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  1. Bought this today. So good. Quality tracks 1-6. I always want to know what gear he's using. Last I saw, a peek here: http://truantsblog.com/2017/interview-eod/ Wonder if still up-to-date-ish. Bought a Mackie cr1604 today in a vain attempt copy that sound
  2. Yeah I think it's different, but it's getting mixed in on streaming services, like apple music and spotify. I don't think Stian has started making trance music. I certainly hope not. To add to the confusion, the first track has some fiddly blips/bloops/rimshot rushes that might be in one of his tracks. But it cannot possibly be him.
  3. https://www.beatport.com/release/rayline-ep/2879430 Hoping for a cease and desist
  4. You won't find me persecutin'. Any Christians out there want to glorify god with some Acid/Gabber/Miami Bass/Dubstep/Ghettotech/Trap etc...... Actually I could see dubstep having gotten christianized
  5. C U on the flip side Shit away dear thawkins, shit away Worship band? Like at church? Like with synths? Wuh?
  6. Chock full of good resources. I'm all over it. So you run modular8? That's sounds like fun, perhaps there are some local folks to produce with?
  7. Aw geez man, any good shows at least? Ey, good lookin' out. Thanks! I hear ya, life is too busy. Just feelin' like makin' more time for it lately. I'll PM you. Thanks man, maybe I'll see you around.
  8. Hey Y'all, In Portland and wondering whether anyone wants to meet up to play/compose/record music. Interested in electro/braindance. 32/M
  9. Simmons Clap Trap ooh yeah, spot on! This clap caught my attention too. I was thinking it sounds like Elektron Analog Rytm clap? With lfo filter sweep or something. Also some kinda rimshot flam/fill at 1;58 lurking low in the 2x202 mix? Elektron AR Clap demo at 12:25.
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