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Linkwood - Expressions


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Now available at Boomkat. They say:

"It's the sort of album you can spend a whole evening, or equally a whole lifetime with, perfectly crafted and sequenced for immersed listening and also to be broken down into DJ components - of which there are some super strong moments in the hypnotic Detroit disco-tech of 'Object', the sophisticate house stride of 'Expressions', and a sublime dub chord lather in 'Love Lost' to close."


Can't believe none of you guys seems to be into this.

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Linkwood has a great, steady and solid output. Most of the Firecracker recordings vinyl are very decent as well. I am a big appreciator of that warm, dubby house feeling

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this is one of those albums that was on my radar but never got around to checking out, about to change that.  from the previews, all sound great but in particular this 'interlude' track caught my attention..  its gorgeous


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