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  1. 1. pausal, melatonia 2. basinski, lamentations 3. autechre, SIGN/PLUS 4. alessandro cortini, memorie i / ii 5. desert squid - shanghai / hong kong 6. cults, host 7. daniel avery, love + light 8. the 1975, noacf 9. rafael irisarri, peripeteia 10. eric skodvin, anbessa 11. dumont, people on sunday 12. multicast dynamics, ancient circuits 13. ricardo villalobos, mandela move 14. richard devine, systik 15. salem, fires in heaven 16. fleet foxes, shore 17. no joy, motherhood 18. shinichi atobe, yes 19. ana roxanne, because of a flower 20. alva noto, xerrox vol.
  2. I buy most of my new vinyl on Amazon at this point -- PLUS is $24 with free shipping on Amazon
  3. pleasantly surprised by SIGN and actually even more annoyed by the lack of BoC. I've already tried to accept, over the past 15 years, that we'll never hear the pre-Twoism stuff but seriously why are they not releasing any new music by this point? I know that artists don't have an 'obligation' to their fans but when you look at Aphex's soundcloud or Ae's release schedule, I dunno . . . they could at least communicate with the fans, or something? I wouldn't even mind if they just explained the gap
  4. Literally cannot choose, I think a tie between '5/9/78', 'Left Side Drive', 'Dayvan Cowboy'
  5. Ae are incapable of releasing a bad album but I dunno man . . . getting some Oversteps vibes with this one, not loving it
  6. imo 1. weyes blood - titanic rising (2019) 2. alessandro cortini - avanti (2017) 3. beach house - bloom (2012) 4. rafael irisarri - shameless years (2017) 5. jeremy soule - skyrim ost (2011) 6. sky ferreira - night time, my time (2013) 7. autechre - nts sessions 1-4 (2018) 8. burial - tunes 2011-2019 (2019) 9. radiohead - a moon-shaped pool (2016) 10. dirty beaches - badlands (2011) 11. lotus plaza - spooky action at a distance (2012) 12. boards of canada - tomorrow's harvest (2013) 13. en - the absent coast (2010) 14. the caretaker - an empty bliss (2011) 1
  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/15290
  8. given that I hadn't heard of this thing and had zero expectations, I'm pretty happy with it (haven't heard of a lot of these bands). also there is DEFINITELY at least 10-15min of interstitial BoC music in here. with all that said I have to admit that I'm sort of annoyed that BoC has released one album in the past 13 years, and that it was their worst album. a proper new release would have been nice.
  9. have yet to listen to the suggestions in this thread, so the list might change, but as of right now: 1 george clanton - slide 2 roosevelt - young romance 3 alex hungtai - divine weight 4 autechre - nts sessions 5 helios - veriditas 6 basinski + english - selva oscura 7 irisarri - el ferrocarril 8 cortini + english - immediate horizon 9 less bells - solifuge 10 beach house - 7 11 yorke - suspiria 12 the field - infinite moment 13 john misty - god's favorite customer 14 casino v japan - suicide by sun 15 forma - semblance 16 low - double negative 17 khruangbin - con todo el mundo 18 sonoio -
  10. holy shit man, Mulier is a very old track from his old blog (circa 2003), amazing that there's now a high-quality version released. Harmonia and a couple other tracks are also verrrrrry old
  11. jazz is a perfect analogy in quite a few ways ... it's probably telling that I can't stand jazz (despite many listens over the decades), so maybe that's the problem
  12. if they've changed systems, then I'm very surprised by how similar the sound/palette is to AE_live, elseq, and (to an extent) Exai. anyway I'm definitely still hyped about the new music tomorrow
  13. to be clear, not Max/MSP as such, I mean the giant network of coding that they've built WITHIN the program which seems to have locked them into a relatively limited palette of ideas/sounds, as they're using ONLY this custom programming/coding/setup within Max/MSP. something like 'draft 7.30' had so much more texture/variety/etc than all their work since 2012 imo. new ground for Ae. I don't mean they need a completely new sound for every album but there was something novel/fresh about all their albums up until Exai
  14. let's say that I'm a novelist, and that I invented an absurdly complicated word processing program, and then used that program to write a few long, rambling first-draft novels that didn't break any new ground ... would it matter how complicated my word processing program was? I don't care if Rob and Sean are literally creating a new programming language from scratch, the music is all that matters
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