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  1. @brian trageskin serious question - do you post any of your music online? I'd be interested to check some of it out if so. asking this here instead of PMing you in case others were curious as well. I see you posted some Squarepusher chords you did in YLC. this forum kinda sucks for searching for stuff, so maybe there's already a thread of yours you could direct me to?
  2. haha, yeah there's a few in my neighborhood with them still up. even one with a life sized creepy Santa standing by the front door, with some weird Jesus in a manger scene happening out in the front yard. after 40+ years on this planet, I still don't get people, man...
  3. the crap they're coming up these days is sooo amateur hour. bottom of the barrel boomer BS totally lacking in creativity. Elvis? really? like that hasn't already been done to death. c'mon Q guys, at least give us a new one about aliens. aliens are cool. I like them.
  4. p sure Fred's question got answered on the 1st page 11 years ago. too bad he's not here anymore to see what his thread has become 😢
  5. ^ the number of times I've run into hash out in the wild is incredibly slim. I think this was discussed in here at some point, that America's hash problem is we can't find the shit
  6. are there Vegas odds yet as to who from the trump team goes to jail first from Jan. 6? because I'd place my bet on Rudy being the first.
  7. quit beating yourself up Brian, you're doing an excellent job here
  8. I'm with you there on 1 & 2. 3 was pretty meh, 4 with Lithgow could be said to be the best of the lot, then from 5 onward it was way too silly/unbelievable. I stuck with it till the end, more or less forced myself to get through the last season. I too am wondering about this new one. guess I'll have to give it a shot a some point.
  9. sooooo Walmart is the next contestant entering into the metaverse: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/16/walmart-is-quietly-preparing-to-enter-the-metaverse.html Walmart NFTs lol
  10. counterpoint to Brian's super technical jazz wizard brain - keep it simple! IMO the catchiest melodies are the ones with like 3 or 4 notes. Beastie Boys flute loop, or something like that. you don't even have to be any good at an instrument to do that! a bass player friend of mine once said something along the lines of you can make something pretty damn funky on the bass by playing just one note. MMW did something like that on Shack-Man with one of their tracks I remember.
  11. imagining Bezos in BDSM gear piloting a giant dildo shaped super yacht
  12. indeed. and if we're going to do a deep dive analysis as to why this is in this genre, I'd guesstimate that started way back when with Richard trolling in interviews, similar to what the punks did in the '70s/'80s (and that attitude also continued on with bands like the Meat Puppets and Nirvana into the '90s). Richard could come across as aloof, sarcastic, and completely full of shit / not to be taken seriously when you would read what he said in the music mags. I really think in some way, that laid the foundation for the humor/sarcasm that comes along with this scene. then of course the labeling of this music as "intelligent" dance music itself is very tongue in cheek, hard to know if that is a serious genre label or not.
  13. ^ is that how it ends for humanity? in the not too distant future, the last humans will be the tech bro billionaires, bobbing around in the ocean, floating luxuriously in their hi-tech islands, while the rest of us get wiped out from the mega typhoon caused by other oil crazed gazillionaires dicking up this planets environment. sounds about right to me.
  14. that's fair. I wasn't sure how serious this all was meant to be taken. I assumed that in the academic world "citing your sources" would usually entail including at least first name/last names, not just forum usernames. but if you weren't looking for 100% truthful responses any way, then all good.
  15. there's a couple ok-ish instrumental tracks, but far more I'm afraid that are entirely skippable. I've never been able to get into the male r'n'b vocals over downtempo beats thing, and so those get skipped. the few tracks here with female vocals also are far too much along the lines of Air/Zero 7 sounds, which has been done to death. now it seems the best of late '90s downtempo is all being done by vaporwave dudes. and even that, I can't tell if they are doing it as a tribute, having a laugh at the scene, or what, so I listen to some of that stuff with a grain of salt.
  16. did your thesis committee have any comments/feedback on watmm? you must have shown them the site as I see you used watmm and quoted a lot of us in there. and this all feels weirdly very self-referential. meaning I'm surprised academia allowed you to get away with using a forum with anonymous members as legit citations in your paper. no clue if there is precedence for this sort of thing in the current landscape. it's been a minute since I was in school.
  17. that Protzman guy is seriously whacked out of his fuckin mind. can't believe anyone would take any of that seriously. can you imagine having a family member or friend getting brainwashed by all that? it's National Enquirer level BS merged with internet behavior of the 21st century. saw something about him saying Trump is from Jesus bloodline, or is Mussolini's nephew, or some other ridiculous thing.
  18. interesting seeing some of the sounds that get to you guys. this thread has made me think about that I don't get as emotional listening to music as I once did. for me it was the usual culprits back in my late teens/early 20s - Aphex tracks from Drukqs/saw2, random Squarepusher tracks, Radiohead stuff from Bends/Ok Computer era, Spiritualized - Ladies and gentleman we are floating in space. and even that, I can't recall ever having a full on movie cry when listening to music. more like a choked up, misty eyed type thing. the most recent thing I can recall getting to me were some of the tracks off Sign, as have been mentioned in here. and there was a super depressing folk/indie rock album by David Berman from Silver Jews a few years back, released like a month before he killed himself. a lot of the songs on there were essentially saying I'm going to be leaving this world soon, and then he did.
  19. hope you're right man. seems like everyone around here is getting sick, but mostly with mild cold/flu symptoms. staffing shortages are a noticeable issue with this wave. grocery store shelves are taking a hit, my kids school got cancelled today due to not enough staff.
  20. Mexico? has a west coast / s.cali look going on here
  21. surprised the anti-capitalism contingent hasn't weighed in here yet on all of this... there would be no ads if everything was open sourced free cummunism web 5.0
  22. don junior was secretly tasked with finding out if cocaine cures covid. he was forced to blow through eight ball after eight ball in the name of science.
  23. incredible isn't it? I know we've had numerous years now to adjust to his BS, and shouldn't be shocked any more. but I am still slightly amazed any time I read what he says, or listen to him, just how nonsensical, unintelligent, and frankly ridiculous his responses to simple questions always are. in any other normal real world context, a guy like that would be shut down pretty quickly, and not given the time of day any more because he (a) doesn't know what he's talking about, and (b) is obviously lying. but what do millions of 'mericuns hear? they translate his vagaries into some twisted messaging they feel they can identify with, while the rest of us are sitting there scratching our heads like huh? he's full of shit! don't you guys see that! it's like he continues to pull the "hey look over there" trick, and all the magas continue to look, even though it's a blank wall when they turn in that direction time and time again. and all those R d-bags continually defending him, the fox noosers pandering, it's fuckin bizarro land! idiocracy man, there's no other word to describe it.
  24. either that, or he's lying about it. are there any videos of him peeing in a cup and drinking it? I really don't want to google "piss drinking videos" for fear of what the cookies are going to do to my youtubes...
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