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  1. Elevator to the Gallows directed by Louis Malle, Is on mubi. Excellent classic noir shots and scenes. The plot sometimes relies on its characters making ridiculous decisions but it also has some clever moments, and overall an entertaining watch
  2. Maybe it helps that the floor here is also concrete? Carpet supremely grosses me out, I would never live in a place with carpet, so it's not like I'm inattentive to floors hygiene. Shoes just have mostly dust or harmless dirt so with a regular sweep it's no big deal to wear them inside, or not. This sounds like it needs a separate debate thread
  3. depends on the design of the homes tho. in norway of course there is a clear division of interior and exterior for climate reasons. but the places ive lived in california and mexico i keep the doors open to the garden or terrace pretty much all day and year round. so its never been a problem to wear shoes indoors (or not) and you just sweep once a week and mop every once in a while and its fine. but do you only wear other peoples shoes in other peoples houses?
  4. Thx for the chat snippets.. little insights 4 tha fans I've been listening in whenever working, but obvs missing some as they're on a different time zone. It's already been going almost 2hrs today! Yesterday's session was great, I jotted down plenty of interesting tunes
  5. Damn, thread title got me excited it was an album.. The internally combusted release had me wanting more. And this track is.. fine? Sounds like a solid dj tool. Hoping to hear more from him going forward though. If you haven't heard the release Reflects btw, I was listening to that recently and it's one of my favorites
  6. if you dig see on see, i highly recommend revisiting kylon. they both have the cascading layers and a mid-track key change, but imo krylon is the track i discover more in with repeat listens. it almost sounds like 3 tracks at once if you focus on the twinkly high end, plucky mid strings, and cavernous bass, and they are constantly shifting and intersecting in weird ways. amazing headphone track. i remember first at hating the super buzzy fm synth stuff, along with y7 which sounds like it uses the same instrument. i dig them more now, but both are really strange tracks that i have to be in a particular mood to listen to
  7. i will say, the beat to Romantics is very lush. id happily fold some laundry to that bad boy *slaps roof of Romantics My disappointment is that i could seemingly shuffle the tracks between this and New Energy, and all the tracks would all sit together politely with their elbows tucked in as to not get in one another's way
  8. really digging this. on an actress deep-space vibe trip
  9. have to disagree with just about everyone, i cant get into this at all. so much of it sounds like four tet by numbers, its full of cheesy 'ethereal female vocal' that comes in at the most expected time, even the use of arps and the sound pallette are almost the same as the last album. and the interludes (esp hi hello) literally sound like he busted out ableton at the breakfast table and noodled for 5m over a cup of coffee. theres just nothing there.
  10. /confessional. i gave a few bucks to the new nameyourprice patrick holland release (below)... then i proceeded to open about 50 tabs of other music i wanted to support, then very quickly felt too poor to "pick" which artist to support.. Bandcamp doesnt tend to do regional pricing (not sure if its an option, compared to steam where it is?) which means that relative to wages in mexico, music releases cost at least ~4x more for me than they did in the USA. And when finances are fairly tight I cant justify throwing 10usd at each release. https://patrickholland.bandcamp.com/album/reality-picture
  11. in Mexico they finally officially shut down bars cinemas and the like.. but it's certainly in in the 'spreading rapidly and about to explode' phase. But hey we got an character on the job with a clever name. Suasana Diastancia = "su sana" distancia == Your healthy distance
  12. I haven't seen a similar thread, so cheers for making it, the timing does seem appropriate. I just had a quick browse amongst my favorites.. their tracks that have a sort of floating drone and subtly building tension really get me. So on that note: Right now I'll go with Whitewater. A simultaneously epic and peaceful track.
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