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  1. Well: “In order to deploy U.S. active-duty personnel to conduct law enforcement on American soil, the president must invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act. It has been used several times in U.S. history, including by President George H.W. Bush during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.”
  2. yeah.. i think maybe he can send some troops into DC but i don't even know if that's possible.
  3. he probably has a few allies in there too. i bet there will be big discussions amongst the military types how to follow the orders but "only a little" to appease trump. unless there is someone w/real balls.. but those people usually get fired by trump. we could have some kind of showdown between them. who knows what it'll come to??? we're in batshit times.
  4. fingers crossed it's pee tape related
  5. Is being relevant relevant anymore?
  6. can't imagine being a governor and having to be on a conference call w/this idiot.
  7. Buck Sexton is a real name of a real person Trump retweeted.
  8. lot's of destruction meandering around in this one. at the end of the clip the guy is kind of panicked a bit and trying to leave.. a guy tells him he should leave because they beat up some white people. lot's of rage pouring out
  9. the guy who charged the looters with a sword? that video is super brutal. did he die? last i heard he was just badly injured. also, wasn't his store he was just attempting to defend it for some reason when he charged with a sword. a fuckign sword.
  10. Warp Artist Vincent Gallo? yeah.. he also makes music with lot's of old machines and test equipment. can't say i recall hearing any of it ever but he's got releases on warp. https://warp.net/artists/91391-vincent-gallo it doesn't matter. everyone is looking at chloe sevigny anyways.
  11. i caved and ordered the autechre t-shirts from bleep. at the start of pandemic lockdown i sold a bunch of modules and bought winter modular Eloquencer sequencer. quite programmable. makes a good mate w/the malekko Varigate 8+ which is really fast to use.
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