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  1. there's always time for memes but yeah.. hanging out w/fam. 99% of my friends have left south florida over the years.
  2. pretty interesting once they get into it. goes thru the 'green scare' in the 90s and comes up to date currently. https://sub.media/video/trouble-5-you-are-being-watched/
  3. out in december https://ra.co/news/76205 https://detunedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/st8818r-humanoid
  4. anecdote: my mom lives in the city oof pembroke pines now.. has been here a few years now. the recycling program for the whole city is ending in like a month. i asked why she said it's because people dont do it right and put all kinds of garbage in the recycle bins.. like dirty diapers and big hunks of styrofoam and cat litter and stuff.. so it's just too expensive to pay people to sort out all the non-recyclable things. people are uninformed and can't be arsed to get informed. not sure why they can't just do a bottles and cans only program to make easier for hte stupids to figure out... landfills are massive when you drive north on I-75 etc..
  5. i'm posting for cringe lols at this point. it's all just a spectacle side show that inevitably will result in trump being re-elected in 2024 just in time to take credit for any gains that come from biden's infrastructure plans should they get through congress in some form. it's gonna be hilarious.
  6. just went to the grocery store and to pick up some cuban food and lot's of masks. only saw one guy in the grocery store w/o a mask. i'm in west ft lauderdale more or less. so, around here most people staying masked. i flew through atlanta to get here and the flight attendants got on the PA like every 10 minutes to instruct people to keep masks on and how to eat while wearing a mask etc.. "you can't just hold a drink in your hand and keep your mask down as if you're eating for the entire flight" today i was told that flight disruptions are up like 3000% or something and mostly in southern states. but, thankfully my flights were drama free.
  7. i'm in ft lauderdale for the next 5 days. wish me luck.
  8. that mix they did few years ago is a pretty rockin classic electro/hip hop survey of stuff they're into. i forget what it was no though.. but it's seamless mixing has all the classics and more
  9. a friend made business cards that just say "FUCK YOU" in big block letters.
  10. i can't read music. what's it say? edit: does playing the chord make the person who plays it gay or everyone who hears it?
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