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  1. Nom zero sum is the album I have wanted since his flawless first opal tapes outing. I just can't get enough of this sound pallete. And his characteristic intertwining melodies
  2. What I still don't understand is, is there no mechanism to verify the 'creator'? (god l hate that word now, especially after Mr. Ek Spotifry used it to cover all musicians) Like memes get 'stolen' and reposted all the time, but it's no big deal because people aren't generally selling them. And for instance, anybody could gather and claim to own the fine posting history of Alco. Would his only recourse be just the assumption that someone else would pay more if the seller is verified as the original?
  3. It's cool and I'm glad it exists.. but Discovery is a better album than the animation is as accompaniment, if that makes sense. I saw it years later tho so my idea of Discovery is less tied to it than some maybe. Electroma however is an awesome homage to visual imagery that inspired them. It's basically their take on that watmm thread 'Eyecandy movies that won't break your brain' and I love it for that.
  4. Was discussed earlier in this thread iirc, but for me it's not a loyalty thing. Steam is just where all my library is so it would be annoying to have a separate launcher for one or two "other" games. I barely play games as it is, I'm mostly just catching up on games i bought and haven't got around to playing, or replaying classics, so it makes sense to use steam to browse and launch and chat with friends. Plus you can load games downloaded from Gog (another storefront) into steam so those play nice together
  5. Goroga is a fantastic/concise game. It had my girlfriend and I captivated as we played it through in one sitting. Also I recommended it a page ago but I just beat Creaks and highly recommend it. Gorgeous and well designed puzzler. Last campfire looks like I would enjoy it but it's not yet available on steam. Assuming it's exclusive to epic or another store? Lame. Luckily I'm a "#patientgamer" lol and will just play it some day when it comes to steam
  6. currently 15,000+usd equivalent with 2 hours to go. this looks like a stupid fucking hypetrain. they're bidding for some vague sense of ownership over an artificially induced 'original' (which can still be copied/pirated by its nature)? seems kind of like that wu tang album that sold one copy, basically a big egotrip (as portrayed by its buyer) Edit: wait.. this is the 6 second gif, no? so there's not even an attempt to make it scarce (which the wu tang album actually succeeded in doing). I sound like an old curmudgeon but now I really don't get the point
  7. feeling grateful i got to see them in 2007 (seattle show). it was right when i was leaving that youth/high school phase of my life so it was certainly a sort of landmark for me personally. it was a really amazing show in its own right, despite that it certainly inspired a lot of the overproduced-edm-festival-drivel in the decade that came. its good that they didn't follow that trend and turn it into a repeating vegas-style act, as im sure they had that opportunity to do so. also Homework and Discovery are both fantastic albums.
  8. I'm compelled to once again post that this album is just fucking amazing. Don't sleep on it. But notice I'm too lazy to make its own thread.. I would be joyed if someone takes up that noble task
  9. pardon my ignorance but i'd like to understand this better. my understanding is that bitcoin is not under development or control by any entity.. so what is the way out or scaling process? would it take the form of a competing service taking it over? and if so, why haven't the numerous projects addressing the environmental aspect already taken it over? how would this transition look from the layman's perspective?(lets say for example, someone who dont hold any bitcoin but start to be interested in the future once it is more widely used for actual payment)
  10. You make it sound like he personally broke into your house and deleted he track he previously gave away for free.. just listen to the sc track. Like you're really raising the bar of entitled fandom here m8
  11. I'm absolutely loving Creaks (im somewhere beyond ~half-way i believe). As you say the gameplay is totally different than their other games, and they really nailed it imo. Solid puzzle design, plus the charm, art, music that draws me to all of their games.
  12. this mix is fantastic. reminds me of the boc societas tape in reminding me how deep the wells of music go for the true explorers. also he has always had unreleased tunes on that tumblr page, but i dont recognize (or remember) these ones. someone should download and compile..
  13. lol its also new to me. normies unite. BOC acid!
  14. @drillkickeryoure super young my dude. and from the sounds of it i'd say there is indeed good reason to change your habits. im just 30 but my hangovers got way worse through my 20s to the point where i gave up hard alcohol last year. i feel way better without it and I had to do it cold turkey to truly convince myself that i no longer wanted it in my life. because for a few years i was in a cycle of "oh just one mezcal" but then it is harder to control after that and I would end up hungover. my situation is different but maybe theres something there. another piece of advice i've utilized
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