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  1. Need new Ae.

    1. kichiguy
    2. ambermonke


      I wz gonna say, they sort of hinted at it in that interview

    3. jaderpansen


      who doesn't...

  2. he would have a tremendous musical status by now, like up par with the Aphexs.
  3. i feel in china with that shit of reacts affecting your rep
  4. yo yo yo i feel in da phuture

  5. This. Although I do like Cosmogramma and it was relatively mind-blowing when it came out, depending on my mood it was "overly-busy thundercat filled jazzwank." 1983 and LA are definitely my favorite material. UTQC was fine, refreshingly chill but also not that moving. And to be honest I don't really remember what You're Dead! sounds like at the moment, though I know I've listened to it plenty. Or maybe just a handful of times? That could be the case. Need to revisit those last two. I'm in agreement the cover at sucks and looks like Michael Jackson's Dangerous. The "teaser" video/track isn'
  6. I don't like the Aphex Twin image is transforming into a brand.
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