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  1. The world shattered to me once I realized at 25 (now at 28) how the world really functions (capitalism). That's why I stopped having some dreams which now I find kind on unethical and started a more pantheistic life while trying to be as far as I can of the things I believe poison the world and focus on what I believe could benefit t (creating art, teaching people stuff, etc). So for me life stopped being something to plan, but to live each day.
  2. also this one. In fact I love this one more
  3. Always enjoying this masterpiece like if it was the first time I hear it
  4. if new AT album hasn't an AI generated cover I will be disappointed
  5. logakght

    AI Art

    https://metaxis.digital/Acerca Made an octopus for my site.
  6. Last one is extraordinary
  7. Right now I'm on acid and in weed.

    1. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Not a terrible place to be, hope it all ended up well. 🙂

    2. logakght


      Everything fine my friend! Completely enjoyed it.

  8. https://archive.org/details/BIOMECHANOID_Arkhive02/02LightChannel.mp3
  9. Today I was on acid all-day.

  10. logakght

    AI Art

    Some stuff I imagined
  11. Anyone else using are.na ? Let's connect ideas together: https://www.are.na/oscar-a-montiel

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