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  1. yeah there are a ton of excellent microbrews in the US that unfortunately don't make it very far out of region. the selection is somewhat overwhelming actually. this place I go to on occasion - https://www.totalwine.com/ and am always stuck starring at aisles of colorful, very creative beer labels, trying to make an executive decision.
  2. is it too late to move? that guy sounds like a total ass to complain about stuff like that. couldn't imagine living in a place where I had to remain cognizant of whether or not this will result in a neighbor complaint or not. or you just say fuggit and go to war with him
  3. @beerwolf just curious, what other sorts of American beers do you see in supermarkets over there? I'd imagine it's the standard piss beers (Coors, Bud), with maybe a few other random ones mixed in. and in my opinion, sitting in the backyard on a warm sunny day drinking beer is about as good as it gets...
  4. ^ isn't there also something written in there about false idol worship, con men, and not acting like a colossal douchebag your entire life?
  5. but then she'll think he's a psycho. and then she'll think everyone that posts here is a psycho. wouldn't want the forum reputation getting cocked up like that. we have a certain level of dignity that must be maintained 'round these parts.
  6. still in a bit of a state of shock from the Djokovic loss yesterday...that was quite an emotional ending
  7. sounds like an improvement actually. I remember calling the CRA back when I lived there and it would just be a busy signal. no hold music, no call back option, nothing. you had to keep calling repeatedly in hopes someone would finally pick up.
  8. yeah aux, wanted to call you out earlier as to why you went dumpster diving to resurrect this thread, but was worried that may come across as slightly dickish. glad you realize now that we aren't mature enough to discuss subject matter such as this, as it will no doubt turn into a melee of sweaty, naked, Aphex lovin dudes, grappling with each other, while the ghost of Lenin laughs hysterically in the background...
  9. @_vow_of_silence_ you set sail again on the seas of cheese? or just cruisin around the portu coast
  10. yeah I get those. I guess I was just bitching about the ones that are relatively minor, but they still block an extra lane. I was sitting in some gnarly traffic earlier and needed to vent...
  11. why does it take so long to clear a wreck on a highway? so many times I'm sitting in the back-up, then finally get to pass the accident, and it's like 1 damaged car with a tow truck/fire truck/police sitting there blocking an additional lane. everywhere I've driven in US/Canada it's the same. I get safety is a priority, but seems like there should be a more efficient way to do this.
  12. oh c'mon man...your english is fine. I've seen you say that before and thought wtf is he talking about. remember, here on watmm, even native english speakers like myself sometimes have no fuckin clue what other english speakers here are going on about.
  13. no clue about the aztecs, but this reminds me of something a friend of mine told me years ago after visiting India. he said people trying to sell you stuff in India don't all do the universal head nod for "yes" or shaking the head for "no." they do some sort of in between, like a head wobbling side to side, which you are essentially left to interpret it as a possible yes or a no based on however the interaction is going.
  14. from what little I know of these type of groups, sounds about right. they call themselves church of satan or something similar, but no, we're not satan worshippers! we're open-minded naturalists talking about pantheism, spiritualism, or some other new-agey mumbo jumbo. I'm old school though. I like good vs. evil nicely compartmentalized. I grew up in the latch key kid era where devil worshipping satanists could break into your house at any minute and cut everyone up into tiny pieces. so keep the fuckin door locked!
  15. yeah wtf... disappointed to learn they're a human rights organization masquerading as a religious institution for tax break purposes. so not the devil worshipping fetus eaters I was hoping they'd be. kinda lame to name your group "The Satanic Temple," and you don't have anything to do with Satan / the devil...
  16. it has been a long time since I felt the need to listen to Radiohead. had this come out 21 years ago in the midst of their peak period, I would have been climbing the walls to hear it. now, I'll probably sample on BC, feign a slight bit of interest, and ultimately take a pass.
  17. so tell us Tim J, in 500 words or less, what exactly is so facepalm inducing here? you have to use words.
  18. it's not everyday you root for the Satanic temple, but hey, I'll take it if it throws a wrench into the R clown show thing going on right now
  19. some hardcore stuff in that list. this one in particular caught my eye - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guangxi_Massacre hannibal lecter seal of approval right there -
  20. I'd take a guess they hired someone who didn't work out, and are now coming back to their original list of interviewees. regardless, completely unprofessional they never at least let you know you didn't get the position 4 months ago. anyone that's had to job hunt in the internet age would certainly agree that the recruitment/hiring process throughout just about every industry completely and totally sucks. it is a frustrating game we all must go through and I absolutely hate it. I have been toying with the idea of moving to a different company, but as soon as I start looking at job boards, linkedin, etc., I almost have an anxiety attack thinking about how much BS is involved in applying & interviewing, and I hit a hard stop right there.
  21. you pick up a few items from one of our numerous gun shows? the one they have on the reg out near where I live (east Dallas) is always packed. will usually have a massive line stretching all around the building on the weekends they have shows. that loophole is the craziest thing. for those who may not be familiar - anyone can walk in to a gun show here in Texas and get an assault rifle with no background check, nothing, can just pay cash and get strapped.
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