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  1. I think he was just pissed off by their portrayal of him as a MASSIVE consumer/peddler of smut. Honestly, i think plenty of artists are embarrassed by a part of their legacy but he had a pretty strong adverse reaction to it, going to the extent of making petty personal insults. Seems so unlike his calm, no ripples beneath the surface public persona. Anyway, I think some of his best merz is bondage-era merz. That Right Brain Audile stuff is ace.
  2. oh sick! always wondered who was behind this transient manchester collective.
  3. I'm guessing this will cost at least 200 Euros not including postage and customs tax etc.
  4. That shit needs a reissue stat. There will be many takers.
  5. I saw somewhere that a vinyl release is planned. Broken Soul Jamboree, Forward Escape & Jettison Mind Hatch make for a beautiful trifecta. Dude's on a roll.
  6. I second this. Could you share the deets? Christiane F (1970) was one of the dvd placements I caught onto in the movie during Climax's scene.
  7. Tracklisting 1. Sayonara 04:27 2. Vection 04:07 3. Baleen 04:57 4. Exit Chapel Perilous 03:08 5. Viscous 04:51 6. Sahra 05:04 7. C'est La Vie 03:46 8. Tethers 05:03 9. Permatemp 04:23 10. Fallow 04:01 11. Shelled 03:49 12. Oi Oi Spit 04:02 New downtempo goodness courtesy Dave Tipper out now. https://tipper.bandcamp.com/album/jettison-mind-hatch
  8. Holy hell guys its finally happening. ZF early back catalogue (82-87) is being reissues as a 15 LP boxset by Vinyl On Demand. Preorder's up in mid june, should cost a pretty penny. Just enough time to plan to prostitute your children or rob a bank.
  9. Knee jerk comment: Just about half way through and impressed as always. Enjoying the balance of new ideas and directions in tracks like Ear-Lips and Moving Pulse(!), as well as those classic MBM vibes on Pin-Drop and No Design. Can't wait to fully absorb this.
  10. I've only heard the last track, Purdown Falls (No More), which is super lush! Love me some Ekoplekz gear.
  11. Anyone following the recent merzbow noise-drama? Seems the merzcast team took their rebuttal to masami offline (episode 14) and now i can't find it anywhere! could some kind soul share it with me if they have it archived?
  12. no further details out yet?
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