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  1. Some atmospheric cryptid-related ambient on this label. Esp enjoyed the Six Rivers album. We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various
  2. Sublime recordings. Script Solitude is bewitching.
  3. Last one was exquisite so that's saying something!
  4. Etheric for sum https://oval.bandcamp.com/track/ovalodyssey-2001
  5. Always really liked this one, didn't realise it was influenced by AE
  6. Trailer looks chaotic in a good way. But still no distributor, so not sure when we can expect to see it. I'm interested to see Coppola's interpretation of some of David Graeber's work.
  7. Been reading some complaints about the vinyl pressing, but my pink edition's perfect!
  8. Luckily left us with a lifetime worth of music to explore!
  9. Tuuuune on the new Organic Analogue va https://organicanalogue.bandcamp.com/track/mantle-of-gets-repugn-0nk Edit: Also in skam related news there's a new older Meam track on there too!
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