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  1. theres not that many pinned threads (could maybe unpin a few?) but they're all pretty active and only in genban..
  2. https://skkakraba.bandcamp.com/album/yonye
  3. Certified dank record https://antoinettekonan.bandcamp.com/album/antoinette-konan
  4. i know what you mean re not being able to buy nearly as much as i'd like. i earn in pesos which really doesnt go far when everything is priced in USD or GBP (especially compared to other forms of entertainment that have regional pricing, like steam games are ~1/2 the cost as the us store) ive been trying to buy 2 or 3 albums or eps each round though. Currently eyeing a few eps. https://12thisle.bandcamp.com/album/l-le-sous-leau https://benedek.bandcamp.com/album/trackstars-trackstars-ep https://jadasea.bandcamp.com/album/half-life https://aokitakamasa.bandcamp.com/album/neutral-sounds-2
  5. The last 2 albums have been 50% hit or miss (mostly the vocals..) for me too. I never actually picked this one up.. Funny thing is when his stuff was playing with ambient and noise music (Serpent Music and Experiencing the Deposit of Faith) the hit rate was almost 100%.. and I dont imagine theyll age poorly. Straight fire both of those albums
  6. 'Bandcamp Friday' (waiving their share of the proceeds) again tomorrow (or already for some of you) Who's got rec's?
  7. 'black lives better' in his post could be seen as opposing affirmative action. if youre not familiar with the concept, its often discussed in the US context of universities accepting more minorities, but it could be applied to all aspects of societies. the left in the US generally agrees its needed to fight for more equality in institutions. so by opposing this concept, he's at least roughly on the same side as the people saying 'all lives matter' and/or claiming 'reverse racism'
  8. how'd i miss this. its nonstop belt-ran belt-ers it also sounds like for this magicwire release, the pads have a bit of lone-influence, especially on bad minds and angel
  9. except its a private company, not a public good.. which the artist should be able to choose to be a part of or not more off topic, but i dont get the hype around that band at all. ive tried giving loveless a few listens and its so.. meh for me. but hey, maybe this is how other people feel when they hear 90s aphex that i adore?
  10. 4 new tracks Produced by Neutral ( Fumitake Tamura + AOKI takamasa ) https://aokitakamasa.bandcamp.com/album/neutral-sounds https://aokitakamasa.bandcamp.com/album/neutral-sounds-2
  11. welp, first impression, both these games are really awesome
  12. lol @ 3 threads being made for this album. going to bump this one to keep it here this ones a nice rollin electro-ish cut
  13. did they forget to hire a graphic designer.. i thought this festival was somewhat a big deal(?) but those posters are simply atrocious. i'll see myself out now..
  14. my take was that as an album Several Shades could have used a bit of trimming, but it makes sense that it was originally released on 3 separate lp's. i really love a few tracks off that one. i'd also rec the eps he put out from '17-19
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