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  1. Yeah, it's just the words. I hate pop music in an, dunno, consumerism way, but yeah, some are necessarily catchy (since they are specifically created to be catchy). Probably I'm more into non-pop stuff, but I also like some poppy stuff, like Michael Jackson's Thriller (which by today standards wouldn't really classify it as pop).
  2. it means memorable, catchy, melodic, accessible, structurally simple: I don't consider this pop since it doesn't has the structure of a pop song, and yet it is memorable, catchy, melodic, accessible, structurally simple—is this pop music? Btw I hate pop music.
  3. I firmly believe pop needs to be formulaic to be considered musically as "pop". Now, when something non-pop becomes popular, that doesn't means it is "pop" per se.
  4. https://dismissyourself.bandcamp.com/track/tenshi
  5. I think we should discern between the "profound" art and the "pop/superficial" art from the artist. If Mr. NIN was able to create soulful music, he can master the pop side of his craft, hence get more the money. Respect.
  6. https://ruffneck.bandcamp.com/track/evil-rain
  7. https://darkdescent.bandcamp.com/track/paradox-lost
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