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  1. The vinyl will be repressed again for https://www.loverecordstores.com/ event on 20 June.
  2. Yeah this is great work as anticipated! Not as dense as some of his previous recordings, not that it lacks substance, but just thats it's more accessible. Makes sense as this is the culmination of a 5-part cycle of work which began with La Demeure.
  3. looks like the vinyl is pushed back to the end of the month as is to be expected in these times of pandemic. but if the presentation is anything like the spielraum 3LP it should be well worth the wait!
  4. Haven't delved into his Farben alias yet and seems like I'm missing out. Any recos?
  5. The Xerrox, Sakamato collabs and For series feature similar vibes.
  6. Andrew Chalk has uploaded a a bunch of newer and older nuggets including vinyl and cassette only releases over on BC. Dig in!
  7. I am into their music in a big way too. Actually posting this while wearing my Cyclobe shirt 🙂 They had a new album in the works for a few years now, wonder if it will ever materialise.
  8. what have we here?
  9. If you really wanna go down the Coil rabbit hole and see how weird things can get then crank Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil on loop.
  10. Been wfh for almost 6 years now, so this whole mandatory lockdown thing isn't a massive change for me. Prolly the biggest change is having the rest of my family home with me at all times now.
  11. Amazing, I can't wait to hear this. Its 'Name Your Price' on BC as well.
  12. Couldn't agree more! Wonderful music. Edit: Also looking forward to receiving my very own unique version of A Shiver Sequence.
  13. Looks like Russian Heterodoxocal Songs is getting a release on VOD this May. Psyched!
  14. Further updates. Coming in the second half of May this year.
  15. Keep returning to this! Such a great bunch of tunes
  16. What I read on the Live Coil Archive FB group. Just announced: Reissue of Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. I As this is buried in a post from Rigeck Rodgers (thank you for this) I would just like to draw some attention to a comment from Ryan Martin from Dais Records. Some time during the summer we can expect a reissue of Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. I on CD and Double Vinyl. Drew McDowall is involved in this reissue and like the other releases on Dais MTPITD will of course be remastered. Source material will be the original master files. The packaging shall have a better quality than the original release, including a better reproduction of the colours of the original artwork. And the vinyl will feature the full length tracks from the CD and not the truncated versions from the original vinyl edition. A release is currently planned for end of Summer. And Dais is working on another reissue which won't be released until early 2021 - no more details on this right now. Further to this a reissue of Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. II has been discussed, "but one thing at a time". So this might come at a later date - we should all keep our fingers crossed.
  17. Servant has to be the most frustrating TV show I've seen in a while. A million questions and zero answers. M Night is a fucking sadist. Still pretty enjoyable.
  18. Was the weatherall post a coincidence? Cuz thats just freeeeky.
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