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TechDiff - The Black Dog


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I know this isnt the most breakcore place on earth. But I also know some of you have a secret little love for it deep inside.


Label has just uploaded the previews for a new 12" of my stuff, you can check it out here




or on the peace off soundcloud


Should be available from the 1st of December.


There will also follow a digital version which will have 4 extra tracks. 2 of mine, and 2 remixes.


As I say, not everyones cuppa, but Im pretty happy with it =D

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I just spent the last hour listening to your tunes on soundcloud, as well as on the peaceoff page.


Now I really wanna go out and RAVE like a bitch in some dodgy basement club in north london, freaking out to 200+bpm BREAKCORE MUFFA HUBBARD


Its violent, provocative and a complete wall of sound. Especially enjoying the live at vienna set! Love the crowd responses



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I thought this thread was about another release by The Black Dog at first, I was gonna be like wtf? ANOTHER release?!... they've put out a lot lately

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Aww, serious thanks for the kind words. Did not really know what reaction this stuff would get on here, really really appreciated.


@ Feltcher, not 100 percent sure to be honest, I think that would be only fair. Ill talk with the label boss and see if that is possible.


@ Awepittance, Digital is not out yet. The 12" should be available from the beginning of december, the digital should follow a couple weeks after that. As soon as I have the correct dates Ill let you know.


Again, really nice to read some positive feedback! Thanks!

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Just a friendly bump & reminder. This is now available for download and on vinyl! Should be a CD version coming along soon too! If you want to get your hands on the vinyl version drop me a message. I have a limited number to sell!

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