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  1. definitely a very stripped back and minimal affair, think it might a grower though.
  2. Most of While's discography for cheap from Russia. Occulting Disc and the new Zonal album.
  3. i finished binging through all of peaky blinders last night. agreed that its kinda caricature-esque, but all said and done it was a really fucking fun watch. i'd totally watch an alfie solomons or abarama gold spin off!
  4. A single track by ScanOne called ONE with a VIP version and 2 MBM remixes with 'instrumental versions' of said remixes included. Me thinks. You can preview one of remixes on SC or all of em on Bandcamp. Some lovely Jungle in there.
  5. let's get this thread back on track, mid-to-late 90s macronympha is where its at
  6. all ye naysayers repent cuz its a happenin!
  7. holy moly seriously top tier ep here mister, got earworms for days.
  8. So what was you good peoples intro to noise? I think mine was downloading a random Masami track of a file sharing platform when I was 12 or 13. Pretty sure it was Ultramarine Blues. Came across the Merz via Alec Empire's DHR label. Thinking back a little further, I discovered digital hardcore courtesy a track Alec produced for the Handsome Boy Modelling School debut Lp. So hiphop -> digital hardcore -> japanoise. No turning back since.
  9. Or UK Grime either! Can't believe we get brand new Scorn and Techno Animal (as ZONAL) Lp's in the same month. Its like I'm 15 again!
  10. Golden Fried Chicken Wantons 🐽
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