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  1. Cracking release, just got around to checking this out. Should be lots of takers for this sound on this here ship.
  2. Thanks for the update! That's always been one of my favourite releases on Folklore Tapes but i'd missed out on the initial pressing. Copped!
  3. Holding out, maybe we'll see official digital vinyls soonish now that it's been compromised.
  4. Fantastic release, chief cygnus. Delivering the good as always.
  5. argh missed the boat! really wanted a black tee
  6. Strong coil vibes and samples on Psychotic_Window. Fantastic release. Gonna spring for the vinyl for sure.
  7. Nice work here! Dismantle, Promises, OL9 and Versi are favourites.
  8. i would totally spend my sundays this way if I was still in melbourne.
  9. the album title is stressing me out, what does it all mean?
  10. kichiguy


    Wow. A side is the hardcore junglist past and B the motherfuckin future.
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