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  1. Fans of Analord will definitely like the sound pallette on this release.. Husk, and Worm are immediate favorites
  2. Re Spike Lee, kinda agree, but blackkklansman actually really surprised me with how good and fresh it was
  3. O snap forgot about this record, love Patricia. Digis are out. About to give it first listen
  4. Sounding nice, reminiscent of snd. The first 2 albums i always enjoyed when I put them on, but admittedly i haven't revisited them enough, nor given them a super close listen
  5. I agree. There's this bubbly yet dubby bass sound that only uon seems to master, see eikon from this album, B2 from the 'caveman lsd' record, or 'J' from uon self titled. It's a very fresh sound
  6. First listen impression: I find it hard to get excited for yet another 'slick produced ethereal female vocals album'. Four tets latest fell into the same trap for me. Moment by moment it's not bad per se, but it all starts to blend into lounge-cool-blandness.
  7. Wow first track is nice. Kinda reminds me of some Rian Treanor stuff, pushing elements of club music to new and weird breaking points
  8. I haven't felt as immersed in the flow of this one as much as the first pendant album. But that last track... That track justifies the whole album imo. It's gorgeous played loud with the lights out
  9. SAME The side buttons on my moto g6 just started acting up and I really don't want to have to get a new phone. I wanted my next phone to be smaller, not larger, but everything seems to have trended larger. Pixel 4a seems to be the only smaller option released in the last few years, but it is discontinued (and apparently had mediocre battery life). Iphone 12/13 mini are pretty much the only small option, and i'd rather not go apple (have nothing else in that ecosystem, and they are also more $$$ than I would like to spend). SIGH
  10. "the process of Max being introduced and leaving in shaping the Outeka-ness as an enemy character." lol that is diabolical
  11. maybe a literal mic drop? it carries in the fine tradition of autechre songs with evident microphone sampling
  12. words cant describe how much i love this track. elseq has certainly grown for me over the years as an incredible era in their ouevre, but this one in particular is god-tier. next next next level ae
  13. these two artists have put out some of my favorite records in the past few years, and this new project/group sounds like they are really up to something great. i highly recommend cranking it on speakers. lush
  14. In terms of the age old question 'Is it washable?', an lp5 CD case would most probably be more washable than lp
  15. Good points. I have not listened to this new jerry seinfeld record BUT I had that exact experience with Homespun.. I remembered loving Glenn Astro's early albums, so I excitedly put it on. But it left me with an uncanny feeling, like it was checking boxes. My brain couldn't identify it as 'bad' per-se, but it was providing limited auditory-interest-stimulus. There was at least one track I remember being quite good in the middle, but it was stranded in a sea of meh.
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