into TP S3 at the very least FWWM is mandatory viewing. My 2 cents
  6. Happy dirthbay, R to the DJ!
  7. Man, really love the synths/rising action that hits around 2 minutes into this piece, moving through the section where the beat drops out. Also like that the end here is beatless, and strips things down to the base melody. I had a visceral, emotional reaction to this. It truly moved me. I could see adding something to the end of this like you're thinking, maybe some sort of chime/mallet sounds w/ a lush delay? However, could also see you pruning this a bit and shortening everything up a bit. As is, think it's great - again, it hit me in my heart, which (to me) is the most important thing. 🙂
  8. Love the bit around 2:47 where this turns into the audio equivalent of a cronenburg movie. OK, that's a bit overstating it, but it was an unexpected left turn into something ...darker than I was expecting. I've mixed feelings about the ending. I kind of want this to trail off into something ethereal but it kind of does the opposite. It makes me uncomfortable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Overall, aces. Like that even slower stuff like this of yours sounds as good as the more hectic tunes.
  9. Not at all. I just find the idea of having Mullholland as an in flight movie amusing (bordering on the hilarious). Like, imagining a cabin full of people held captive w/any Lynch film? Tickles me. Oh, gah, like, what if it was an intercontinental flight and they did a Lynch marathon? Peoples faces would melt off. Its a bit diff nowadays w the movies being self selected to a degree and on the seatbacks. Sort of loses the charm of the in-flight communal experience. Also, makes the idea of lynch on the flight slightly less amusing (but only slightly)
  10. I soooo want to fly on whatever airline is playing Mulholland as an in-flight movie. Particularly if they still presented them as forced viewing for the entire plane....
  11. FWIW when I saw this (what is now years ago) it truly moved me. It helped that I went in with 0 expectations though - going in expecting this to be something other than a very weird, indy take on horror is going to leave you disappointed. It's much more a meditation in love, infatuation, and maybe sacrifice and mortality. I legit cried though, it kind of broke my heart in the best way possible. I'm pretty emo tho, so totally up my alley *runs to to bedroom, slams door* *puts on new Taylor Swift album* *weeps loudly*
  12. pretty effin tight man. Love the line that comes in around 1:35 w/ the building drums and bass. Transition around 2:35 is heavenly. The drop in around 3:20 is a nice bridge to some excellent drumwork in the latter half. Nice to hear some uplifting sounds in a time of such dark haziness.
  13. Actually going to go the opposite here. I quite like the variation, think you could even do more to break it up by adding a bridge section (just a thought) - though I'm extremely ADD so I like a lot of activity. Oh also wanted to say that the goal of finishing a track a week is inspiring. Recently been chatting with a variety of people about this (working on quantity as a method of continual improvment vs getting stuck on one ot two tracks .. or even just the idea of one or two tracks but not doing anything). Anyway, just wanted to say props and the results here show that this is a good approach. Oh also also: my father taught me a poem when I was a kid you want to hear it?
  14. Spectral Disorder - the T3 (serious) review At the outset of 2020, I made a claim that this album was my most anticipated release of the year. This presaged the ongoing pandemic and steady disintegration of my country into what feels like, and perhaps is, a fascist state. How prescient is it, then, that this album, composed well before the current maelstrom of cognitive dissonance generating events, would arrive at just the right time to provide - if not a soundtrack, at least some comfort: there is beauty to be found, even in the chaos of disorder. While the prior Melted album generated an almost fanciful discursion into futuristic hip-hop (and a likewise flowery review), Spectral Disorder is. . . well, let me back up. It has taken me a long time to write this review, in no small part because what here is dense, complex, and has taken some time to digest. In that way, it holds with all my favorite music - that which is too soon processed tends to be discarded. Things that reveal themselves over multiple listens, over multiple years? That's the where the good stuff lives. That's not to say that there isn't an immediately graspable musicality here. 0THPLAISS is a banger from the word "go" twisting smeared melodies around an insistent, ever evolving breakbeat, giving way to electronic clicks and beeps, like mechanical insects singing in the night. Dual Sky Pearls follows with a decidedly more ethereal soundscape, mixing stretched vocals a la MHTRTC. It's a hazy, slightly off-key, tuned love affair with the sound of an interstellar highway. Like Daisies, the current favorite (it keeps changing) drops a heavy, liquid bass line matched with impeccable drum programming before giving way to sky lifting melodies around the 2 minute mark (while somehow still maintaining insane drum breaks, rising into the stratosphere around the 3 minute mark, before plunging back to earth, grounded by the original bassline. It goes on like this for another 7 minutes. One could write a whole chapter about this one track. Assembly required sounds like what would happen if Chris Cunningham created a video of a breakdancing monkey crossed with the Gantz Graf video and then made the music for it. Vocals shift throughout the background like an announcer at an intergalactic truck stop. Guess starts with an almost abrasively fractured beat that later resolves into lurching, oceanic synth line. The whole track evokes an elevator journey into space, travelling through multiple layers of a futuristic cityscape, finally reaching the zenith on some alternate reality space station. The album rounds out with NOSOULBLUZ, a skittering, shaking, head nodder of a track that picks up the excellent drum programming of Like Daisies midway through, before winding it's way through caverns and valleys of glistening, spectral wonderment. In coming to terms with how this albums sounds, I keep coming back images of Blade Runner, that mix of far future, digital signage writ massive, coupled with industrial decay. Blade Runner (particularly 2049) has both a noir and a detached and almost lamentable take on what it means to be human (or, perhaps, just alive). Like those movies, this album is broad strokes made by fingers of silicon dipped in inkwells of uncreated colors, married with the electronic impulses of a positronic brain learning how to think. It is beautiful, but it also feels a bit mournful (I spent a lot of time listening to this mowing the lawn, which takes about 2/3 of the album all told - I inevitably found myself moved towards a sort of pleasant sadness). I said this is my most anticipated album of 2020. It still is. It's almost criminal to review this, but if I wait until I've fully, completely digested... well, it'll be some years. This one is worth a listen. To be more accurate, it's worth about 1000 listens, after which you might have some complete appreciation of its complexity and beauty. It might also prove that you're more than just a replicant (or, perhaps, more than just a human).
  15. Actually finished it a bit ago, but deserves (another) mention: Devs - spectacular. Hovering around one of my fave things ever, stuck the landing in the last episode in a way that I didn't think was possible. No spoilers, just going to say to say I constantly vacillate on how I feel about the last part in the best way possible. Recently finished watching Legion. Hol-EE crap. If I were to pick a show to rank purely on style I think Legion might be up there as the tippity top one. I had watched S1 ages ago and enjoyed it, but feel like S2 elevated the show to another level. S3 does some amazing things that, in a way, also pick at similar themes to Devs (but in a different way). Also, I rarely smoke these days, and this show had the unique effect of making me feel like I had while watching it, even though I hadn't. Very strange, but think it speaks to the power of the audiovisual experience (the sound design on this show is as amazing as the visuals).
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