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  1. i told her i'd be up for it if she'd supply the ben gay and preparation H. i laid all my health problems out in a message so she'd get the picture. told her i'd be happy to walk her dog while she works out.
  2. matched w/someone on a dating app and she wants to get together for a workout on saturday. lols.. haven't worked out in ages.. just cycling and basic stretching. i think she's a personal trainer on the side and this is a hustle. she's in wicked good shape obviously but is 32 (i'm 50) so i'm suspect. she'd wreck me in a workout obviously. who gets together for a workout on a first date/getting to know you situation? no one. that's who. one of your friends probably beat you to it. i'd ask "who stole my GF's fart???"
  3. parts of the right have tried rewriting jesus for a long time.. making him a warrior who made his enemy's blood boil with his intense eyes.. shit like that. it's all garbage. everything is garbage.
  4. wow that sucks. so random but that shit happens all the time on the mtn during ski season. have seen many people collide and go away grumpy. must've been really hauling ass or hit just right. btw the trailer for that new series he's in looks crazy.
  5. seems to have more energy than ever. glad it's going strong
  6. under communism.. ALL tits will have cocaine.. not just fake tits.
  7. not even as a primary residence. there's boats, sport fishing boats, cruising yachts then there's the ridiculously huge mansion on the water these people buy. it's crazy. they're so resource intensive. not just to power them but to build them. all the wood in them is generally teak. which means they go out to the rain forest and take entire trees out it to make one boat. it's small level deforestation just to make the deck of one of those mega yachts. even a 100ft cruising yacht is like 1 whole huge teak tree.. http://saillantfurniture.com/2017/07/11/7-most-used-indonesian-woods-for-furniture/#teakwood boats burn a lot of diesel. they're not efficient. but i doubt all the mega yachts in the world cause as much damage as all the commercial fishing fleets
  8. they did though. re: cummunism.. i think we can do something better ay? at least not do authoritarian socialism or whatever the fuck the soviets had.
  9. wtf, .tripple flair. i'm a bike dork/nerd so this is epic to me.
  10. shitpost. wtf. they sent out alink to nazi shit + covid misinformation etc. we're in the dumbest timeline. someone make a fucking wormhole already.
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