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Origin of Semena Mertvykh?

Guest Araungzeb

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Guest Araungzeb

So last night I was watching Miracle Mile (which for anyone unfamiliar with the movie is a late-80s thriller about a nuclear apocalypse), and about 20 minutes into the movie this scene happens:



Anyone else thinks the background music sounds a bit familiar? Normally I'd write it off as a depraved fanboy delusion, but the fact that Boards said that TH was heavily influenced by 80s apocalypse movies and the fact that Tangerine Dream wrote the soundtrack (which many people have pointed out as a huge influence for the album) made me think that it was at least worth pointing out. Anyone else hear this, or have I reached that level of boc fanboy sadness? :wtf:


Edit: This forum title was supposed to be "Origin of Semena Mertvykh?" but my browser posted before I could finish it. If any mod reads this and can fix that it'd be much appreciated!

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