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  1. according to some in the 'will tom ever' thread, hello everything was the last great one (some days i would count myself in this group, but ufab ive grown fond of) so maybe hello in the title is a sign..
  2. i also dont mind it, other than buttons feeling a bit too chunky (characteristic of of mobile centric web design these days..) the graphics i actually dig, reminds me of their record sleeves. also to me its very reminiscent of tdr's work in the last 10 years (slabs of color, overset or oversize text, unweildy proportions) so i dont quite understand the calls to bring in tdr
  3. assuming you guys are quoting me, as i mentioned enjoying the radio rip bookended by the interview. but i was never one of the fanboys "begging for a release" of the track.. so youre being bothered by a nonexistant contradiction. also its not whining to merely state my preference. they can release and you can listen to whichever version you want
  4. no idea whats going on 2 posts up.. so yesterday i wasnt feeling this tooo much, but put it on a bit louder and a bit more caffeinated while working, and really feeling it today. 0L9 is the business
  5. saw that too.. clearly a deliberate tease. if i had to guess (could be totally wrong..) i'd say another physical release of some of the other warp30 material that was already played on nts. best case scenario= autechre warp tapes, or squarepusher nts material?
  6. i for one am looking forward to the inevitable video where someone actually tries trekking through the mountains with a precariously tall stack of cargo
  7. good luck with that, soon youll realize that the whole 8 hrs are absolute quality, and its already divided into (long) album size monoliths which are best digested as such
  8. full digitals/previews on bandcamp https://umorrex.bandcamp.com/album/en-all-geance-linconnaissable-une-tude-en-chor-graphie-pour-le-flux-d-nergie also check out some music being played for a volcanic rock. the rock seems to be enjoying himself
  9. i cant hear anything other than 'Dont be fat Dont be fat Dont be fat' in the vocal sample of Ballroom.. 😂 kinda wrecks what would otherwise be a sick track
  10. give faith in strangers and too many voices a shot, theyre both a huge step up from luxury problems imo, they have more rough and interesting trax. Luxury probs suffered from being too neat and lacking personality, which comes in spades in the two following albums. blast How it Was, Selfish, On My Mind.. all might fit your definition of dark bangers
  11. Bump! I had a while on the bus yesterday, and strung all the lanark artefax eps together as though they were one album. Needless to say it was amazing. He has such an identifiable sound-world, but at the same time there are so many standout tracks /moments. Whities ep is still most mind-blowing front to back, but Glasz (the title track feels like the moment before falling off a huge precipice) and this new ep are right up there as well. Windox i feel like he was still looking for his own sound but it has its moments (pendulux) Probably my most anticipated artist to hopefully put out a full length.. But i'd also be happy if he keeps releasing eps
  12. big ups the reminder from the ex-terrestrial thread.. just getting around to listening to this. shiieeeet the title track is an amazing roller. Reminds me of the best of 90s photek, but with lots of details bouncing around in the mix. Afterburn is another highlight of first listen
  13. i take it you didnt listen to Yesternow, second track. its good shit, 25m of miles leading his band on a spaced out jam voyage vibe, pushing their instruments into some wild sounds. if you dont like it thats fine but the connection is with my above comment re fusion-era miles. the first track has less connection, but i still dig it
  14. https://www.discogs.com/Kouhei-Matsunaga-Self-VA/release/2169419
  15. NHK YK koyxen - Huui and of course some aphex that you probably know
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