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The third, and final part, of Luke Vibert’s entertaining and infectious cavort through some of dance music’s key motifs, delivers a singular collection of tracks that the creator defines as Rave Hop.

‘Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop’ finds the British producer and musical trail blazer kick back on a bunch of lazy hip hop breaks and breezy samples. Soulful vocals, suave raps and buoyant riffs are expertly infused with dope as fuck beats and booming basslines.

‘Rave Hop’ concludes Vibert’s trilogy of albums for Hypercolour that has gifted us absorbing musical dispatches from the breakbeat and rave frontlines. With an enviable recording career that has taken in countless projects for labels like Ninja Tune, Warp, Planet Mu and Rephlex, Luke Vibert still holds the crown for king of the beats!



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      I Love Acid Radio, 9pm GMT, on Hoxton FM

      live video streams:

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    • By seed

      Two analogue hardware acid jams by Luke Vibert, each side featuring a 12 min track designed as a DJ-friendly purposemaker
      Out November 2014, on a hand-stamped & numbered limited edition of 303 heavyweight 12" vinyl.
      Absolutely no digital ever, absolutely no represses ever.
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      watched this a few weeks back,  dj luke vibert and posthuman // i love acid live on hoxton fm
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      more on the throbbing pouch release versus the CD that had been out
      also the plug stuff.
      the reason i am asking is that i only bought all of the stuff that i didnt have, pretty much all of the 12'' or vinyl only stuff.
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