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Dus Xroo EP!!!!


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Ismowntin: excellent, jarring introduction to the world of FAXIE

Faxie the Mime: Düs Kxk ROO. words cannot describe the utter surprise of how fast this tune asserts itself in one's space after the priming of Ismowntin. This tune is as catchy as can be, funny for being so noisy and bizarre. FAXIE FAXIE FAXIE FAXIE

Bitten By The Bog Monster: highly disconcerting piece of music, i am literally looking around for fucking bog monsters. where are they, I know they are looking for me. fuck.

Spirit Of Xroo: I have no idea, but I feel like I'm watching daytime television in a basement because of the background noise; i like that. 'woah man, my room feels electrically charged with lightning' hehehehe. I have to listen to is more carfeully, as I can't hear all the lyrics, that adds to the mystery. Eventually the repetition of the lyrics (now I can understand most of them) makes this tune feel like an excellent dream gone NIGHTMARE. FUCKING AWESOME JOB PULLING THAT OFF, it is hard to do that.

Inner Skull: alien transmissions, some kind of glitched up occultist snes game. The repetition makes this even the more effective in affecting the listener. I love the little skoobadeediddle at the last 2 seconds.

Taught Thought: This starts out, to me, kind of confusing, but then when that groovily robotic snare-ish sound comes in this whole business starts to make sense. I like the little nintendo-ish soundfx 'wrupa wip wip wrupa wrupa wip wip' woah suddenly at 1:40 or so that synth sounds like 'chenc9' innaresting

Lawndreesheets: this track sounds like a conversation between two strange beings. the initial being is a floating, ethereal lawndry sheet doing its thing, and then a bottle of bleach with a silly face on it puts his two cents in at :15. This leads perfectly into Sir Restless

Sir Restless: wow, this track seems to make a lot more sense surrounded by all the other tracks; it is like a particularly colored gem among many other gems. "some more, some more" I dunno why but I always like that

Everythings Far Away: once again, the basement scene creeps into my mind. Then again, I am obsessed with subterranean living, but still, this feeds my fantasies.


What can I say, this is fucking mind candy. I actually came up a with a story for this album:


You are in your basement, watching tv. It could be any time of the day, as the basement is always dark. There is shaggy carpeting on the floor. You decide, halfheartedly, to crawl around on the carpet. You get all hyped up and end up crawling around pretty fast like a little beastie, until your knee cracks through the floor and a tight tunnel going infintely down into the earth is revealed. There is a rusty ladder. You grab your portable sound recorder and make your way down there. 2 minutes down the ladder, suddenly the entrance of the passage seals up, leaving you in darkness. You continue your way down, as there is no way back now. You eventually reach a strange door horizontally placed at the bottom of this passage. Behind it drones the soft hum of a television set, the light flickers a soft glow. You pray for a moment, and open it...you also fall into the room from above. On the couch is a hyperdimensional clown. He is warping the world around him, you can tell, he seems to be slowly scrambling the couch he sits on. His face is set in a melty frown, he doesn't even look at you, he just watches the static of his tv set. You are gripped by unbearable terror at the inevitability of his noticing you, so you decide to instigate this encounter. You turn off the television. In the halflight of the room, you can see the clown watching you. In a second, he is all around you, he is the room. Right before this happens, you happen to hit your back pocket on a stool and turn on your voice recorder. The next 19:55 minutes are consumed by your encounter. You wake up on your couch, you must have dozed, off, this was all a dream...but wait...what is this on your recorder?????????????

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So good my friend, so good! All the sexy noises were getting a bit much then I realised I was streamin pr0nz in the background!!!


you have an amazing voice and amazing lyrics.

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Have no way of doing so as most of these files are lost in space except for on cds in possession of friends and one bitchy lady on the staff of CLCHS


So everyone just love on my new treasures now, here I'll pull down my pants, want some lipstick

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