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Blockhead - The Music Scene


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new album sounds alot different than Music by Cavelight, which was an awesome melancholic intrumental hip-hop album. It's more upbeat and he uses more acoustic drum breaks and lots of DJ Shadow-style 70s samples. I like it more than Downtown Science, which was a bit kitchsy with all the chipmunk vocal interludes.

also, I've seen him twice and his live show is underwhelming.

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I notice you left out Uncle Tom's Coloring Book from your comparisons. THAT album is much more upbeat, and even though it's not bad I never quite got into it like the first two. If anything, The Music Scene is a return to the more moody stuff...but not quite as melancholic. I like it a lot more than Uncle Tom's. I can see it sounding upbeat if you never heard Uncle Tom's, but otherwise, not so much to me.


Oh, hey: I believe they call it "jazz" round these parts?

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yo Winda, it was called uncle tony's coloring book :trashbear:


I quite liked it, like you said it was a bit more upbeat - definitely need to check out this new one.


Saw him on 2 occasions opening for amon tobin. The first was boring as fuck but the second time was quite good, he was doing some live sequencing using elements of his tracks while dj signify was doing the scratching.

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