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  1. i could be wrong here but the last few chunks of client.js on that github suggest that once you authenticate you get an audio stream right away. i can't help but think theres already something waiting for us.
  2. also that feel when you became president to commit treason because you didnt want people to know that a hooker peed on you
  3. moby pulling a joyrex. "I have it on good authority that..." "A guy at warp told me..."
  4. that time him and I took Schlitze out back and showed him how to
  5. in the spirit of keeping you guys up to date, this morning i found the following in my inbox:
  6. Still locked out of official discord :(((((
  7. The Wonky Angle™ has FINALLY reviewed Music Has The Right To Children
  8. i think this is the first video from sam in a long time that i haven't laughed at. had a slight chuckle at all the background music being idm though lol
  9. if you think that looks remotely similar you need to check your eyes - can't imagine who would fund that kind of operation anyway and for what purpose?
  10. who are you referring to? wikileaks doesn't defend anyone except their sources
  11. i watched him read the most up to date hashes off the blockchain at the time on a livestream not 2 days ago. julians fine. still trapped at the embassy though.
  12. a bit of internet research is showing that you can use WINE in linux to run buzz pretty nicely. might want to try it out on another linux machine before you invest in the pi though. also, as far as a tablet goes for display, you can probably set up a VNC server on the pi also and just use the tablet to "remote in" for display, but that could be very laggy depending on your wifi situation.
  13. andihow


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  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTV8UrXxtA if youre going to see charls never show up with bone
  15. too close to home. still lost it at "thats you stupid!" though
  16. got one of these with your name on it pal, free of charge
  17. No worries at all on the lateness my dude, tell your wife that you and her made my christmas! i'm actually wearing the shirt right now lol. happy new year!
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