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  1. just got into biosphere at the end of last year with his first couple albums. so im listening to this fresh, and its also amazing. algae and fungi pt2 hits deep in that position late in the album. just getting to the bonus tracks now
  2. i love that chiastic is hard for me to define, as it often has something very crunchy and something lush in the same track. where draft is hyper sonically advanced hip hop, and more granularly detailed, chiastic has more broad juxtapositions in texture. also for me chiastic takes place inside the mind of some spaced out robots, theyre trying to imagine humanity and sometimes it's successfully rendered as melody but other times their machinery short circuits and gets stuck in loops, which gives it an almost tragic vibe @MisterE yeah i think we're getting at that same slightly-gloomy but also trippy vibe that makes this album special
  3. 'Thousand knives' is inferior to ymo productions from the same era imo, so I'd just recommend the first 4 ymo albums. Async is one of his most consistent albums. All of the collaborations with alva noto, especially the first few. I also revisit Chasm from 2005 fairly often. I'm also daunted by the sheer quantity of the 90s stuff, but I know there are gems in there. Just check out the track A Day in the Park, he can even make a banging rnb tune
  4. You said it more eloquent than I, but agree this album is solid.. better than just pleasant, it's doing fresh stuff across the album. It also felt short to me, despite being 42m, not sure why. At least it's left me excited to rinse it more in the near future
  5. Love hello everythings cover, gotta work 10 faders on that mixer! Damogen cover on the other hand is a bit tryhard, looks like the designer just discovered photoshop
  6. Good interview though, in the sense that tom calls out the interviewers assertions when theyre a bit daft, but genuinely engages with the good questions, especially towards the end of it
  7. "it lands in the wake of what many perceive as his magnus opus: Damogen Furies" ....have never heard or read anyone say that, lol..
  8. albums as a whole. i was saying garden of delete is better on the whole, partly because its "ballads" (animals) suck less than babylon. and freaky eyes and mutant child are also great so im agreeing with you yeah
  9. i would give the edge to garden of delet mostly because i like child of rage, and the 'ballads' suck less than on age of, but basically feel the same
  10. unsolicited opinion incoming.. but who else agrees with me that this is a stinker of an album? ive revisited it multiple times since release, thinking it might click, but almost always am left with a worse impression. the station and well take it are the only tracks i can really remember liking. as a fan of almost all his other works, i have to skip more than half the tracks on this one
  11. yup..every year. the lineup is insane every year
  12. the preview track is, fine? got a bit of a generic vibe compared to his many other great releases imo, but im hoping the album has some surprises in store
  13. markedone

    draft 7.30

    ive got a nice copy i'd possibly trade or sell, but unfortunately youre in uk and im half a world away, would prefer usa.. i made a vinyl rip of it (on my parents' nice decks, lol) to fill a request on what.cd when that site was still alive a few years back
  14. i somehow held off visiting the birds thread until now. Better than i expected, will stop by again to browse or if i have bird content to share. thx watmm, peace
  15. i want to preorder this.. but i just tried and apparently bleep doesnt ship to mexico at all. lame.
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