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  1. A bit more Prince / Minneapolis sound influence, imo. But definitely mj inspiration as well.
  2. I really love this new track; have been listening to it multiple times per day. The vocal manupulation and interwoven harmonies around 1:50 are so smooth *chefs kiss I get how someone would pass on it, or be turned off by the forwardly pop aspects. But bibio's stuff just works for me. Maybe ive just listened to his music so much, that even the pop / borderline cheese stuff feels very natural and a permutation of musical threads he's always been exploring. Either way I can't get enough. Most anticipated album right now
  3. Any word on an official reissue date? Ovals and Emeralds was always a bit too circus for my taste, but I'm appreciating it a bit more listening again after years. I'm noticing more similarities in sound with Vignetting; they are likely from a similar studio setup? Vignetting the Compost.. while not a perfect album for me (some of the pop/folk hybrids miss the mark for me), it has some of my ALL TIME fav bibio tracks, namely Dopplerton and The Ephemeral Bluebell. I could listen to those forever, and they instantly take me back to a very special time when i was finishing up university. Mr. and Mrs. Compost and Odd Paws are also great fun tracks.
  4. impression of track1 was lukewarm at first but is already really growing on me. It’s a catchy tune. Anyway, excited now, and always down for a new bibio album
  5. whoa. curse of monkey island was mega important to my childhood and still a favorite. ill definitely play this if it gets even half decent reviews
  6. Nice! Great to see new stuff from lnrdcroy. Sounding in a similar vein as Much Less Normal, which is a good thing imo. Interesting choice to release as 4 digital singles, but I'll pick them up because I love his music
  7. i wasnt hooked by his latest album, but really loving the montreal set here so far
  8. Been listening to this a ton. Really lovely and concise album. 'The Only Way' is currently favorite
  9. @maxwellsq Really glad you are okay, I hope your family and loved ones are as well. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have my life and city turned upside down with such horrific events. In the face of feeling helpless,ive contributed some meager monetary help, that won't change the tide of the war but will maybe do some good . Mainly I have been counting my blessings lately. I started crying after going on a hike to realize what a privelege to be able to recreate safely and easily.
  10. On first impression these tracks aren't my favorite thing from exael but I'll definitely give them another / closer listen. The album Flowered Knife Shadows recently sounded so good when I gave it a listen while running. And aphelion lish, and collex are also both great albums.
  11. @ top point: Yeah that's fair criticism. I, VII, and VIII probably fall into that category the most. VIII is saved by a really great melody though imo @ bottom point: What, the cover of this album? imo the painting is pretty class
  12. youre free to not like his stuff 😆 But ive never been able to listen to a track like this (among many!) and not have a massive grin on my face Also I only know of 1 thread - the brian leeds thread about all his stuff. And then there was a Pendant thread, but that was mostly just me and Salv (❤️) geeking out back and forth.
  13. And imo you're crazy for defending an invasion, by agreeing with the narrative that Russia was somehow forced into doing it. To respond to the part of your post you edited out, my use of 'they' in my previous post was very clearly referring to Putin vis a vis his government and military, not the average Russian.
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