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  1. Yes fantastic work from Dave as always. Hard to pick a favourite, so many standout moments.
  2. I'd buy a ticket but the link doesn't work!
  3. This one flew under my radar for a while! Rodger Stella & Leslie Keffer https://norentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/angel-fix-nrr154
  4. thanks commercial for the barbican recordings! looks like last gig rounding the corner, hopefully the boyos will be back with some fresh inspiration for the studio
  5. I'm happy this exists as well - to see what else could've been. But the original album is still pure perfection and untouchable imo.
  6. Goodbye Korg! You looked like you were a good un!
  7. The jig is up! https://houndstoothlabel.bandcamp.com/album/coh-meets-abul-mogard
  8. This has always been an amazing piece of work. Happy to own it on wax!
  9. Keep that old school IDM flavour alive no doubt
  10. Live improvisation is their usual forte
  11. honestly the fear of abandonment came through loud and clear to me! this was probably the best dahmer adaptation yet imo
  12. Curious to see how this turns out. Original's definitely a classic.
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