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  1. Good news, Chessa is shipping and the digital D/L is also out now. Vinyl pressing looks amazing, can't wait to play it this evening.
  2. Ah of course i remember that one being beautiful too even if it was slightly less dynamic / more 'ambient' than Leidgut. I suppose there haven't been any other similar releases since then?
  3. Good and all, but I'm still waiting for a worthy follow up to Liedgut.
  4. Dinner in America Can't believe this is the same guy who did Poughkeepsie Tapes. Full of punky energy with terrific chemistry between the two leads. And a slamming soundtrack full of distorted breaks to boot from John Swihart! Think I loved it!
  5. Right here! Its the technique he used to mix and remaster the 20th anniversary reissue of Frame 🙂
  6. Loving how out there the show is as well! The homages to lynch, verhoeven and refn are hard to ignore, but they don't feel derivative to me. More of this!
  7. The new 'hand-painted spectrum reconstruction' mix by Dan Abrams is incredible. Really makes the music sound fresh as ever, even two decades on. Clicks n cuts for life!
  8. Rewatching Veep, brilliant even if some of the latter seasons got slightly inconsistent. Peter McNichol Laugh / 10
  9. Damn this Frame remaster is sounding so good! Couldn't resist the LP. Chessa next!
  10. Nekromantik (Parts 1 & 2) - Corpse fucking art / 10. I absolutely loved this filth. Great soundtrack too.
  11. Novi_sad has been around for a minute! Curious to check this one out.
  12. Tight little 4-track ditty for fans of funked up, jazzy electronics that might appeal to some of the heads on here. Lots of diverse flavours to pick and choose from. Cop the digital vinyls over on bandcamp or physical waxy slabs at the usual haunts.
  13. Imagine their tourbus toilet...
  14. Devastating news. He was such an influential figure on the experimental scene, what more can be said... Quietus has done a pretty touching piece on his roots, sounds like a truly wonderful human who breathed music his whole life. Rest in noise, captain pita! ❤️
  15. Not to hijack, but I've actually never heard any AA, any reccos? Is there anything there that sounds like Environment 5?
  16. Really great stuff all around, so glad Ivan made these available for wider consumption. I really enjoyed the Jarman OST as well and finally completed my SoiSong cd collection this year (minus the impossible rare memory box).
  17. Finally got around to listening to this. Really lovely album full of those classic braindance vibes. Recommended!
  18. This probably belongs here. I really enjoyed reading Noise/Music so looking forward to digging into this https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/annihilating-noise-9781501335433/
  19. I'm two episodes deep too! Totally getting those innsmouth vibes too. I noticed a distant relative playing the part of the preachor as well.
  20. I'm watching this too (Episode 3 now) and just finding it so sensationalist. Satanic panic hysteria all over this thing.
  21. $9. And then $30 for a tshirt, $50 for 4 tapes and $65 for a windbreaker...
  22. this was really good and a lot more accessible in parts, not sure if thats a good thing or bad
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