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Warp/Bleep - North/South/East/West

Rubin Farr

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No mention of this yet? Sounds like an interesting idea, could do without the HudMo track.


01. Daedelus - A Bloodwort

02. Hudson Mohawke - FUSE

03. Geeneus - Ultrafunkula

04. Flying Lotus - Comet Course (Matthew David Alternative Mix)

05. Headhunter - Collecting Butterflies

06. Falty DL - Some Day My Queen Will Come

07. Flying Lotus - Rickshaw

08. Skream - Slumfunk

09. Mike Slott - Giants Meet

10. Kotchy - You Know You

11. Rustie - Bad Science

12. Taz Buckfaster - Au Revoir



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I'm not a HudMo fan, but that track is alright. They've missed a trick by not making it vinyl. £20 for the type of showcase comp that would usually sell for £2.99. So that's 17 quid for some dodgy photos of the artists. Hmmm... there is some good stuff on there though.

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