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  1. the softer pallate (for lack of better term) of deserted 1 is really aurally pleasing
  2. imo it was well before TH, and was just a combination of many factors. Geogaddi got lots of good reviews and internet-press right around the time when music journalism sites were super popular and set the agenda of what was considered 'cool' music. The mysterious aspects of that album would have led people into their back catalogue, which is even more mysterious, which kind of captured the zeitgeist of blogs and internet-storytelling around that time.
  3. im too lazy to make a thread, but SK returns to Animals Dancing.. and it kinda sounds like mr oizo, or at least another branch of his Dude Energy alias. nice trax
  4. ep7 love would love a peek into the ae studio that put out this and lp5.. still mostly hardware/synth based (were they using computers yet?), and playing around with oddities like the roland pma-5 which sequenced maphive, iirc
  5. be up a hello is amaze, better than anything since ultravisitor, imo. considering the autechre threads fill with mostly pointless chatter, i wouldnt take the page count to represent the enthusiasm level necessarily
  6. The recent collaboration albums with asuna, sven Johansson, and masayoshi fujiya are actually all pretty great. But I agree it's not the same as the period you mention when he was putting out fantastic solo records every year at least. He has also kept busy, however, running faitiche as a great label.. Tierbobachtungen was just reissued on vinyl for the first time fyi! I'm assuming your bump was related to that in some way
  7. saw1 always clicked with me right away but has also deepened over time. fantastic album. the one i initially wrote off (for a while) was classics since its a compilation rather than a proper album. but now the early early stuff +that era from the SC traks are some of my favorites
  8. cool that people dig all end so much and the discussion always welcome.. but imo its just a nicely layered drone track. the 1hr thing will def mess with your perception and its a fitting way to cap an 8hr project, but its not the next great symphony or creation of a genre that people almost describe it as
  9. this track is so good.. imo these type of tracks (elyc6 being similar) are some of the most original music to come out of their more recent output.
  10. im lost @ why people keep referencing green (album)? its been said, but the album art/design seems conspicuously weak considering it was done by tdr.. but the music is what matters. super excited there
  11. rewatched the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. solid black comedy. the Cohens excel in the short format and i'd like to see them do more. dark af at times
  12. song is cool and all, but have you tried taking a benzo and then just compute?
  13. 2. Trek (2003) can hear the influence of Confield era ae. Cool stuff, and feeling greatful he has put it together into multiple albums
  14. its an interesting project.. their live show (around Another Life) blew me away. I still think their music works better in live context (with visuals and on a massive sound system) rather than home listening
  15. 1hr of demonic background n64 ambiance
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