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  1. ^ and that "boxing coach" saying he has to eat healthier lol. Vice is becoming crap
  2. Gladiator is a decent film, nice combat characters on the arena. And Phoenix, a good job confirmed
  3. More than a simple limited praise to some "god" as we wrongly understand, what it is said in religions, in reality it is concieved to be an adoration of some sort which aims an absortion in the timeless, infinite source self which is at the same time everything and everyone at once. It is a concious union or connectin with that higher energy while still here in our current lives on earth in order to develop our highest states and possibilities, but of course the method to attain that are not just fake praises to some conceptual god. Mainstream understanding of religions are only the superficial and erroneusly understood conceptions of this idea. When you seek for deeper sources like freemasonic stuff, rosicrucians, kabbalah, the 4th way, sufism, jnana and bathki yoga, etc.. you get a glimpse of what is all about, and to what extent "the big monoteistic religious orgnizations" come from and what does their work should serve for the individual today, which sould be the aim of questioning the sources and deepest roots and contents from which they were originated
  4. Im going to watch it, but my prejudices are that it is too mental, so much psicoanalysis about a character and his personal development. In my opinion the joker resembles his essence better in the inminent uncertain chaos of his actions, rather than over explaining a dramatic background where he may have developped those fucked up mental traits. You already know that the character may have some sort of depressive background behind, which may be interesting to know, but I prefer the joker in action coming out of nowhere randomly and also dissapearing like that without no much explanation, which is what gives him a major percentage of his magic, like it was in Dark Knight or Batman89. The idea of not knowing his supposed personal history in much detail is more appealing than looking for an explanation of why he is like that
  5. Astrology is mostly right. Fuck 99% women and their dumb criteria of choices. Your brain is gonna stab you. Life is or achieving a forced state of faked vibratory happines while in the pursuit of a nonsensical goal, or dying of cancer, suicide, etc. Real altruism is too demanding and scarce. Social relationships stink. Risky things do not deliver equally well after. Your egoistic nature is hurting your parents. Timming sucks. The earth and its dimensions sucks. Music is the only thing that is objetively right and rewarding. What it makes it different if I accept some harsh reality of life or not, would it make me go to higher spheres for some more nonsensical dopaminic conditional shit? Beauty exist but it just gets value for its decay and vulnerability of dissapereance. The suns are like a timeless orgasms, just a dumb almost infinite here and now raw energies for the sake of sustaining secondary outer dramas
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