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It's true that dancing and reading code don't go well together. Neither does dancing and watching someone's turntable or guitar technique or whatever. At some point you stop reading it but it's still nice to know that you can have a look at the musician making music if you fancy. That said, some of my favourite gigs I've not projected, but often people can still look over my shoulder.. and given the opportunity some generally do..


(Also if it wasn't a stupid idea we wouldn't have called it "algorave")


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On 5/10/2020 at 2:01 AM, Yaxu said:


(Also if it wasn't a stupid idea we wouldn't have called it "algorave")


Algorave is like math rock - which is something I will publicly say is some "turbonerd thing that takes the soul out of music", but secretly I wish I was that good at music as the people who play it.

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