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When the background static of the world seeps & creeps in beyond specific thresholds, music offers a release unlike anything else. Soothing analog tones leading to rich unfolding harmonics, prescription free.

*No copyright pings included



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    • By feltopptak
      This is what I see every day from my little window,
      I savor the scents of every season,
      the wind touches my skin while the sky turns pink and orange at sunset.
      The majestic eucalyptus trees are home to thousands of singing birds.
      This is what I see every day.
      It's a beautiful return.

      Available for 1 week @ name-your-price
    • By markedone
      Really amazing group of artists in collaboration and/or remixing one another.  Purchase benefits a good cause.  Im excited to give it a listen and report back on my favorites

      "All the funds generated by the sales of this album will be donated directly to City Plaza Hotel, a squatted refuge located in the heart of Athens, Greece, organized for and by migrants from Africa and Asia. These funds will support their struggle to provide material needs for those fleeing economic, environmental, political and military disasters in their home countries. At City Plaza Hotel residents work together in ways that center their own agency, dignity and solidarity with each other. 

      This compilation in no way claims to represent the voices of refugees and migrants, nor does it represent the scores of incredible musicians from the Middle East, North Africa or Central America whose communities are being disrupted by mass migration. Rather, the artists participating in this compilation recognize that their lives and art have benefitted from the relative ease with which they are able to move across borders, performing for international audiences and developing relationships across cultures. Some of the artists involved are the children of immigrants, or have their own experiences of migration and relocation. All of them share a belief in a basic freedom of movement and stand in solidarity with those migrants and refugees who are struggling to make a better life for their families and themselves. "
    • By cwmbrancity
      The Wye Valley is among my favourite routes in the British Isles. Starting in Chepstow & calling at Tintern, Monmouth & Abergavenny, before finishing over the Black Mountains in Hay, the journey takes in rivers, mossy ruins, mountain valleys + diverse fauna and flora. Invoking the unhurried mystery & peace of mind these locations inspire, a harmonic-heavy soundscape designed for stress reduction, reflection & calm.

      Harold Budd - Madrigals Of The Rose Angel
      Joanna Brouk - The Space Between
      Ned Lagin - Seastones
      Long Distance Poison - Signal 1 (Drew McDowall Remix)
      Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming For Strings
      Ilta Hämärä - Kuvitteellinen Alkuperä
      Grateful Dead - What's Become of the Baby
      Rumblin_Cynth_Rampo - Passage
      Colin Stetson - Reborn
      Daphne Oram - Conclusion
    • By cwmbrancity
      got this as a mail out, Andrew Liles has been included in BBC Radio program on Yorkshire's experimental musical realms
      not heard yet, but as one of the more original producers to have worked in electronic music in the last couple of decades, interviews on his approach to sound are a bit thin on the ground for someone with such an eclectic & varied catalog:
      apologies in advance if its lame
    • By cwmbrancity
      Waylaid & involuntarily inconvenienced in a classified government sleep experiment program?
      Run audio.
      *Caution - doors do not open from the inside.

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