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  1. Thanks to this thread I now know what Banda is. I need to pour bleach into my ears.
  2. Given how much error correction there is in a QR code this is not the least bit impressive. You could just as well doodle over a working QR code and achieve exactly the same result. More info on QR codes: https://blog.qartis.com/decoding-small-qr-codes-by-hand/ EDIT: here's some examples of hand made art that works as a QR code: https://dribbble.com/shots/3658816-Art-QR-Code-Design
  3. ChatGPT is useless. Truly the tulip mania of 2023. There's some rote memorization tasks (basic medical exams, bar exams etc) it can score Bs on and it can write answers to simple *and extremely common* college sophomore essay questions (and again score no higher than a B, which is hardly impressive) but that's about it. Which shouldn't be surprising if you know a little bit about how it works.
  4. Hehe ... reminds me of the story of Bad Religion's first single - they had money to press singles but not to do mastering. So as a result their first single was unplayable.
  5. Yeah, those can be pretty good. They can add some humor, which I like.
  6. Same here, but also because most lyrics are inane. Even the good ones.
  7. Yeah, this is on me. Depends on what you want to do, I suppose. To me there's a world of difference between a MacBook with Ableton and a modern MPC. The controls and the pad and the workflow just make an MPC more of an instrument ... dunno, for me it just clicks. Love at first sight, in fact. Nice 🙂 If the M8 were more readily available, I might have considered it.
  8. Nifty 30 min. beat tape: Also on Spotify if SoundCloud isn’t your thing.
  9. Limo

    I need a DJ name

    “Squid Biscuits” is a legit good band name. 👍
  10. We finished Foundation this week. It was … horrible. Maybe not if they hadn’t named it ”Foundation” and sprinkled it with just enough references to the books that you were constantly reminded that it did not, actually, have anything to do with Asimov’s work, but they did so it was a teeth grinding fest from beginning to end. But it looks kind of nice, so there’s that. Next up: White Lotus S2. First episode is promising.
  11. I can see why people would say that but I could personally never get over the clunky sequencer 😞 Especially not in a world where MPCs exist. With any sound source, basically 👍 I have an MC-101 for this purpose. Though an iPad would work as well. My own setup for the summer holidays is going to be an iPad mini as a sound source (YouTube, synths - and my collection of easy tune and exotica mp3s) and an MPC 500 for sampling and sequencing - it just arrived today and it’s soooo cute!
  12. Useless GAS: just listened to a few of my tracks from a year ago which were recorded through the SP404 mk II I briefly had. Now I want an SP404 again. Not for sampling as its sequencer drives me nuts but only for one single effect, the 303 vinyl sim (IIRC). Makes *everything* sound good.
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