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  1. Submersion - Egress CD/DL | September 2021 audio.submersion.info/album/egress soundcloud.com/submersion/infrareal 01 Discipline 02 Cyclicality 03 Infrareal 04 Sound Surface 05 Infraconscious 06 Circadian W/P by Justin Francazio (June - August 2021) Block print and design by Submersion Photography by Submersion and N.F. Mastering by Pheek Synth/Effects Sound Collages (10) Storms/Rain/Wind Waves AM/FM/SW/MW Radio Noise Campfires Surface Noise Insects 59:06 audio.submersion.info submersion.info/store soundcloud.com/submersion
  2. Submersion - Momentum https://audio.submersion.info/album/momentum CD/DL Rerelease (Reworked Audio) | May 2021 01 Expansion of a Moment (20:32) 02 Discordance Congruence (15:01) 03 Light Filtering Through (15:00) 04 Accreted (17:59) 05 Accreted (Reprocess) (19:36) — Digital Bonus Synth / Effects Sound Collages Feedback Lake Shore Train Thunderstorms / Rain / Birds Night Insects Night Coyotes / Voices W/P by Justin Francazio Original audio (alternate version): 2012-2013 New arrangement, mixing, and mastering: April 2021 Accreted (Reprocess): April 2021 Momentum was originally released in 2014 as an experimental long-form digital album. 1:28:08 submersion.info soundcloud.com/submersion
  3. Submersion - Inward https://audio.submersion.info/album/inward CD/Digital 01 Inward I 02 Inward II 03 Inward III 04 Immerge 05 Angles 06 Inward IV 07 Oblique Motion 08 Eight Sound sources: Synth / Effects Feedback Radio Static Wind Waves Rain Thunderstorms Cicadas Traffic 1:09:20 W/P by Justin Francazio August - September 2020 Mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post audio.submersion.info submersion.info/store soundcloud.com/submersion
  4. Submersion - Parallel Motion https://audio.submersion.info/album/parallel-motion Available on CD and digital formats. 01 Flexor 02 Strategy 03 Interior 04 Compound 05 Alignment 06 Mosaic (Time Dilation) 07 Primary 08 Potentiality 09 Altitude 56:58 Audio sources (2009-2020): Synth / Effects Guitar / Effects Night Sounds (City) Night Sounds (Lake Shore) Rain on Metal Riverbank Sound Card Noise Surface Noise Tape Distortion Thunderstorms Waves Wind W/P December 2019 - February 2020
  5. Submersion - Traversal https://audio.submersion.info/album/traversal Available on CD and digital formats. 01 Traversal 8:01 02 Envelopment 8:02 03 Traversal (Stratum) 8:03 04 Envelopment (Stratum) 8:04 05 Stratum (Reprocess) 32:05 1:04:15 Field Recordings: Gray Sky (1/19) 30°F Snowstorm (1/19) 28°F Windstorm (2/19) 33°F Thunderstorm (3/16) Thunderstorm (4/13) Hurricane (10/12) Trees (10/12) Sojourner's Lodge, Cicadas at Dusk (7/11) Thunderstorm (4/11) W/P January - April 2019 Stratum (Reprocess) is an ambient reprise of the previous tracks.
  6. VIII

    elseq 1-5

    Yawn. Can someone who cares create a separate whinging thread? its my opinion and its pretty valid, deal with it I never said your whinging wasn't valid, but if you read this thread you'd see that it's expressed a dozen or so times and is therefore redundant, hence my suggestion for a separate thread. This is like saying a season of a TV show is too long and too expensive and you'd rather pay that money for a movie instead. too bad, i would say youre also "whinging" at this point get over it
  7. VIII

    Now Reading

    i think in urth of the new sun severians story gets pretty mind bending towards the end, even more so than the earlier novels... i tried reading some of gene wolfes other material outside of severians tale and it wasnt the same level of quality
  8. VIII

    elseq 1-5

    Yawn. Can someone who cares create a separate whinging thread? its my opinion and its pretty valid, deal with it
  9. VIII

    elseq 1-5

    i think $33 for digital was a bit much... i'd rather have a 2xLP for that price, or another box set like exai warp is really taking advantage of the autechre "brand" and they can get away with it too then again 4hrs of autechre is pretty good
  10. aluminum is a nice and widely used metal
  11. My vinyl copy arrived the other day. Good stuff. A fan of D. Abrams for almost a decade now... Hopefully we'll get even another release
  12. VIII

    Now Reading

    this is an interesting book, although a lot of it was way over my head... e. snøwden mentioned this as one of the books that most influenced him. the pbs special looks cool too, didnt know about that till now
  13. VIII


    these image macros are all terrible, bye
  14. yeah.. i think some tracks are missing(??) and soundcloud is messing up
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