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  1. this was really good and a lot more accessible in parts, not sure if thats a good thing or bad
  2. So Ivan has kindly made this broadcast available for free on Bandcamp. I can recognise familiar melodic motifs from Soisong jams of yore, as well as some class selections from Datacide, Jon Hassell, etc. So damn good. https://coh-official.bandcamp.com/track/soisong-broadcast-1
  3. I watched this movie after drinking a few cups of tea brewed with morning glory seeds and i remember that desert scene really doing my head in. Need to revisit.
  4. Yeah r ess really is just the perfect intro. Takes me the fuck away.
  5. The best kinda music https://evala.bandcamp.com/album/initial
  6. nice clips! i hadn't seen some of these before
  7. The Graffiti subculture i think, sampled from Style Wars. Read the review posted above! REQ also used it ages ago on his LP 'One'.
  8. What kinda tobacco does your kitty like? Also, nice savage pencil shirt?!
  9. Damn dude these guys make the spiciest fucking noodles. It was game over for me. And I'm a ghost pepper man.
  10. damn that picture disc IS sexy. the price tag, not so much. sigh Try the Solstice EPs, and then maybe Elph and Time Machines work.
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