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  1. whoa. curse of monkey island was mega important to my childhood and still a favorite. ill definitely play this if it gets even half decent reviews
  2. Nice! Great to see new stuff from lnrdcroy. Sounding in a similar vein as Much Less Normal, which is a good thing imo. Interesting choice to release as 4 digital singles, but I'll pick them up because I love his music
  3. i wasnt hooked by his latest album, but really loving the montreal set here so far
  4. Been listening to this a ton. Really lovely and concise album. 'The Only Way' is currently favorite
  5. @maxwellsq Really glad you are okay, I hope your family and loved ones are as well. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have my life and city turned upside down with such horrific events. In the face of feeling helpless,ive contributed some meager monetary help, that won't change the tide of the war but will maybe do some good . Mainly I have been counting my blessings lately. I started crying after going on a hike to realize what a privelege to be able to recreate safely and easily.
  6. On first impression these tracks aren't my favorite thing from exael but I'll definitely give them another / closer listen. The album Flowered Knife Shadows recently sounded so good when I gave it a listen while running. And aphelion lish, and collex are also both great albums.
  7. @ top point: Yeah that's fair criticism. I, VII, and VIII probably fall into that category the most. VIII is saved by a really great melody though imo @ bottom point: What, the cover of this album? imo the painting is pretty class
  8. youre free to not like his stuff 😆 But ive never been able to listen to a track like this (among many!) and not have a massive grin on my face Also I only know of 1 thread - the brian leeds thread about all his stuff. And then there was a Pendant thread, but that was mostly just me and Salv (❤️) geeking out back and forth.
  9. And imo you're crazy for defending an invasion, by agreeing with the narrative that Russia was somehow forced into doing it. To respond to the part of your post you edited out, my use of 'they' in my previous post was very clearly referring to Putin vis a vis his government and military, not the average Russian.
  10. I've mostly been thinking about how sad it all is, all the lives that will be ruined and lost in this war. Very very sad times.. Of course I'm hoping it does not escalate into an even larger conflict. I really hope a negotiation leads to Russia backing off before it intensifies further because it is already a horrific and pointless war. Wishing you and your family safety.
  11. Dude, 'backing Russia into a corner?'.. are you really playing the victim card for Putin? They invaded a sovereign nation - they started this war, and can turn around today and there would be no war. The only thing remotely positive about this whole affair is that the world is at least using some means to stand up to obvious belligerent agression. Of course I wish the western nations actions didn't hurt average Russian citizens, ie those opposed to war. But I think it's much more important to stand up to their dickhead leader, who really has all the power here.
  12. This sounds like huerco s, oversteps era autechre, and rip era actress in a blender. I'm a bit confused why people aren't feeling it, as those are generally pretty beloved records. Maybe it comes across as derivative here? Or spread too thin (too many changing styles) for you folks? My point being, I really love it. VI is a swirling centerpiece that only H.S. could make, my favorite track here The one two punch of III / VI are also super lush and unique to his sound. VII and VIII sound the most like they could be actress, for me that is a compliment though. VIII is an album highlight for me IX is not the most successful collab I've ever heard but also sounds pretty unique and gets points for that. X is a trip
  13. A full length record from Jack J! Seeing this announced last week was a great and unexpected surprise. If you haven't heard other music from Jack J, Pender Street Steppers (of which he is 1/2), or really anything on the Mood Hut label, all of it is highly recommended listening. I'll let the label describe it (below), but check out the video / first track. I already love and can't stop listening to it. https://jackj.bandcamp.com/album/opening-the-door "Well it's been more than 365 days and nights since we released a record on our small and independent record label based in Vancouver, BC. For better or worse we have always operated at a pace that feels natural to us. The same could be said for Mood Hut recording artist Jack J who has not released any music in over seven years. Do you remember his last record? It was called Thirstin' and it came out in the summer of 2015, hot on the heels of Something (On My Mind) which came out the year before. So naturally after this very long silence we are proud and excited to be able to finally share Opening the Door, the first full length LP by Jack J. Self-recorded slowly but surely between 2015 and 2019 between Mood Hut and C'est Life Studios, and featuring some crucial saxophone work by Linda Fox, this LP confirms Jack J to be a masterful mood maker as well as an incisive songwriter. Over the course of the album an undeniably blue haze settles over inward-peering ambient jazz, On-U-inspired digital-dub and quiet storm soft rock leaving a distinct sense of sadness amongst all the tangerine funk." releases April 8, 2022
  14. Yeah it’s really growing on me as well. Sounds influenced by Sensational, who is, as far as I know the only rapper ae ever remixed officially (Sensachre 10 mix (Autechre remix)). Continuous flow rap and really cool treatment on the vocals. Lyrics are kinda whatever but that’s not really the point, it’s got a vibe Did you like Railroad blues, or his record as Loidis? Plonk VI is most similar to that stuff, swirling ambient techno. I can’t get enough of it, so good. then IV reminds me of his earlier records, it bangs when played loud on speakers. That not doing it for you either?
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