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The Genesis Project

Guest Etch

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Spring, 2009


Robert has finished the Genesis project. It's 201 pages. He has also finished the Cover, the Introduction, the commentary (for the back sleeve) and also the Map, which will be in the beginning of the book. The book is soon going to production and it's planned to be released this fall.


And what are his plans now that this huge project is complete? He has to catch up on his correspondence which has been building up some time now. And then a little break—a journey to the States. He and Aline are talking about collaborating on a book upon his return, but that's later this summer. .






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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

i'm more excited for the new craig thompson book. and dash shaws bodyworld




no time for romantic escape when your fluffy heart is ready for rape

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Guest all_purpose_sandpaper

thanks for the encapsulation. i had no idea what he's been up to, and this sounds really neat. i'm still waiting for the ZAP collection.


as an added bonus i was pleased to notice in the article that robert hughes is still alive, and not killed himself.

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I dont know whats going on


Watch the documentary 'Crumb', and you will...or you are being sarcastic.


Didn't know this was happening....


I am now officially stoked!

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