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  1. yes! thank you! I LOVE Shuttle's music—really has some distinct aura that makes it liminal between nostalgic and futuristic... Beautiful stuff. Thanks for the linking.
  2. Not really. I just found that webm and thought it was cool to fx it—tho yes I like sensuality.
  3. It depends on the project and how much value you place on the 'scientific beauty' of your work. I see it as a playground where there are no inherent concepts of math or physics, apart from the need for quick execution, quite Zen... Additionally, you also learn many things in the process.
  4. Max is simply so much fun... A balm to the soul...
  5. yeah exactly... what's the american obsession with big, stinky asses?
  6. i thought Albini was cool and based...
  7. logakght

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    Just finished reading Homo Ludens, about play&culture: https://metaxis.digital/libro/johan-huizinga-homo-ludens
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