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  1. somewhere buried in there is info that new vaccines won't be available until sometime in the fall. so, they won't quite overlap w/good timing. but also i have not heard mention anywhere about the vaccine the DoD is working on in partnership w/one of the labs.. to make the vaccine that is for the entire COVID genome or whatever.. every possible evolutionary mutation.. all in one shot. saw a couple stories on it a year ago but nothing since. sounded promising. the "doomer" narrative presented there in those articles is, to me, based on realism and what the situation looks like now. there's not a lot of stability really and politically the will to act has waned here in the US. COVID is on the back burner for a lot of people. some friends of mine went to a party a week ago and got covid as did 5 or 6 other people. turned into a mini super spreader event. they're vax'd and boosted but still said the 2nd and 3rd days were kinda rough and included losing sense of smell. ugh.
  2. he was on jamie lidell's podcast a while back. was a good chat. i've snagged several of his releases over the last few years. the long one full of ambient stuff and kyma sound design is great. here's the HOWA podcast episode https://podbay.fm/p/hanging-out-with-audiophiles/e/1626788036
  3. new comp on patterned media. is preorder only. release is on July 15th. https://patternedmedia.bandcamp.com/album/vol-2-heard-that-noise soundcloud medley
  4. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_re6g4aLBUB1v59k6n_720.mp4
  5. not calmer. just more emboldened. fascists showing up a story time w/drag queens and threatening/intimidating etc. i hope people start fighting back more like how those proud boys got pepper sprayed the other day when they showed up at a bookstore having it's story time for kids.
  6. VOTE HARDER DADDY! once supreme court decides that case that allows the legislature to have control of deciding elections instead of local courts then it's all over. fascism is making serious gains w/the court. trumpism is moving beyond trump. fascists are in the streets. reasonable people should buy guns and learn to use them for when the fascists start coming for people.
  7. usually w/meniere's is a possible diagnosis they do a scan of the head to check for tumors. it's the first thing they rule out. there are some tests for meniere's to determine if it's BPV (benign position vertigo) or whatever it's called. meniere's sucks. long covid seems like it would suck too though.
  8. watching this now. doesn't at all sound like a pro-transhumanist position though. sounds very much like a warning. at least about 12 minutes in that's what it sounds like to me.
  9. yeah.. for sure. .the ray kurzweil book "The Singularity is Near" is full of examples of where we're at and where we're headed with so much of it. it reads like a thesis. endless examples of breakthroughs and what it might mean. it's practically dated now though. i think a lot of it is very optimistic sometimes.. and i think i recall sapiens coming across that way at times.. but he leaves a lot hanging if my memory is correct. there's some books that are cyberpunk predictions of things.. and others that are essays on what could happen when/if it call goes wrong and we end up with the grey goo in the environment that is self replicating nano machines feeding off pollution and organic oils and running amok uncontrolled and unable to be defeated like a virus. every part of the world, and certainly america, is one or two natural disasters away from tipping the scales backwards. if "the big one" comes to the PNW or one of the super volcanoes somewhere blows up.. mega flood from ice dams giving up and all that. the ability of governments to deal with those kinds of catastrophes will be tested. i do think it's all a crap shoot. we're at this point in history where we're along for the ride with this stuff for the most part. thanks for the link. i'll have to check out his other books. i found Sapiens pretty interesting.. especially the first 1/3rd of it.
  10. ukraine needs an insurgency inside russia. blow up more train depots and ports and shit like that. i'm surprised no one's gone and blown up some of the pipelines that feed europe. they're accessible in some places judging by the maps.. but there's many of them.
  11. you mean body modification and augmenting our brains etc? a lot of people are pro to a certain degree.. i think the jury is out. but also that of course the people w/access to it will be elite wealthy types and use it to gain more advantage perhaps. we'll see though. if some of it gets real cheap it'll become common. at least aspects of it. but for core things like memory additions to the brain and embedded virtual displays etc.. i think we've a way to go with that. we'll probably have well function cyborg things before we can just tap into our brains and neurological systems with any stability. i'm not so worried about it. humanity will have to figure it out in the midst of climate collapse and all that.. and ever growing energy needs to power all the servers and whatever that host the METAverse 😉 and whatever quantum computers are hosting the people's brains that get scanned. 🙂 meh.. it's all a crapshoot. certain things seem really possible at some point but our own human foibles will be difficult to overcome. wars, regressive religious policies, fascism etc. i'm trying to remember his stance on it and it seemed sort of glowing at times but also worrisome. i don't remember him being a ray kurzweil evangelical type about it.. but perhaps hopeful some.. i can't recall.. read the book some time back. was really interested in the earlier parts of the book. i think we're in for some form of dystopian world regardless of technology.. we're getting pretty close to it already really.
  12. you guys should read "Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind" by Yuval Noah Harari. it's quite illuminating regarding hunter gatherers and transition to farming.. how all these people interacted and forward. tribal skirmishes etc weren't uncommon. history of genocide is interesting. the earliest genocide appears to be a site uncovered on the muddy banks of a river where it appears an entire tribe was bound and killed en masse. it's a dig site still i think. still being studied. but mostly it was more pragmatic types of violence over territory and resources. people weren't stupid. they wanted to survive. they knew a lot about their environments and what they could eat and when.. what was a natural remedy to some ailment and all that. the tribe moved though.. so in their migration if they someone was too old or too injured to go on. .they often were left behind. anyway.. it's an interesting book. also, white religious fascism becoming open talk from idiots. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/lauren-boebert-says-the-church-is-supposed-to-direct-the-government/ar-AAYX4K1
  13. As for “blood on the hands” just the work of Henry Kissinger will easily tilt the scale. Millions died because of his influence.
  14. jfc. how'd you find that. i tried to watch some of that interview but couldn't stick with it. why do i feel compelled to stick those 2 people on a catapult and fling them into the ocean?
  15. it's a shame we all don't have some version of norway near us to go idm cave it up.
  16. climate change gonna flush us all out.. or most of us. sadly poor people around the world will be at risk most but generally it'll be turmoil so who knows what'll happen. shit is gonna be upside down. it'll be like laura palmer's funeral but wetter.
  17. anyone curious about indigenous resistance... https://sub.media/indigenous-resistance/ lot's of stories at that link. lot's of canada content
  18. native peoples didn't kill each other any more or less than europeans.. probably less really.. considering the wars, colonialism caused famines etc.. brits fucked everyone w/colonialism as did europeans. brits in india and others places caused the deaths of millions. belgians in the congo were as brutal as any humans have ever been.. and on and on it goes. china is embarking on some new racist colonial behavior in africa.. USA history in latin america (school of the americas etc) is well known. anyway.. there's no use throwing stones in all this.. all sides have blood on their hands but i'd argue indigenous peoples have less blood on their hands throughout history. sure.. mayans and incas made lot's of offerings to their gods and cut off lot's of heads but it pales in comparison to what was visited upon them by slavery, disease and outright conquering. spanish in south america had to import african slaves to do the work because they killed so many natives they ran out of slave labor. as for listening to native peoples.. i mean.. it'd be nice if they even had a seat at the table but this isn't the case. just look into native people who are fishermen in nova scotia and how the canadians treated their fishing rights. shit is rough .
  19. apparently the person who patted his back said "what's up scumbag". lol.
  20. just imagined the fascist collective fucking america and she whispered into their ear "don't cum yet" and now we wait.
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