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  1. I saw the Solarbabies yesterday. It's a cool movie, magical distopic dreamy world, with dumb rollerblader teens and badly made attrezzo, hard to think it needed 25 million dollars budget of 1986
  2. Small Country by Gaël Faye. Very illustrative book concerning the Rwandan genocide
  3. Listen to Music, draw, read (natural ways of generating and balancing levels of gabba, serotonin or dopamine), eat healthy, access to your inner strength by earnestness, do dumb random free stupid shit or sounds to waste stagnant energy, get rid of negative imagination, get rid of the sense of personal unfairness (wich is also a form of negatvie imagination), transmute self pity or regrets not by being indulgent in them but by being councious of them with respect, do a service for someone or something, give more and give in advance, what you give you are really giving it to yourself.
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