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  1. Fuck yeah I'm all over this! I guess TASCAM's not exactly positioned as a new album, but rather snapshots of bedroom studio experiments from the last decade. Slug in particular caught my attention, which features some deep and dark improvisations not previously heard in the Night Sequels / Freescha cannon. Apparently more such transmissions to be expected in the future!
  2. Nice! Is there any actual tracklisting for the vinyl compilation anywhere?
  3. ^Seconded. I ended up scoring 99% of the albums, eps and singles he released to vinyl. Its all pretty much amazing and available for fairly reasonable prices on discogs. Certainly worth seeking out.
  4. Yep defo really kind of him to open up his DAT archives to us. Amazing tunes as always!
  5. kichiguy


    Some more Ficus from my side. These Living Root Bridges took my breath away when I saw them a few years ago. What really stood out was how the knowledge to build and maintain these bridges passes down from generation to generation (trees planted 250 years ago etc). Beyond bridges, the Khasi Tribe's also make living root ladders and even bleachers!
  6. kichiguy


    Banyan trees here in Goa are my fav. Home to king cobras, saddhus and perma-fried hippies alike. Too bad they are being felled left right and centre to make way for apartment blocks.
  7. Brilliant work, indeed! Probably his best work since Biode.
  8. This is welcomed but I wouldn't hold my breath, as h3o might pull some of his usual diva bullshit
  9. BBC Sounds is doing some of the best Lovecraft adaptations at the moment! Gotta run through them in order though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/series/p06spb8w
  10. Sick little EP, but Prosperity Stream Divider is still my fav https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHHTPtI0ejo
  11. Maybe let's not get everyones hopes up now. https://painjerkwrackedandruined.bandcamp.com/album/1993
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