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what ever hapened to retape?


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just wondering what happened to him, cause his account was at first banned, but now it seems to have been deleted... :( hope all is well with the dude and he's still producing analogue lushness


i ask because i just got the urge to listen to his tunes on youtube again, but forgot all the track names, not to mention his youtube name... shit. any links would be much appreciated, guy was one of my watmm favorites.


oh, i remember one was called nagasaki fireworks or something. thanks again dudes



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i figured out the name of that video; it's called Nagoya Fireworks and his youtube is aptly named syntonfenix...



thanks for posting links to his soundcloud/bandcamp btw. here's hoping he gains some new admirers through this thread :beers:



PS: Joyrex; unban this bastard you bastard.

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oh right.... :facepalm:


this is what smoking cannabis does to you.... little things. though how these two (retape+chunky's youtube) subconsciously came into contact through my confusion+forgetfulness will forever remain a mystery to me.


all well, any press is good press innit, for both parties. and why did retape get banned anyways?




retape = chunky



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