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    I enjoyed it but I wasn't blown away (sorry poor word choice). I sort of got sucked into the hype. It was good but it was also sort of soulless. The cinematography and stuff was amazing and the music and sound design went a long way to creating tension but I came away not really bothered if I ever see it again. I dunno. You should definitely check it out if you like Nolan or war films in general. Cheers, i'm not into nolan and i don't like modern war films. So that sorts that problem out.
  2. the punks i knew would never have designed flyers for shows this terriblol. They were after aesthetic, not pathetic. Maybe he's trying to reflect the cultural decay and degeneracy that he sees around him with that page design. Heil aphex.
  3. I wonder if aphex will be doing a remix of madonna's cherish (it's a joke, but that was the song i thought of when the word cherish was mentioned, not that other one you guys linked to). + rephlex stuff going up on warp ay.
  4. I like how they have the temerity to write "this store uses cookies to improve your shopping experience" with page design like that. As for the release, nice to hear things a bit more cleanly (is this right or has it just been an age since i listened to el soundcloudo) with all the little kinks and quirks fully there.
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    I'm only interested in what fumi thinks, but he's keeping us hanging, what's up man, you suffering from shellshock or ptsd or summin'?
  6. I would have liked a super hard science fiction show exploring the architects, their homeworld and the galaxy beyond, written by me so that it doesn't disappoint, me. heh.
  7. ahh, it's a different track than the original one that i have already commented on the welcome of. i didn't think that there was more material. Guess i should have checked the interview. but tbh i have no interest in people talking about hardware so i didn't check. It's like a conversation about trainspotting or something to me. yay, lets play guitar with one hand tied behind our back. heh. I get why people like it and my comment doesn't invalidate the interest or the obsession, by the same token their validation doesn't invalidate my disinterest and somewhat colourful dismissal. each to their own homes.
  8. fun // who dat ? Yes, i'm outta tha loop. Aphex Twin, also known as Richard D James, is a prolific electronic musician born in Limerick, Ireland. In 1991 he co-founded the legendary imprint Rephlex records. He has several releases among a fair number of aliases, though his main releases find their home on Warp Records under his Aphex Twin monicker. and where is this from master bulk ... Your irony misses data that might be helpful to a newbifite such as i that hasn't read thread for many a moon. You can be the dude that helps me catch the .. up. ALso, hiii, you orsum [-;
  9. Spoiler prediction. Ed Wood's a robot too. The way they showed his face move made me make that ..
  10. ridely duzn sound good for ridely. The problem for these guys is the balance between creating an interesting movie and making a modern monstrosity. It's a shame that the difficulty between art and retarded modernity is beyond most. Perhaps he should have shopped a TV series.
  11. You guys have been predicted the demise of soundcloud for how many years now. Who's payin' your hatin' cause it's dating .
  12. Ahahaha... Punkin' masturbator, indeed~! + wun .. phex symbiology ..
  13. oh thanks rubes. i've been avoiding schtuff and fthings for a bit but this is something i am willing to check out. on ya mate.
  14. delet...


    /uses actual intelligence to muck around and create new patches. aphex ain't got time for dat, he's got flowers patches under trees to recline in
  15. niet yorl .. give up the nasty, spend time hapenstanceapily.
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