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    what's going on? just saw this
  2. my friend's kid goes to one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country that happens to be located in Sarasota, FL. currently they're organizing protests because the state is trying to force them to adopt a religious/federalist type of curriculum based on Hillsdale college curriculum. Hillsale some cringey shit. i know someone who went there. it's religious based conservatism and it's insidious. these people are pieces of shit and they're trying to destroy anything that questions their worldview. https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-college-of-florida-at-crossroads-as-ron-desantis-sees-liberal-bias-11674794682 Some students and faculty, meanwhile, have said they are concerned that New College could be thrust into uncertainty as it becomes a political football. Many students, parents and alumni said in interviews that the campus has an eclectic mix of people and an accepting environment. this is hillsdale college if you're curious. https://www.hillsdale.edu ugh. fucking hell.
  3. the sleeves and interior are dope as well. mine came w/a bunch of business cards in it that have the design on it as well. i dno't know where those are though. should look around maybe.
  4. the t-shirts have cheaper shipping via autechre bandcamp. https://autechre.bandcamp.com/merch/draft-730-black-t-shirt
  5. they've been doing it behind the scenes forever. always been shady as fuck and without redemption. this is all playing out as expected really. i imagine it'll get worse. things always do
  6. doubt. i signed up for bleep newsletter so get a 10% discount offer so maybe if i add another thing to the order it'll be worth it but that's just dumb because i know it won't.
  7. $47 for 1 t-shirt to america. shipping is a fuck. guess i don't need another Ae t-shirt tight now (blasphemous, i'm kicked out of the clubhouse. head held low. SHAME)
  8. i would still go next door to get the coffee there because starbuck's coffee is like tar and burned camel shit ground into paste then hot water is filtered thru it in a cup.
  9. Massive penis man who claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex is dramatically found NOT GUILTY of murder https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3631393/massive-penis-man-claims-girlfriend-choked-death-not-guilty-murder-richard-patterson/
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmXnpVUoD0 edit: for some reason youtube doesn't allow this to be embedded. amazing scene 😉
  11. went down an Alice in Chains rabbit hole over the last week. hadn't listened to Dirt or Jar of Flies in forever. took me back to that year/summer of all the things in miami w/long time homies. it's like an anthem for that time i think for me. lot's of special times. this performance from before the Album, Dirt, was released is great.
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