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Genesis Bending - Various Artists RLRYM2612_1

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artist: Various

title: Genesis Bending

cat#: RLRYM2612_1

format: Free Download/Stream Flac or Mp3




1 Yuji Naka - Sega! Listen

2 mcbpete - New Zealand Story into Chase HQListen

3 mcbpete - Little Mermaid into galaxy force IIListen

4 Alex Tripp - kidcham_lvl2_streetfighter2s_000Listen

5 Pselodux - Sonistar3Listen

6 mcbpete - altered beast into addams familyListen

7 Alex Tripp - ghouls_into_virtua_fighter_(32x)_001Listen

8 mcbpete - New Zealand Story into MoonwalkerListen

9 Alex Tripp - Mickey_castle_of_illusion_into_outrun_2019_japan_013Listen

10 mcbpete - Altered beast into AnimaniacsListen

11 mcbpete - ghouls n ghosts into sonic 1Listen

12 Alex Tripp - sonic3_lvl1mb_knuckles_chaotix_(32x)__000Listen

13 mcbpete - Echo Jr into Sonic 2 BetaListen

14 mcbpete - Forgotten Worlds into castlevania bloodlinesListen

15 ataraxy2 - tsngrkListen

16 Alex Tripp - ghouls_into_outrun_2019_(japan)_003Listen

17 nosuchagency - castlezeroListen

18 mcbpete - Golden Axe into Prince of PersiaListen

19 Alex Tripp - various were back levels into dynamite headyListen

20 mcbpete - Shadow of The Beast 2 into Road Rash 2Listen

21 hautlle - MK2vYB


Genesis Bending is a compilation album created by various members of the We Are The Music Makers music forum. The project was conceived by Peter Godfrey (one half of the ambient group 'cubus') who experimented with the accidentally discovered effect of merging the memory states of various Mega Drive/Genesis games into one another using an emulator. The various results compiled on this album show the variety of the effects that can be created by using this so-called 'Save State Bending' technique - from the ambient drone of mcbpete's 'Echo Jr into Sonic 2 Beta', dark glitch of Pselodux's 'Sonistar3', music concrete of Hautlle's 'MK2vYB' right through to melodic minimalism of Alex Tripp's 'ghouls_into_outrun_2019_(japan)_003'. Genesis Bending shows what would be the result of a console creating its own soundtrack based on cannibalised CPU instructions and non musical data.

Don't be fooled by the description, this cannot be deduced to a cold concept experimental album. So kick back and follow along with the incidental harmonies and spontaneous song structures.



stream on the official Record Label Records website here

Flac Download rar

Mp3 Download zip


This is the first entry in the free Record Label Records SEGA Series. Please stay tuned for more!


-Brian Ellis is Dusty Cart, coming mid March


-RLRbootlegs presents the very Best of Treasure Co v/a, coming mid March


-Fluorescent Grey : Michael jackson's Sonic 3 (the lost songs) Redux, coming early Aprl

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Lol so much of me and mcbpete.

Yeah I was a bit conscious about that after I sent it - sorry for those that supplied tracks that didn't get on there, it was more about the convenience of having lossless versions of the tracks rather than the quality of them ...

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everybody did a great job :beer: it's actually harder than the description makes it seem to get sounds this good out of the process. i was trying to make something but i gave up.


been listening to it all day, i'm really proud of being part of this

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

great stuff.

on one hand i wish it was presented as an experimental glitch album with no explanation of how it was created.

on the other its a fascinating listen knowing how it was made.


i would have been interested in the reaction of people who didnt know how it was made

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  • 7 months later...

Just gotta bump this shit to say I listened to this again at some point in the early hours of sunday morning while making breakfast for me and my mates post clubbing. It went down better than expected! Great stuff.

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although i know the tracks were made using an emulator, this stuff makes me wish i'd never sold my mega drive (euro-name of the genesis, quite lame i know....) - the sound chip is quite capable, i have to say!!

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