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  1. Vignetting the Compost test pressing posted by Bibio today. Its coming 😄 https://www.instagram.com/p/CIF190OB1Bk/
  2. What are your sources here? I understand the need for skepticism here and to not dismiss arguments either for or against.. but I gave a look at the wiki (of course a brief overview, but it is sourced from relevant data rather than anecdote); concluding in general there haven't been significant long term adverse effects. in spoiler to not take over the thread..>>
  3. nice track - like the smoother pallette than much of the album. would be nice to have a companion ep but it appears to be a one off single as the track is for sale and has its own art @jaderpansenwas going to respond to your sorry-ass post but not worth the effort
  4. what does that even mean? the whole point of developing a vaccine is to give as much / enough of the population immunity to stop the spread and eliminate the virus. and the reason its not widely distributed already is because it's undergoing rigorous safety and efficacy trials. sorry i know this isnt the covid thread, but im more worried about misinformation getting in the way of a vaccine actually working and us not being able to go to sick shows because 'the plague' will linger in the population
  5. i didnt really like this film, which was surprising considering im generally a fan of real-leaning or minimal-storytelling scifi. been quite a few years tho.. worth giving it another chance?
  6. According to lastfm playcounts, F7 is the most played autechre track recently (Not sure who actually uses last fm, i dont but check it´s stats and comments for fun sometimes) I also love F7. Weird in just the right way
  7. deckards dreamscape B.. such a cool fuckin track. turning into one of my favorites from both albums. both this and marhide have the very apparent tape hiss at the end.. i also love the sound at the end of dek that sounds very much like a microphone drop. busting out the hardware / samplers on these tracks probably?
  8. i agree. also to clarify, i just saw @Valleyfold's post and im not sure what was meant in that context, cant tell there is irony in his/her post.. i was mostly offering my interpretation of how trumpian politicians use 'working class' as a rhetorical throwback to the good old days when there was institutional racism and no environmental regulations, as compared to a real and honest plan for the reality of the working class today
  9. the 'working class' many [republicans at least] refer to are mid 20th century manufacturing, and energy sector related jobs. they often use it in a nostalgic sense because it was an era of prosperity. and that was a majority white workforce (think nuclear white family who bought a house in the suburbs). so its often invoked to appeal to "family values" republicans, and can have undertones of stoking 'white flight'; when white families were "fleeing" the dense, "crime infested" cities where all the dark skinned people lived.
  10. "A federal pardon can be issued prior to the start of a legal case or inquiry, prior to any indictments being issued, for unspecified offenses, and prior to or after a conviction for a federal crime." And the idea is that he would know what crime he would most likely be indicted for, and so on the last day or whatever just say 'umm yeah.. i pardon anything related to myself and tax fraud'
  11. lol, partner and i opened a bottle of wine on election night.. drinking accelerated when florida was called.. we both ended up passing out with npr on the speakers. woke up around 2am and checked for results, which were identical to earlier in the night. i can only imagine there are some people who have spent this whole week in some sort of long-drawn-out bender / daze
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