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Aqusmatiq Dedalus delay


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i was part of the beta for this and immediately was clear it's special processor w/unique features/sound. currently intro price at $19 and will be $49 once the intro period ends. it's a new company but the collaboration is like DSP allstars who individually make amazing stuff. Maurizio is one of the people who writes the Music and Sound Design with Max series of books.  

Aqusmatiq Audio was born from the fusion of brain cells of Amazing Noises (Maurizio Giri) and apeSoft (Alessandro Petrolati), joined by the invaluable collaboration of Diego Capoccitti.
We develop audio plug-ins: VST3, AU, AAX.



the pitch tracking combfiltery stuff in this sounds sooooo good. unique character. modulation is deep and the gui is fast. you can modulate the modulators and do all kinds of cool delay tricks. 

this IG clip (gui hidden because it was still beta) is a drum loop from microtonic going into dedalus with some internal modulation. 


there's a bunch of videos on their site showing the ins and outs of basic use plus some tricks. it's a well featured processor. no brainer at $19

it's available at isotonik studios. 


youtube playlist. 


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4 hours ago, exitonly said:

thank you. may i please have a brochure?

the door to door salesman will be by to knock on your door and when you open will ask "Do you have time to talk about Dedalus?"

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On 3/11/2023 at 11:13 AM, TubularCorporation said:

Seems decent for under $20.


Full price is a hard sell when you can get Melda Multiband Delay for $52 (or les swhen it's on sale), though.

it's a pretty special delay. i wouldn't compare it to melda. i have a bunch of melda plug ins.. not dissing them.. just a very different thing compared to Dedalus. i recommend checking the demo to hear what it can do and see if the interface i for you. i like the interface. it's fast and fun and very flexible. the over drive and karplus stuff in it is really great.. combfiltery pitch tracking thing it can do is really really good and sounds different/better than other delays that have similar feature set. 

i like delays and own a lot of them and this one is a no brainer. so good. 

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