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tl;dr tl;dr tl;dr, motherfuckers!@#


how are you today!?@ i'm good, man. i think i just forever cemented my underground credibility and hopefully save myself a whole bunch of bullshit with whack MCs with this freestyle i just recorded like.... eh read the book someday. basically it's like, the culmination of everything i've been doing... i just sat on the idea and subject matter for years until i was dead certain taht i could execute it proper horrorshow.


enjoy>>> it's free as shit like seriously burn it on cds and throw it at people. preferably hipsters... aim for their faces, cuz remember, it's on *your* shoulders to make the world a better place.


props to everyone ranging from the kooler than jesus sysops back in the day to homies past present and fallen and future i mean there's a lot of you out there i aint know yet.

justified and futuristic.mp3

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ok i had to put a finishing touch on at the end... i had pre-nabbed the sample for that asset dj mix, but like, yeah here we go this shit works.


you know how like 6500 bands try to add you on myspace?!@ right. first off you get my real account, secondly you'll get a bulletin that says this:


subject: i need to build an onramp for my jock.


bam. underground legend status forever cemented @ >>>



seriously, i will like 99.7% surely marry the first girl who can provide photographic and/or video evidence of her burning this song to cd and throwing it in a hipster's face




and my twitter is foreal too... i mean i aint tryin to sell you shit, i'm just bein me you know!?@

justified and futuristic.mp3

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