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Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument .03 12"

eh Speedy

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  • 1 month later...

Anyone got their copy of this yet - according to the site is was meant to be released at the end of last month .... ?


This is what their Twitter said about 6 hours ago.


Dadavistic Orchestra @dadavistic

"Packing Dadavistic Orchestra Dokument .03 on DS93 - you are going to love the bass on this, so proud of this cut. Sorry for the delay."

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and sold out now. The artwork with the spiked headphones is ace. ambient lobotomy :)

I really like it, but 93 copies? come on.

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Yay. Just arrived on my desk !


Question to distributors - when you're supplying a protective plastic sleeve with your 12'' wouldn't it be best to make sure the sleeve is able to fit the record (It's about an inch too small in both height and width) the fact you didn't actually put the record in this sleeve suggests you knew there was a problem in the first place !

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