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  1. Damn I tried eating one of those 2x spicy chicken noodles the other day, i literally could not keep the noodles on my tongue and my lips turned red in 20 seconds. Bazinga!
  2. Resurrecting this here to seek reccos specifically from the Namlook / Move D collaborations. I've heard and loved Sexoid, There! Space & Time, and Jambient (Koolfang). Any other standouts?
  3. i've heard the opening track only, it was a belter!
  4. On the rocks. Not a whole lot going on but Bill Murray is ageing like a fine wine.
  5. incredible preview track, really feeling the live percussion and vocal synths
  6. Was wondering where one might be able to view this?
  7. Dominik Fernow is actually on the excellent Merzcast this week talking about his death metal roots among other things.
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