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  1. downloading some porn in 1994 0Z_Sa7SkFFlw7mKifwxk-QEvk0iwfzemUwTdHXg10h4.mp4
  2. https://www.riffusion.com/ https://www.riffusion.com/about
  3. get out foghorn, matey!
  4. a bit last-year-ish, but interesting nevertheless. https://www.mollywhite.net/annotations/latecomers-guide-to-crypto
  5. how about some mastodon-embed love? pretty please with sugar on it. you donยดt want us to miss this beauty, do you.. https://zirk.us/@emilyherring/109700429112210642
  6. bru..used the auto-generated subtitles on this, cos i couldn't make out that joke about the "socks"..itยดs even worse..lol..great show though
  7. https://research.hud.ac.uk/research-degrees/researchscholarships/schoolofartsandhumanitiesscholarships/richie-hawtin-scholarship/
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