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  1. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro or AKG K25K headphones?

    1. d-a-m-o


      can't find any info about the AKG K25K, love my AKG K702 (for more info, gearslutz is your friend)

    2. NorthernFusion
  2. Nice one! Any other Old Captain recommendations? I never got that whole martial industrial aesthetic either, but maybe that's because I come preloaded with an erstwhile colony bias and find nothing entertaining about fascism, totalitarianism etc.
  3. BJNIlsen has rekindled his industrial tape music project, Tape Dekay, from the 90s. Defo worth checking out.
  4. Before Midsommar: New documentary to tell the history of folk-horror genre
  5. This seems to have been a pretty monumental undertaking on VOD's part, which from what I can tell is a one-man-army. This is well documented on their facebook. While there isn't any plan right now, I have a feeling this will be a pretty lucrative effort for the label and maybe they'll take up reissuing the rest of the discography in the not too distant future. There are some incredible gems from '88 onwards that could use 180gm treatment.
  6. Its name your price on bandcamp. Thanks Lorn!
  7. Couldn't pull the trigger on the box set. That price tag with shipping and customs to the East was too much for life circumstances atm. I personally think I'll have to order Mohno, Eostre, Assault and Loh Land. Possibly Popular Songs...
  8. What do you lot think of Euphoria so far?
  9. Think it was doxa sinistra, just caught the last bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT6YCUSX930
  10. kichiguy


    asking all the right questions, sir
  11. artwork makes me think this is all ae original everything...or one can hope.
  12. Shane Meadows is back on Warp with The Virtues. Quite the gut punch as per usual. Also seems to have been a catharsis for Shane, exorcising his own demons via Stephan Graham's intense performance. Spoilery interview with Shane here where he bears quite a bit of his soul with us.
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