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  1. I picked up Shouting, Shadow, Look Into Me, What Is Not True and Collusion myself. Had to be done.
  2. No samples or track previews anywhere?
  3. Pre-orders should officially go live on the 13th of this month. So prepare ye wallets.
  4. these track lengths are making me wet
  5. Have you seen Man Bites Dog, Henry or Angst? Those are up there as well. All different flavours, not very 'subtle' but then again there is nothing subtle about the subject matter anyway.
  6. I mostly have no idea what the hell is going on in episode 2 of lovecraft country, but damn if that wasn't some enjoyable tv.
  7. kichiguy

    Wisp Tracks

    There was this Wisp track that included the sample 'Rephlex Rekkids'. Possibly a live jam. Maybe he'd posted it to his soundcloud. Link me please?
  8. Big up indeed! I would recommend checking out the Icarus discography too if you enjoy Badun's switched-on jazzy steez.
  9. New Monolake around the corner. And a double CD release at that. https://www.roberthenke.com/releases/ml-035.html
  10. I watched this too. Not sure quite what to make of it, but my gut tells me it was an elaborate prank based around a true crime.
  11. Pro tip, the ones over on Bleep come with a newsprint poster. Also, this is out now.
  12. Wonderful stuff, maybe his most fully realised piece of work yet.
  13. kichiguy


    Here's a pointless post listing the birdies I've spotted during the lockdown from my terrace the last couple of months. No pics.
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