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  1. EDM O is a pretty noteworthy addition to JK's discography. Atmospheric, funky and straight up weird.
  2. I'm into it! Man's truly crafting his own soundworld.
  3. Anyone cop this? https://www.dsbook.info/
  4. Just some really classic stuff on here as always. Solid work by the bros.
  5. one of the best music threads on the forum right now. thanks everyone for your contributions! 🙂
  6. my copy never landed, including the reship 😞
  7. Great news, and yes the Kashmere track is dope! Would be good to have the collabo joints as bonus instrumentals for the purists.
  8. Any idea where this will be made available online? I think I previously picked up their RSD Environments 3LP release from Deejay.de Edit: Google solved my queries (Juno, Rough Trade)
  9. Heard some of his amazing mixes, will defo check this out.
  10. Love this guy! Especially the early work 😉
  11. https://darkprisma.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-conundrum-concoction
  12. Gorgeous stuff, but wondering why he presented the tracks this way.
  13. another formidable addition to the biosphere catalogue! gonna be in circulation for a while.
  14. I bought this! Some of his best work is under this alias.
  15. BOC helped me grieve the unexpected loss of a close friend as a teen. They also helped me give up on god! So thanks BOC.
  16. While actually remastered and reissued this on his bandcamp with a bonus track a while back...
  17. Couldn't make it past 30 minutes of the new matrix. Its in the recycle bin.
  18. Are these LP5 and Chiastic reissues, remastered as well?
  19. Nice hybrid representation of all of Carsten's styles, no doubt. Really impressed with the vinyl presentation as well. Top notch release!
  20. omg yes! i'm freaking loving this section too. anything sounding familiar here? got a datacide vibe too it. particularly wondering about the track around 23 minutes in.
  21. This Michael Santos album is really exquisite. Recco on point!
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