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  1. Bolena ass walking in a beige bikina at the greek beach. Brunardo was the readiest to make those trips to the icy hoeland 11S is a less flagrant Rothschild psyop than coronashit, #stayhome dude fun incesto jugs modular gods grow the devilish essences to not keep an eye on holy discharges pipe pipers reloaded art, honor and vale tudo The wood never was ready for your ingratitude pull a girl and gently caress her hair while your audacity Static X remixes are banging the cars subwoofers liver intentional magick wishes while whyskying in decisive cocktail drunk meetings parties best honest options are interactions of you and a random woman always, the other things are just social ego masks personas baby born comedies, at last lol haha tiny girl with glasses, oh boy cool moments ahead India is your open jaws destination, I am foreseeing it bro. Curry is handy and misticism palpable The red forces are open up to playful illusions. America is happy with it
  2. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is nice. PK Dick being cooler and imaginativier in this bitch
  3. Metal Rat year. Time to get fat amounts of money if we are clever, and time to be incisive and assertive Also year for Banksys Rats and stuff to get over them hoods
  4. Quite steriotipated superficial displays these russians tend to do
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1UDtFqDL48
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