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  1. https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/album/darkest-before-dawn Dark and surreal.
  2. I searched exactly for this track in WATMM because I thought I made a specific post celebrating this piece of night, but found this instead. 2011, damn. https://steveroach.bandcamp.com/album/darkest-before-dawn
  3. want to play RDR2. Is it the holy grail of vidya as some say?
  4. I do love the idea of the NFTs, but as with physical art, it seems (stupid and rich) people will spend in any shit they can just for the sake of it. That cryptopunk stuff is absolute trash.
  5. i want to try that shit, i mean the magic mushroom shit. I´m a complete novice that smokes weed daily. How can I handle a mushroom? Tips for a beginner ?
  6. I´m a loner too and I embrace it. I tried to have a relationship, but even tho she loved me despite my personality, I simply could not feel "okay". I need to feel free to love and feel love. And people start to appreciate that sincerity
  7. Hi, so got on the mood to study more maths and such, and music helps tremendously. Got any suggestion to pump the neurons into a synced dance of logical flow to understand abstract conceptos? This thread is related: https://oval.bandcamp.com/track/textuell
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