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  1. This sounds lovely! Does anyone know how many volumes are expected in the Xerrox series? Six?
  2. Silent State is carrying on the FAX/Namlook legacy with some reissues.
  3. Not as good as Treasures imo but definitely worth a delve!
  4. This album is truly amazing with all kinds of flavours to savour. Current fav
  5. Huge While fan here as well! Any new material is always welcomed. Copped and can't wait to listen.
  6. Been listening to some of Alec's older work again. They reissued an expanded edition of Low on Ice in the recent past and some unreleased Jaguar (93-96) dubplates were just added to bandcamp.
  7. I have faith in Brandon, hopefully the movie will be weird and wonderful
  8. Mayor of Kingstown - The first 30 minutes were confusing as hell, but it really got great after. Recommended if ur looking for something gritty, relentlessly depressing but with some amazing action sequences. I was entertained!
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