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pretty good roygbiv remix


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Did nothing for me, apart from make me realise how good the original is.


The best mix of Roygbiv, in my opinion, is the Alpha Quest version that the group did themselves. If you aint heard it, which i'm sure everyone has, check it out.


I'd rather have a good fake than an average mix.

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The whole Alpha Quest remix came about due to a film student who wanted BoC to provide a track for his film, so they did the remix of ROYGBIV with samples from the 80's "Alpha Quest" educational series tacked on and drew out the ROYGBIV melody more. Unfortunately, someone managed to leak the song online (albeit a low-quality version), and the rest, they say, is history.


More can be read about it (including scans of the cassette J Card) at Fredd-E's excellent BoC Pages website:



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You can see an episode of Alphaquest (it was a segment of Sesame Street from the late 80's (appeared in Season 21 1989-1990) here:




It's also interesting to note that Season 21 was Jim Henson's final season working on Sesame Street, although he was continued to be credited on it up until season 32.

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