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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/15290
  2. given that I hadn't heard of this thing and had zero expectations, I'm pretty happy with it (haven't heard of a lot of these bands). also there is DEFINITELY at least 10-15min of interstitial BoC music in here. with all that said I have to admit that I'm sort of annoyed that BoC has released one album in the past 13 years, and that it was their worst album. a proper new release would have been nice.
  3. have yet to listen to the suggestions in this thread, so the list might change, but as of right now: 1 george clanton - slide 2 roosevelt - young romance 3 alex hungtai - divine weight 4 autechre - nts sessions 5 helios - veriditas 6 basinski + english - selva oscura 7 irisarri - el ferrocarril 8 cortini + english - immediate horizon 9 less bells - solifuge 10 beach house - 7 11 yorke - suspiria 12 the field - infinite moment 13 john misty - god's favorite customer 14 casino v japan - suicide by sun 15 forma - semblance 16 low - double negative 17 khruangbin - con todo el mundo 18 sonoio - fine 19 celer - landmarks 20 kvb - only now forever 21 shinichi atobe - heat 22 davachi - gave in rest 23 julia holter - aviary 24 caretaker - end of time vol. 4/5 25 devine - sort-lave edit: oh also, top tracks helios - mulier george clanton - dumb thom yorke - suspirium roosevelt - take me back roy montgomery - landfall
  4. holy shit man, Mulier is a very old track from his old blog (circa 2003), amazing that there's now a high-quality version released. Harmonia and a couple other tracks are also verrrrrry old
  5. jazz is a perfect analogy in quite a few ways ... it's probably telling that I can't stand jazz (despite many listens over the decades), so maybe that's the problem
  6. if they've changed systems, then I'm very surprised by how similar the sound/palette is to AE_live, elseq, and (to an extent) Exai. anyway I'm definitely still hyped about the new music tomorrow
  7. to be clear, not Max/MSP as such, I mean the giant network of coding that they've built WITHIN the program which seems to have locked them into a relatively limited palette of ideas/sounds, as they're using ONLY this custom programming/coding/setup within Max/MSP. something like 'draft 7.30' had so much more texture/variety/etc than all their work since 2012 imo. new ground for Ae. I don't mean they need a completely new sound for every album but there was something novel/fresh about all their albums up until Exai
  8. let's say that I'm a novelist, and that I invented an absurdly complicated word processing program, and then used that program to write a few long, rambling first-draft novels that didn't break any new ground ... would it matter how complicated my word processing program was? I don't care if Rob and Sean are literally creating a new programming language from scratch, the music is all that matters
  9. to the responders above, I feel you, but ... ^^ this. they stopped exploring in 2012-13 ... maybe NTS will end up being amazing in the end, but I dunno
  10. what I'm saying is that playing with coding in MaxMSP is not "painstakingly crafted music". it's certainly painstakingly crafted as, like, computer software? but not as music, or at least it's certainly not coming across that way
  11. right, and all of those artists generally release 8-hour blocks of mp3s rather than albums? I own quite a bit of Mark Fell's work, those are definitely albums if I listen to 30 seconds of any album prior to 2013 I can tell precisely which record it's from, because each record was distinctive and new, back then, and also had way more depth Ae has released very long tracks before (Ts1a, Sublimit, Garbagemx), the length has nothing to do with it; if they're doing painstaking editing and shaping, I'm certainly not able to perceive it. the new stuff is just sort of hollow, as many people have been saying in this thread
  12. somehow literally 99% of other electronic musicians manage to release polished <80min collections of music ... ??? Why do you think they stopped editing themselves? Doesn't "elseq" probably mean "edited live sequences"? I'm sure that they ARE able to go back and edit what they "jammed" live. Tho it's not really a jam as there was a long programming process beforehand. slightly cleaning up live jams does not = painstakingly crafted music, which is what we had from 1993 to ~2012. when i play a random 30-second selection of anything from exai / elseq / ae_live / nts, there's just not enough difference, the sonic 'playground' is way too similar ... i.e., as i said, they're now enslaved to whatever weird semi-AI they've written in MaxMSP, such that they literally stopped buying hardware and don't make music outside of MaxMSP now. i mean, in general, i was intrigued by elseq and i think it was an interesting idea to edit live jams and release a massive mp3 album; not a bad idea, and the tracks are pretty good. but they're literally just doing "elseq two: electric boogaloo" at this point, like, here's eight more hours of the same effing thing (obviously some differences but meh)
  13. for sure, it's autechre! so of course elseq is still not bad at all, I listen to half the tracks from elseq regularly (esp. 4 and 5). autechre at their worst are still amazing, I just wish they would go back to the 'polished album' format. there's just not enough depth to the jam session stuff imo
  14. To me it sounds very different from elseq and ae_live somehow. I know that there are some paths that must be the same, some of the sounds sound familiar, but all in all the overall feel of nts session 1 is different than from elseq and ae_live Definitely a more evolved version of the elseq stuff. Obviously tied in with AE_LIVE/Exai too, but to me this (so far, of course) is like elseq, but good. Agreed, this format of dropping large chunks of impromptu material doesn't seem to bring out the best in them, almost sounds like they're running on autopilot these days. It's alright, but doesn't intrigue the listener in on a journey of discovery in the same way a lot of their other stuff does. Quantity over quality/length over depth? Still, as always it'll be interesting to see what happens next look, for sure NTS is better than elseq + Ae_live, but it's not that much better. everything after Exai (and arguably a bit of Exai) is just = Sean and Rob literally stopped using anything but MaxMSP as of 2011 (as confirmed by the Resident Advisor interview from a couple years ago). in other words, all of their music is now just half-assed jam sessions within the same limited palette of their own programming within MaxMSP, they're coasting along with the same sound at this point, doing $50 mp3 cashgrab bullshit. maybe the problem really began with quaristice 'versions', so much garbage in there ... i guess that was when they decided to stop editing themselves (because people are willing to pay for studio outtakes and jam sessions, i guess?) I've listened to these guys since 1998 and love their first ~8 albums so it's just a bummer to me honestly
  15. yaaaaawn ffs man, it's just the same MaxMSP noodling as elseq and the live shows ... can I get some actually new Ae please
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