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I need some background music for a 3 minute documentary and a lot of the sites I'm looking through are hurting my ears. Is there any sites that people here would recommend having used before or host their own music there.


I'm after a nice ambient piece for a documentary on an art gallery and cinema.

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Guest Aserinsky

Nice compilation, although unfortunately I don't think the Creative Commons license that's it's been released under would allow this to be used in a documentary.


Have you thought about maybe looking through YLC and asking someone to make a track for you? Sure there's plenty (including myself) of ambient musicians here that'd be more than happy to let you use their songs for free.

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Probably obvious, but:






You also may want to try a google search for music in the public domain.

For starters, check out the Open Goldberg Variations (JS Bach's Goldberg Variations, obviously) project at www.opengoldbergvariations.org

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