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  1. whoa. fuck'n lawyers came up w/this shit ya know. all the various royalties payouts from the dawn of the industry were cocked up by some lawyers and accountants.. digital even more so it seems. what a racket.
  2. i don't know if i'd call it double dipping. it's more like 1.003 dipping 😉 apple is the one you're paying for the streaming engine. the artists just get that slight quarterly bonus or however the royalty is set up w/their aggregator. i buy from bandcamp, bleep and sometimes label direct if their site is set up for it. usually just files but sometimes vinyl and files.
  3. totally. also, i'd say the culture of large police forces is totally fucked up and full of under developed frontal lobes. i'd say plenty of cops are being taught to bring this kind of sport into the daily work of being a cop. competitive abuse and oppression. essentially dehumanizing those who are outside the embrace of the police force... and of course 40% of police wives or is it 60%.. i can't recall.
  4. the president is so hung up on hyrdoxycholoroquine.. i wish he'd just let it go already. but guess he owns stock or something.
  5. that sucks. so 10 alcoholics going through the DTs seeking relief. shame they couldn't throw a brick through the window of a liquor store and gotten some booze..
  6. One of the first ships to resume cruising is having a COVID outbreak https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/
  7. i think Greta is great. I was doing a gloomy satire. i was not in any way politically active when i was 16. there was no cause that propelled me other than typical 16 yr old shit. fukushima was a wake up for some. it seemed inevitable though.. the location, insufficient contingency plan (thank fuck for those smart ass engineers on site who managed the crisis with macguiver-like solutions at the cost of their lives), and low sea wall and arguably some bad decisions about where to put the back up generators. i'm no engineer and hindsight is 2020 but damn it seems obvious after watching a few documentaries that it was only a matter of time. there are other countries w/issues w/storing spent fuel. a shame that we can't get some modern nuclear going becuase hte designs are far superior in every way. some use spent fuel from other reactors for fuel. other use thorium molten salt. Bill Gates was working hard w/a group on building the first modern reactor in china when trump became president and some of the trade war bullshit poopoo'd that. there's a good doc on the technology and how the pentagon fucked it up so many years ago because they wanted things a certain way for powering ships and submarines. this is gates' company https://www.terrapower.com the story about the construction stopping in china https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a25728221/terrapower-china-bill-gates-trump/ obviously it's not solved.. nuclear might make an important bridge to whatever comes as we hopefully transition to renewables and off fossil fuels entirely but there's still plenty to be done there obviously. here's the preview PBS doc The Nuclear Option from the Nova science show. I found it fascinating. couldn't find it on youtube other than a bunch of spoofs where people put the title of the doc over anti-nuke stuff. it's probably on the torrents though. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/the-nuclear-option/
  8. we'd need at least 10 more greta thundbergs.. maybe 11.
  9. thankfully it's a state law that insurance has to cover it except for $100. other states mandate 100% coverage
  10. Where’d that Epstein thread go? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/31/underage-girl-forced-to-have-sex-with-prince-andrew-us-court-document-jeffrey-epstein Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. it's frustrating. i super roasted amoderator of the logic user group some years ago and those comments were deleted even though there was much lulz from other members of that prissy community where you can't refer to apple in a negative light in any way. we need an archive of the deleted! 😀
  12. driving on the freeway this morning a rock hit my windshield.. left a little divit and tiny spiderweb crack. ugh.
  13. there's always been a lot of music. yes, more recording than ever.. largely due to the availability of relatively low cost home recording solutions. but do we need to talk about the signal to noise ratio of what's out there? saying "but there's so much music" doesn't really have much to do with streaming. anyone can make a hundred shitty tracks and put them on spotify w/o much effort. quantity doesn't equal quality. also, there's a discussion about professional vs hobby in this somewhere. it's easy to see in the future that there could be very few professional musicians who do it full time and make a living at it enough to dedicate themselves to it. this could happen for any number of reasons but things like near zero income from streaming services play a part.
  14. it's just piracy by another means imo. i the money is so little for most artists that it's trivial. i'd rather people download off soulseek than give money to spotify. It's part of the reason i made most of my releases 'name your price' on bandcamp. people who are broke can download for $0 and people who feel like it can pay $5 or whatever. i don't think the requirement of internet or data to listen to music is at all convenient. but i get it.. the writing is on the wall. i just don't think it's a sustainable situation for artists. it's devaluing to music and art in general. the price is set so low that people expect it to be free. it's not sustainable.
  15. shit. RIP Malik https://www.cbsnews.com/news/malik-b-the-roots-dead-age-47-cause-of-death-not-released/
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