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  1. itll be utilized to help us order toilet paper from amazon prime using bitcoin by just thinking about it, thus freeing up precious time to more efficiently bring about the (TM) next stage of humanity, while the planet continues to be destroyed, minimum wage workers toil in a warehouses and business people argue over how to market this revolutionary technology to the 'emerging markets in second world countries'
  2. 0 points, good boys and girls club for me. Also since we seem to be voting, I agree with bobdobalina's troon-alysis (on the annoying side). I vaguely remember a thread debating if troon and sup were the same poster. There was also a theory that troon = rdj.. maybe more plausible.
  3. @ambergonk Here is the article i mentioned https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/06/03/us/earthquake-preparedness-usa-japan.html I also just read an article about the shallow earthquake(s) my first post were about> https://news.skyalert.mx/sismos-CDMX-sismologia?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=impresiones&utm_campaign=sismos_cdmx Here is a section translated that has me on edge> "Historically, the largest earthquake with epicenter within [mexico city] was recorded 16 years ago, with a magnitude of 4.0, so the occurrence of a major earthquake is unlikely. However, it should not be ruled out that a similar or greater one could occur due to the short time that the faults within the city have been studied with special instruments, 30 years." 30 years is literally nothing in geological time.. even 500 years ago. Whats to say a shallow 7.0 couldnt just rip this whole place to shreds. ugh
  4. To my knowledge they're happening all over the world and all the time, and attempts at reading into patterns even locally starts to be a subjective task. On the science side they can't quite say: we have been observing x amount of microquakes therefore there is y probability of z; it could be building up to nothing and just as likely a big one could come without warning. But also on the building side, I'm still not reassured despite working in that industry.. As a design problem seismic forces are well understood in structural calculations. And there exists technology proven to deal with strong seismic loads (base isolation, etc). But most developers won't invest in that because it's expensive, and will design to just meet code. (There is a good recent article in the ny times about base isolation if you're curious). Then the fact that I've lived in quite old buildings recently.. and the myriad variables such as soil conditions which can change over time etc.
  5. This is most certainly the wrong thread for this. But need somewhere to vent.. There was an earthquake in Mexico City last night, it was small on the richter (~3.0) but with an epicenter reeeealy fucking close to me, in the center of the city. For reference, the horrible earthquake here in september 2017 was 7.1 but a state (150km) away. But this one last night scared the living shit out of me. It felt like someone giving one super hard push to the building, and that's it. Lasted 3 seconds max but you could see/feel the movement. As a result, I hardly slept last night and had a horrible nightmare about dying in a building collapse. Basically, it unlocked some traumas that i thought had healed somewhat, and have had pangs of existential dread through the day.
  6. ^Agreed re:dribble of tracks that will probably just be on his next album. Hmm, guess im a little burnt out on his sound since around New Energy. Nothing bad, just a bit safe and doesnt light my fire. The last track of his I truly fell in love with was Locked off Pink.. also that track Question, which is a well flipped disco edit. Oh and I also like Beautiful Rewind which was a bit more adventurous territory, thus everything after that album feeling a bit "safe"
  7. Because of course he/she/it is just waiting paitiently, checking back every week their banned status from watmm Then again.. now seems like a good time to post that this wordpress "blog" was actively making posts for 4 fucking years after sup was banned. https://supression.wordpress.com/
  8. haha no way.. I knew something was familiar about the video from just the thumbnail. This 7/11 is super close to my house, I walk by it every day on my way to work. But yeah, concept is ace also the youtube comments are hilarious
  9. in general ive been using watmm more than average on the past year or so, and getting a lot out of the discussions here. my posts in the new releases thread dont tend to get many responses, but hey ill keep posting anyway. maybe im the exception but i prefer this pace of watmm to a deluge of content. and when ae put out nts the vibe was amazing and already too much to keep up with. so keep it up is all.
  10. That mark fell guest mix full of unreleased tracks is sure to be good.. Looks like he was also a guest on Lee Gambles show a few years back. Im not one to judge, but the photo for this show looks like none of them have slept much, oh the life of computer music wizards. https://www.nts.live/shows/lee-gamble/episodes/lee-gamble-10th-december-2015
  11. Just now listening to the Dance Music Show with Bell Towers live, impeccable vibe throughout. Already cant wait to listen to all his other mixes, especially the show with PLO Man as guest https://www.nts.live/shows/bell-towers/episodes/dance-music-show-26th-febuary-2019 Also the other day was super impressed with Cosmic Dreamer Radio. Jumps around genres a lot which reminds me of my own listening habits. https://www.nts.live/shows/cosmic-dreamer
  12. i agree with this sentiment, all of his albums have bangers and some experiments that should have stayed on the shelf. AZD is maybe the most consistent of the bunch? Ghettoville is the weakest for me, has its moments but a bit of a slog to get through.
  13. Random selection of monographs, all are in the tdr price range https://es.phaidon.com/store/architecture/monographs-a-z-by-architect/?page=all&page=all Then theres loads of deluxe shit, like I saw a peter zumthor monograph set that im sure feels very nice to touch.. 250 euro But even El Croquis, one of the most popular "magazine" style publications (soft cover, even has ads) goes for 60euro+ https://elcroquis.es/
  14. Sorry for off topic but ^most likely heavily weighted towards high earning principals and people with 50+ years experience (they say architects never retire..). Maybe theyre the ones buying those expensive books, all i can tell you is that in the US of A, an architect who goes through 6+ years of education enters the market making peanuts compared to similarly educated professions. I started as an intern, and after 2 years professional experience, was promoted to make a whopping 40k... whilst working 80 hour weeks and living in the most expensive city in the US (nyc). Im not complaining especially considering future salary potential.. but i do complain at the hyper expensive books that our profession seems to covet
  15. You should see the world of architecture books, which TDR being a design firm this is in a similar category. Monographs with large prints and special materials absolutely get in this range, and lots lots more. There are so many that I want but could never afford, especially ironic given the laughable salary that the majority of architects/designers often earn..
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