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Kush Arora - Boiling Over (instrumental)


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RLR17 - Kush Arora - Boiling Over



The first instrumental CD by bay area artist Kush Arora since his debut 'Underwater Jihad' in 2003


coming soon on rlr, clips below


1. Boiling Over

2. Alabaster Dub

3. The Staircase w/ Kossak

4. Dealbreaker w/ J. rogers

5. Constructing the Absence

6. We're Upstairs w/ Maneesh the Twister & The Spit Brothers

7. SF Shuffle riddim


soundcloud link to full track 'boiling over' - http://soundcloud.com/sixdegreesrecords/kush-arora-boiling-over-from-the-album-boiling-over-used-with-permission


bigup magazine promotional includes free full track 'constructing the absence' - http://thebigupmagazine.com/dubsfriday/BIGUPMAGAZINE_DubsFriday_AUG21.zip



recommended for fans of zomby, martyn, rogue state, sub swara, shpongle, mr oizo, nettle, dj rupture, shackelton, boxcutter, download, cevin key

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boomkat has it up now with a small writeup about it here


Intense hybrid dubstep flavours from the deep West with Kush Arora's 'Boiling Over' album for San Francisco's Record Label Records. Kush's style here mixes the sort of dubstep patterns you'd expect from Skream or Tes La Rok with industrial imagery and an IDM indebted palette of effects to morph and warp the sound into dramatic landscapes. His sound is favoured by Francois K, who has previously invited him to play at his famous Deep Space events due to the sheer strength of his sound. On this album he indulges a more cinematic scope, with tracks like the Various Production meets Boxcutter influences of 'The Staircase' with Lucas Patzek, or atmospheric steppers in the vein of Distance on his Sub Swara collab 'Constructing The Absence'. Very good indeed.
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Has your stuff been distributed by Boomkat before or is this new? Pretty cool.


it's relatively new, the inclusion of the digital cat, they don't buy direct hard copies from labels so i have to wait for a distributor i use to link up with them to get my hard catalog at boomkat.

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