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  1. If you reach out to the label / artist with your order # there is a chance theyll hook you up with a download code. Sometimes vinyl comes with a printed download code, not sure about this label tho I've also pirated the digitals from an album I bought physically without remorse, but that is less kosher.
  2. This is sounding super lush. I got a sub since last listening to RSE, and damn... everything from this project puts it to good use
  3. I really enjoy this classical music show, Tafelmusik, on NTS https://www.nts.live/shows/francesco-fusaro
  4. Chiastic Slide is for me one of the examples of a perfect track order in their discography. Each track is such a contained world, often with intro and outro, so jumping to a new vibe on the next track (as it is in the original tracklist) works really well there. And thus, cipater>cichli are too similar to be right next to each other in yours for my taste. Your Alt Draft kinda works for me, in particular those first 3 tracks worked better than I had expected.
  5. I just moved from Mexico City back to downtown Seattle (i'm from this area originally). In some ways it felt like moving to baghdad or something - the sidewalks and bike lanes are littered with glass here, and encampments and passing needles on the street are a daily occurance. Mexico City could at least pay people to sweep the streets and keep the city put together on a day-to-day basis. Not that menial jobs are the solution, but I feel like easy-entry work to get people to at least feel like members of society (along with of course free physical and mental healthcare) would go a long way.
  6. regarding the date questions, its pretty clearly a date in american format, cant really see it referring to anything else> april 14 2021. this freeka tet person who posted it resides in nyc so that would make sense as well. either way in the end we seem to be left with trolling
  7. not gonna lie im a little disappointed a drukqs repress wasnt on the menu today..
  8. The first preview track Walls of kyoto is really nice. Looking forward to hear the rest
  9. *Jots it down. I'll have to check those out Re: the Ch Vox press release, i find it odd that the writer is critical enough to call Hive a weak spot on the album, when that is my favorite track from that one
  10. Below is Ch Vox Redux press release; I dont think theres a longer story per-se, but this is new info on how that album came about and why it was on Rephlex Seefeel’s third studio album was recorded for Richard D James and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s Rephlex label, as as a return favour for two remixes Aphex Twin (a huge fan of the group) did in their Too Pure period. This is the first time it has been available on vinyl since 1996 and adds an extra LP of bonus material, mastered from original DAT transfers by Stefan Betke aka Pole. Comes housed in a new gatefold sleeve by the Designers Republ
  11. Looks like we missed that single in the thread title, that will be first vinyl issue of those versions, which were recorded around their most recent tour (2019, thus their titles indicating 'spangle 2019' and 'gatha 2019'). The vinyl reissues have just the original album versions of those tracks, plus bonus discs of what i assume will be b-sides and contemporaneous unreleased material. And the other bonus tracks on the EPs compilation are the Ae remix and an unheard Statethrough (Transition mix). So no aphex remixes.
  12. This is massive. I think St / Fr / Sp will feature the first vinyl pressing of Autechre's Spangle remix? That has always been a special track, sounds like a lost twin from Selected ambient works 2. Crap, i want to buy all of this but that would be a bit much.. The cd set is a great value, too bad it would just be a physical artifact as I don't even have a cd player right now lol.
  13. New thread time? This is massive!! 2 bonus LP's worth of material incoming on the redux versions of Succuor and Ch-Vox, and new pressing of great rarities and EPs. And an ae-eps style cd box set treatment
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